Looking for unique baby girl names

Unique baby girl names? I have a Zoey-Jayne.


If i was having a girl this time then she would of been named Annahbelle Ivee

I met someone who had a little girl named Vylee. I think it’s very cute.


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My girls are Vivian Pearl and Everlee Ruth.
I like Sovereign, I would call her Rani for short.

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My daughters are Joya, Nova, and Jaden

Lucia Isabella pronounced Luchia. Italian.

My daughter is Fiona Loxley

Beverly Rain, Caitilynn pronounced (Ky TA Lynn) I think Evelyn is cute to.

Lyra , Luna , Lola , lexi are my favourite

Just name her unique lol

I have a Phyllis Addalyne :heart: named after her great grandma & great great grandma

I named my youngest daughter Azaylea

Lyra, Lyla, lola, lakelyn, stella, auggie, birdie, deliah

Sultana or Shayd (Shade) belladonna

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Gemini Rayne
Rain Lee
Amelia Marie
Ocean May
Valandra Ann

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Davani, aria, illiana, cambry, selah

I have a Lilliana Rose

Celeste …Jade. Paisley…Avery

Angelia Star ( pronounced Angel Leah)
Harper Jayne
Alba Jay
Raven Star
Hope Skylar
Serenity Raine
Ocean Sky
Harleigh Orion

I want my daughter name to be different, so I name her shantanna, I thought it was different and elegant at the same time

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I have Ryleigh Kyndahl, Evelyeen Aynne,and Imree Jayde

I love the names Trudy and Kelbi

Aurelia Rain
Kayley Rin
Ayla Casey
Bellora Faeryn
Cora Aveil

Sapphire, Serene, Rylynn, Rayann, Everlee, Rainlynn, Marigold

Josephine Delia Harlow

Lyanna. (Pronounced Lee-Anna)
Daedra. (Pronounced Day-Dra)

I loved the name Leith . If I had another girl it would likely have been Lucy ! We have a Caroline but we call her Callie

We have a Lexington Charlotte, Kensington Zara, Remington Rose & Ellington Evangeline… I also like Abbington Iris!


I named my daughter Cadence. I’ve never met another. People constantly think her name is Candice though and I don’t really like that name so it drives me crazy

My daughters name is Isamar

We have all W’s.
All boys but if we did have a girl we had Wrenna Jo picked out

Kingsley. Collins. Tatum. Indie. Parker. Laney. Briar. Ensley. Porter. Raina. Winter. Esme. Oaklynn. Oakley. Remy.

LoraLaii (Laura-Lie) I’ve always loved it, don’t even know where it came from.

I love the name Harlynn

Shianne rose, carys,veda,elizabeth rose, gloria, Mikayla dawn,

My daughter is Kaydin and my son is Markus. Not too unique just changed the spelling around

If you named your daughter Zoey Jayne I really hope you don’t pass up the chance to play the song for her all the time. I love that name because of the song.

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My children are named zeeza Nadine & zavier douglas

Tinley… paisley… jayla …jaylee…gemma… darla… dixie… kinlee…

I have a Dakotah Emersyn.

Rachael Ann some doozies here!

Before picking a “unique name” think about how it will affect your child in the future.


My two babies names are Lennon and Hattie.
I like Maeve, Ellis (boy or girl), and Vaeda too.

I always liked Rayne. Supposed to be short for Lorrayne but I was never a fan of the full name

I have a friend named Aelara grace
Her girls names are
Lennox, Journey, Everlee, Harper

Sariah Rose. A combination of Mariah and Sarah.

My daughter is Delaney. Mine is actually not Kari, it’s Karel

My name is Joi but we pronounce it “Joey”. May be too close to Zoey for their liking?

Mine is uncommon. Pronounced air-e-in. Nobody can ever actually pronounce it. :joy:

Layne, I’m female not male.

“Zoey Jane” is in a really good song btw. Cute name

I have a
Cashlee & Jaycee

Harmony, Aspen, Emmilie, Jaylynn, Luna,

jacey-lee,kendra -ann,brynleigh,pyper-jay,

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My daughter’s names are Aria Belle an Liliana

Elizalie , Amariah , Yasmine, Marnee, Summer rose

Adriana Rose (one first name)

Icelyn Layne, mazakien raylen

How about plant names

Shoreh(show ray)

Beverly Juanita or Juanita Jean

Evelyn Irene. Or. Irene Evelyn

Friends name robin louise

My 31 year old daughter’s name is Jayne. We called her Jaynie when she was little and it stuck. Oh, and my mom’s dog’s name is Zoey!

I want to use Eloise Josephine and shorten to Ellie Jo or Ellie or Josie or even EJ. I love it but I can’t have more kids so if you like it take it

I have 3 girls… yet I had 2 sets of names before they were born.
Juliana Paige/Sierra Jade
Everleigh Brooke/Ireland Harper
Carrigan Leigh/Delaney Jane

My oldest daughter is named Chanda. My second daughter was named Cherish. One if my favorite names is Ireland. That is very different.

Caydence (my daughters name so 1st favorite)

Cayde-Elise (my 2nd favorite! Its beautiful!)

My daughter is Arielle, pronounced Air-ee-elle…
Arielle Paula Diane!:heart:

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My girls name is Remi Jade✨

I have a Delilah Rose & Penelope Anne :two_hearts:

Haiven Willow is my daughter’s.

Delilah June,dahlia Dorothea, ended calling my newest one Adelaide Kathryn

My little girl is Mikah Everly-Rose💗

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Catalaya (from the movie Columbiana), Jessabelle, Carianne (carry-anne), & Kianna

We have Layali Noor and Eilayah Diyn. Didn’t realize it at the time but you can say both their names at once :sweat_smile: Eilayali

Another vote for Mikah!

We named my daughter
TENLEY :white_heart:

My youngest is Dixie-Blu xx

Adelita or katalina or Ava or Olivia or Bethany jade

Look at the names from before 1950

Nevayah, Zophia, Sinara

I have a Landri Jayne

Ingrid, Rory, Sapphire

I have an Adaira. Idk how unique it is , but I never hear it. And its not too weird lol .

I have a Tyler Skye and a jordyn rayne ( I like my 'y’s)

I have a Kataleya Nicole

I have a name Liza Joyce or Elizabeth Joyce

Soriah Sky
Arayah Sunshine

Just had a baby girl, we named her Harlow :purple_heart:

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I my sons name is Karter-Keith, madi’x Ryan, Renezmae Elizabeth Skylar, and Harley Hope

Currently pregnant if Its a girl I’m gonna name her Willow Elizabeth-Ann

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Amora Rose or Jubilee Lynn or Gala Marie

My 3 daughters are Kaelin May, Cambry Isabel, and Bryleigh Alexa. Love being a girl mom! :heart:

My daughter’s middle name is Armella. It means bear princess.

I met an older lady at my first job named Celeste and i have loved it since

I have a Zoey Rae and a Zaylee Elizabeth.

My daughter is Caitlin and Freya

Jasmarie. I have a family member with this name and I’ve always loved it. The s is pronounced z. My grand daughter is Aralyn Grace.