Looking for unique baby names

I am looking for unique baby names for a boy and girl that start with " I. " I’m having twins, and they are a boy and a girl.

illa (i-el-a) & Ian ( e-an)

Iris and Ivey
Israel and Ian

ILLUMI (boy) ILLUKA (girl)

Itaina (eye-tonna) *girl

Ireland and Indigo
Imogen and Isaak

Ilse (ill-sah) and Isaac

Ivan and Ivy
Isaac and Isabel

Isiah and indigo
Ireland or Island and Ilesha
Izack and Iggy

That’s a tough one​:rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Stanna is my daughter’s name. I have never heard anyone else named that.

Izel (eye-zel) and Izabela are my littles names.

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Isabelle & Isreal. Iris & Islan. Ireland & Incan

Ian for boy and Ivy for girl

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My sister has twins boy/girl she named them Robin Alexander and Claudia Jasmine

My middle name is Illana with an i

I also went to high school with a girl named india

Ileena girl Ivan boy ???

Ivan. Boy idella girl ?? Thinking I named my kid’s coral Silas Kayla. Ricky Michael chayton??? Trying think I. Names hummm hard

Iggy and Igor or Ilana,Ivana and Indiana, Inca

iyla for a girl? Isaac for boy :blush:

Girls: Ilana, Irina, Isadora
Boys: Isaiah, Ilyas, Ignatius

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Iris and Icarus Isley for either it’s gender neutral Imogen or Imani

Girls: Idamae, Idelle, Isleigh, Iva, Ivorie, Ivyanne, I’Nessa

Boys: Isley, Irwynn, Irving, Iverson, Imrie, Indy, Ike, Ion

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Boy- Ike
Girl - IvaLynn

My daughter’s name is Ivy. And maybe Isaac, or Indio for the boy…

Girl - Ivy, Isabella, Indigo, Indiana
Boy- Ivan, Isiah, Issac

Indigo is my sons name…

Ignatius for a boy. Instantly thought of that cus of the movie Horns. Lol

Ivan & Irene congrats!!

:blue_heart:Ian :purple_heart:Iyla
Idaho Indiana

Indiana or Indy. (Like Indiana jones) either gender :sweat_smile:

Isaiah & Ivory
Isaac & Ivy


I was just talking to my son about everyone wanting unique baby names now a days. Lol

Girls…Ivy, Ida, Irene, Ilene, ilana, Isa, Izzy, ilana,
Boys…Ishmael, Ian, Indy, Ice

Jack and Jill. Not new names but sure like the sound of it!!!


Ivanna. Iilan. Ileigh. Izeck.

I named my son Imri (Eyem-Rhee) which is Hebrew for “God speaks”.

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Boys: Isaac, Ivan, Ian, Isaiah
Girls: Irie, Isla, Iris, Isabela

Ione for the girl and Iggy for the boy (Ignatz, Ignatius, Ignacio whatever you prefer)

Iyesha is cute for a girl Isaiah for boy

For a girl Ivanecia…i never met another in my life

My Grandmas name ione

Ivy/ivee and Ian

my daughter is Isabelle and she goes by Belle :heart:

Boy- Ira, Ivan, Isaiah Girl- Ivy, Ivory, India Either- Indie, Indigo, Iroquois

Izzy, Ilana or Iris and Isaac or Irish

Isaac. Ichabod.
Isolade. Imogene.

Joseph and Josephine, Lakla and Legend or Leeland

Idris, Illeana, Imara, Imelle, Ivory, Igrid, Ivanna, Idrid, Isil.

Ivan and Iviana or Ivy for short

Ireland, Ivan, Ian, Isabella

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India and Israel or Isom

Ireland and Israel , illiana and ilias

Why not go with R and name them Regan and Reid or Abby and Andrew

Imogen, Isis, Ileah, Isolde, Isla, Ike, Israel, Ignatius, Imani

Mia and Miles or Elsa and Enrique

Irons, Irene, ina, Izzary,

Della and Dylan .Dallas.Dorian

Ian and Ivy or Isaiah and Isabella. Issac and Irene

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As someone given a unique name , I can honestly tell you it sucks and I truly hate my name. No one can spell or pronounce my name properly upon first hearing or reading it. It was and is incredibly frustrating to constantly correct people on proper pronunciation. And even more horrible is when people recognise the popular movie franchise its from and give me hell for it. Think of your child’s career as well, no one is going to a hire a lawyer named Diesel.

Its why I now go by a different common name. I wish my parents had given more thought to how a name impacts a person. I understand a parents desire to give their child a unique moniker but I see so many of these posts with people suggesting truly outlandish things all for the sake of “uniqueness”. Yes you might get a kick out of shoving a silent letter in somewhere but you aren’t the one who has to live with it or try to build a career with it. Just think about that before naming your kids.


I named my son after his great grandmother her name was Iva and his name is Ivan

They don’t want weird names. Give a pet an odd name, not a child…

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How about a good Southern name, billy bob , Johnnie sue; Fletcher ann, Carson ann Morgan pressley.
Just a few.

I had an Uncle Ivo!!

Idina. (Like Idina menzel) and Ian

Isabeau for a girl that is my nieces name and she is a twin.

Winter Rayne, Autumn Storm

Hazel or Violet and Grey or Blu