Low lying placenta?

Hi, this is my third baby and I had my 20 week scan done on Wednesday and they said my placenta is lying really low and right beside the opening. It’s not overlapping it really, but they said if it doesn’t move by my next scan, that’ll I’ll need a scheduled c-section. Has anyone else had this happen and it move on it’s own? I always thought that once the placenta is attached that it wouldn’t move.


Mine was like that and it was sorted out by like 2 weeks later when I went for my next ultrasound

Yes I’ve had placenta previa with my second pregnancy, and it moved up and out of the way of my cervix as my stomache grew, So I didn’t have to have ceserean. Hopefully yours moves for you!

Hi I had this also and it moved up by around 28 weeks if I remember correctly, still needed a Caesar but due to other reasons.

Yes I did with my 4th pregnancy and it moved on it’s own.

I had full placenta previa and it moved at 34 weeks! They should be able to check it till 37 weeks

If your placenta is attached what do you call the after birth???

I was just told this at my 20 week scan Monday, mine is not too terribly low my dr said it’s 1.8 and they like it to be 2. She acted like we wouldn’t worry about it since it’s just a little low, she said the only thing it can affect is how I deliver. I had a vaginal with my daughter and hoping to have another one this time. Hoping it moves up or doesn’t get any lower myself!

I did with my first and it moved. Still ended up having a c section though, he was breach and we didn’t know until I was in labor.

I had this with both my pregnancies right up until 35 for each and moved on its own and didn’t require csection with either one.

I had placenta previa at 28 weeks i had my son at 2 lbs 11.5 oz… I had to have emergency cesarean to save both our life… It’s scary just keep all appointments and if something dont feel right get checked …

Mine was right over the top and they didn’t think it was gonna move and wanted me to start scheduling a c-section but after 8 weeks it had moved almost all the way off.

I had this and it can fix itself it’s called placenta previa. I was scared for a c section but like about a month before I had my daughter it fixed itself and I gave birth vaginallh

I had this as well only it was completely covering my cervix. It stayed that way straight threw until 36 weeks. I delivered a few days after. So I get how scary it can be , but alot of time it will fix itself.

I had this as well, but it moved on it’s own. I was told no sex, bending down or picking things up. It moved before I had to deliver.

Mine moved by 28 weeks!

Actually my nephew’s wife had the same problem only it was overlapped and by the time she went into labor it moved and she had a natural birth stay positive and ive had two c sections first was emergency after 47 hrs of labor and the second was scheduled ik it’s scary and we all want a natural birth but honestly listen to the doc closer to due date if a c section is safer for your and your baby you might want to do it just my advice good luck and congrats in the new baby!

I had this issue with my 4th baby and it moved up and I had a normal vaginal delivery.

I had this issue and it cleared itself up.

They need to give it time to move. Mine did that with my second and moved at 35ish weeks.

I had placenta previa but it corrected itself on its own

It still has time to move they should be closely monitoring you

I have the same issue, getting my follow up ultrasound inn2 weeks to find out if it moved. Let’s hope it moves!

Mine moved by 34 weeks so dont give up hope yet!

i had it too, but mine moved up for my 2nd pregnancy, never had an issue again in any other pregnancies