Looking for nature related baby girl names, suggestions?

Looking for baby girl names related to or with the meaning of the moon or sky or nature.


Luna. Skye, April, Season, Autumn, May,

My daughter’s name is Nalani :heart: means heaven :slightly_smiling_face:


My daughters name is Leilani :heart:

My sons name is River

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My daughters middle name is Luna (moon in Spanish) bcuz I luv the moon & wanted her to know I luv her as much as I luv the moon… if I had it my way I would’ve named it as her first name (Lulu as a nickname) but all of a sudden it’s so darn common! :roll_eyes:

The name qamar is Arabic for moon :heart:

What about the name sky :grin: I think it’s cute…maybe spell it Skye

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My daughter is sunni marie

Nevaeh, Heaven backwards

Twyla, celeste, Lux, Nova, Galaxy, Luna, Polaris, Octavia

A friend of mine just named his daughter Acacia. Pronounced uh-kay-shuh. Its a type of plant or tree

Lluvia celeste…blue rain

Astra means star in greek

Nraughlis (moon in hmong prounounced Chalk lee)
pulelehua (Butterfly in Hawaiian)

Aisha … But if you look up names that mean moon there are so many

Oakley… Willow… Oceanna

Naming my daughter Celine

My daughter
Is halo from the halo aroi d the moo

My daughter is named Sunshine Ray

Autumn,Aria, Aspen,Genesis, Ivy, Aphrodite , Willow , Iris

Skyler… Luna … Starla…River…Rain


Autumn, Luna, Soleil, Nova

Lunar Skye😁 or the other way around…

Luna Starr River Song

Willow Rain is what I was gonna name my daughter still wish I would of lol

Bella Luna (beautiful moon in Spanish)

Celeste means heavenly

Jasmine, rose, ruby, jade

Cheza was the flower maiden from wolfs rain :woman_shrugging:t2: idk always liked it

Check out this link

Soleil Moon. The actress who plays Punky Brewster is Soleil Moon Frye and I’ve always thought that was beautiful.

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Rainey Daye. Lily Raine (my oldests name❤️) Skye. Luna. Dove. Fern.

Aurora, Luna, Celestia

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Marisol, or
Catleya a name of orchids

I have a niece that’s name Raina Day

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MistySky MorningStorm

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Luna Star Stormie Wynter (Winter)

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Aurora Jane or Aurora Rain.

Luna means moon in spanish

I have a niece named Artemisa. From the God Artemis.

My daughters name is Serenitie Nyx which means peaceful night

Bella Luna - beautiful moon

Skyblu that my niece name

Skylar, Starley, Star, Stella

My name is Lyra, it’s a constellation of stars

River, Wynter, Skye , Summer

Willow Sky. My daughter’s name is willow to and that’s what I was going to name her but I used my mother’s middle instead.

Moon or sky or nature… EARTH…

My advice is to pick a symbol or word association and start looking for ways to make it uniquely yours. For example, you can translate it to a language of your ancestors or heritage, you could add to it to be closer to a family name, or modify the name to be your own

Example, Flower in French is Fluer. Fleur deluna is like Flower of the moon

Not a good example lol but what I could come to with right bow

Ara. Pronounced like “are uh”
Its a tiny not very known constellation that was an altar used by the gods to form an alliance. It also means “brings the rain”.


my daughter’s name is Ayla Luna, Ayla is for the ring around the moon and well Luna the moon. Didn’t know her first name meant that until after we named her.

Cynthia, means moon goddess

There’s always Cassiopea! It’s a star constellation

Céline, sometimes spelled Celine, is a French female first name of Greek origin, meaning “moon”

Luna (moon in Italian)
Stella (star in Italian)
Venere (Venus in Italian)
Aria (Air in Italian)

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Hala, means moon halo


Natura (Nay-tour-ah)


Helios (sun)

Hailey (the comet)

I love the name Skye!!!

Autumn River or Autumn Rain
Azul Skye (Azul=blue in spanish)



Celeste, Aurora, Luna, Nova, Estrella, Sol/Marisol, Dawn, Solstice, Andromeda, Lyra, Cassiopeia, Carina, Phoebe, Ophelia, Aquila, Hailey (after the comet), Sky, Venus

Autumn, Juniper, Sierra, Coral, Amber, Daisy, Hazel, Eden, Olive, Sequoia, Primrose, Willow, Storm/Storm(i)/(y), Rain, Misty, Brooke, Rose, River, Summer, Ember, Jade, Ruby, Esmeralda, Clove,

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Starr, Harmony, Willow, Lilly, Astro, Rayne, Hunter, Oceana (That’s my cousins name)

Luna. Latin for moon

Starlynn jade is pretty to

Athena. Luna lily. Venus. Autumn. Blossom. Honey.

Brooke Lilly rose daisy topaz.

Kataleya it’s a orchid🌸

My granddaughter is Stella Schyler.

My exes cousin has daughters luna and aurora :slight_smile:

Ember Rae is one I was wanting for a girl… but I had a boy lol