Lumps under c-section scar?

Question… I had my daughter on June 4th. She was born via csection. My question is, has anyone experienced hard lumps under their scar? I had staples put in, already had them taken out. My doctor said at my 2 week appointment that everything looked good. But, now the pain is worse and I noticed the hard lumps. I Googled about scar tissue and I’m guessing that is what it is. But, why would the pain get worse now? :disappointed: I am calling my doctor as soon as they open on monday.

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Nerve ends healing take time. Wear your wrap for the 3 months recommended time. And I have a scar on my chin that sill gets a lump every so often and it’s usually irritated tissue because it has had a pimple pop by it or I scratched it too hard. Also happens to my c-section scar too. Been 3 years and 10 months.


It takes awhile for everything to heal. Your c section area is still pretty new. I’d give it until your 6 week check then ask the doc. Mine was lumpy and had hard spots as well. Now it’s nice and even again :slight_smile:

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No ive never had this with the 3 i had

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I’ve had 3 c-sections, 13 and 11 years ago and the youngest is 6 months. The first two had glue and steristip closure and didn’t get any major lumps, just a bit raised/tough in general around the scar but they caused adhesions inside and nerve damage reduced sensation around the scars outside. My oldest and youngest were emergency c-sections so the surgeons were more concerned with speed than being slow and careful to minimize damage. The last one was closed with staples and I developed a couple hard knots that were painful under the incision as it healed. They went away in a couple months. It can take a year or so for your body to heal and settle into your new normal.

i had like a big lump under mine like a week after, even the dr didn’t know what it was, eventually it just went away.
it takes a while before things seem “normal” & even then (for me 2 years later) i still have weird sensations around & on my scar!

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I ended up with pockets of fluid under my scar…if you feel they are painful or “soft” request a ultrasound of the scar area it will detect the fluid pockets if any

I had lumps on my scar after bladder surgery. The doc looked at it and told me to massage and it went sexy I

It is very normal. Most of the time you have dissolvable stiches inside you. It is very common to get fluid build up and scar tissue around them.

Yes, that’s normal for me- 17 mo pp still lumpy in some areas. I had dissolving stitches. if the incision area is PINK, RED or with discharge from the incision area, you have an infection and need to get antibiotics (I needed antibiotics and they worked wonderfully fast amen). also look out for unexplained fever/chills. what you described doesn’t seem to be worrisome at all at this point but it’s never bad to check. you can research how to massage the area once it heals a little more to reduce the scar tissue concern.

Yeah the scar tissue can get kind of lumpy. As long as there’s no redness or irritation it sounds normal but you can have it checked just to make sure.

Just a reminder that due to trauma to the body no matter what it is and or surgery can cause cysts, or for there to be extra growth wich can cause extra scar tissue then expected and on top of it the more you can do the more your putting stress on the healing c-section cut . And when healing we can feel burning sensations and some pain associated with skin growing over new cuts . Just take it easy.

Idk about the lumps. I would call your dr office anyway (unless it is a private practice a lot of places have on call drs that can help!)

Had my csection 3+ years ago and still have them