Looking for unique baby names, any suggestions?

Looking for fun unique name ideas girl and boy! TIA


Natalia, it’s an Italian girl’s name.


Bella, Nevaeh, I’m seven months pregnant and naming my baby after big sister, grandmother, great grandma, her cousin and her aunt so her name is going to be destiny Rose Marie.

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My son’s name is Gage Michael and my daughter’s name is Alexandria Harlyn.

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My kids names are Kieran, Aurora, and Zaedyn. I love unique names :heart_eyes:

Ya I had Lily Rose or Lily Marie picked for a girl but just found out 2 weeks ago it’s gonna be a boy

I said my next girl would be Kendra

My girls name is Sierra and my boys name is Elijah, but love logan Elliot, Christian and Shayne for boys. My hubby picked our girls name. Her full name is Sierra Sea

My sons name is Bryson Channing and my daughters name is Skylah Mae

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My daughter’s name is Daisy and my son’s name is Wyatt. I’ve always loved the name Evelyn. And the other name I had picked out for my daughter was Lillian rayne. My first name is spelled alexzandrea.

My son is Everett Monroe
Daughter Grace Addison

I’ve got a Avery MaeRose and a Vanellope Rozaline.

My daughter velina shea and son is koah matthais

my daughter is Gabriella Skye :heart_eyes:

My name is Rhiannon and I named my daughter Corrian Izabella. Call her Corrie.

My Grand daughter is named “Parker “!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love that name so much :heart::heart::heart:

Boy: Oakley, Finley, Camden, Cash
Girl: Harper, Paislee, Londyn,

Haedyn, Memphis, Maddox, Finley, Tinsley.

Cainnan Beck, Valor James, Alistair Clarke, Penelope Jean, Adastreia Mae, Gracielynn Eve

My daughter is Carissa u don’t hear that name often.

My daughter’s name is Soulee Noelle. First name pronounced like soul-ee

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My son is Emmett, and if he was going to be a girl I would have named her Nova!

My great granddaughters name is ROCK I LOVE HER VERY MACH.

Yes, TIA is a fun name!

Remember mamas, your babies are little human beings, having a fun unique names is not going to be so fun for them, so stop being stupid and give these littles good solid names. Look for Russia, Polish, German names, take names from foreign countries.


Aurora rachelle, shylynn, areana Nichole,

Girl, angel rose boy, ?

We had loved Ava Rayne but we are afraid Ava would be too common . We also love Annalise and Valena.

My sons name is kellian. Spelt with e pronounced with an i

Khalan, Dani, Delilah

boy: greyson, kane,macon
girl:koraleigh, kenzleeanna, tempest

It Indian an Indian princess
Means morning star or sunrise pronounced saun-sir-rae

And when picking we picked names based also on how it would look and sound for an adult. We didn’t want a kid named something outdated sounding like Mildred, or one that in their 30s sounded like a toddler name still.

Kaylynn, Kylee, Lyra, Aeryn, Brin, Eddy…Oakley, Shaw, Kasen, Asher, Jasper

I named my son Easton

My daughters are Havana (which is Spanish) and Romanie-Sky, obviously I’m biased but I think they are lovely names and they’ve never shared their name with anyone in their nursery or school. I hope you find the perfect name for your little one :slightly_smiling_face:

Nova Lee Topanga And my daughter’s name is Sahily pronounced Sylee Named after her older sister Ashley just changed the e to an i. And one more is Aspyn

I like to think that my name’s pretty unique x

Radley Jagger Layla Axel Grey

My daughters name is Adryanne

I named my son , Gipp, for Geoge Gipp who played for Notre Dame. My great granddaughter’ s name is Charlestyn. We call her Charleigh.

I have a Leona Caroline, Timothy James, Samual Logan, Gracie Jean,and a Caleb Anthony I love all the names :heart: good luck

Boy- Crosby, Rhett Dolan …girl Skylie, Layla, Livi

Boy-Geoff/ Dustin. Girl. Hana /Taryn

Always thought Nova and calliope.( Cuh-lie-uh-pee) We’re cute!

I’ve always loved the name Aislyn Jade…I have a Caden Gage and a Noah Alexander

Lyric for a girl and Roman for a boy :heart_eyes:

My girls are Deja and Kimora. Love both names still to this day.

My son’s name is Abram Matthew comes from Abraham. My daughter’s Nessa Rose, Gracie Layla, Adalyn Cylee

My sons name is Teaghen John :blue_heart::blue_heart:

Daughter’s names–Taletha, Rennelle, Madalyn, Tylar. Son’s and grandfathers names–Skylar, Markeys, Harvey, Talmidge.

My sons names :
Thane - Lord,
Teo - Gift from God ,
Suggested girl names:
Isla/Aisla (Eye-la)
Berouzka (Ba-roosh-ka)

My youngest daughter’s original name is Mashay Jordan. But we switched it arou d to Jordan Mashay

Hannah Jade or Wesley Neil or Suzanna Mary or Barry Joesph orClara Rose or Christopher Robbin or Sarah Jayne

Daughters name is evelyn:)

Rocklyn, Rocky, Taylor, Jordyn, Aisa, Jackleen, Vyra, Fynlee, Rain, Sage, Bayley, Lee, Laya, and Lyle

Skyla is my daughters name

My daughters name is Ember.