Lower back pain since giving birth

hi mamas so i’m 2 weeks postpartum with my second son and my lower back hurts. I don’t know what it is?! i don’t get much rest i do housework take care toddler and newborn all on me no help! i don’t know if it’s from not getting rest or epidural or what😪 anyone went through this before?


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It’s not always the epidural everyone so quick to blame that :roll_eyes: u just pushed a baby out of ur body so ur muscles are gonna be strained!!!


Def the epidural. Lots of us have forever back pain now. My daughter is 6.5 & I still have the worst back pain. It gets even worse during my cycles. I take hot baths & use heating pads. I use one of those bamboo chairs in the car which takes pressure off the lower back.

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I had the epidural my first pregnancy and I swear it caused some severe lower back issues too. My other 2 pregnancies I didn’t have it done and no issue with lower pains. Lots of soaking on Epsom salt help me send heat pads. Eventually I got to where I could walk more and once I did the walking helped…not sure why. I had a regular 8 block routine everyday back then it loosened me all up and I believe built stamina

You may have pull a muscle in your lower back mama. Go see your doctor and see if you can get something for that. I had to

Chiropractor helped me might need once might need a couple. Depending on what it is.

I’ve had back pain sense my epideral for my second they swear it’s not connected 9 years now

Ughh I feel you(it hurts so bad I :sob:), soaking in hot water(taking baths) always help’s me​:slightly_smiling_face:

Did you have an epidural?