Lunch ideas for my husband?

I need lunch ideas for my man to take to work!He said he’s tired of ham sandwiches but doesn’t know what else to take. Sometimes he has access to a microwave (depends where he works).He’s Mexican so if you grew up seeing your dad, grandpa or brothers take certain things I’m sure he would want to try it.


When my husband worked construction I bought him a super cool thermos that could be used in multiple different ways. I would send him to work with left overs that I re heated, soups, and pastas stay warm in the. As well.

Today i teach two day classes and an evening class and staying on a low carb diet. I have a nice salad with all sorts of green, olives celery etc, and a big burger patty as well as a hot dog. Ill heat them both in microwave.

I bought my husband a rice cooker and he plugs it into the generator and heats up leftovers


My husband takes any meats and tortillas :sob: he sometimes will ask for a sandwich but his idea of a sandwich is anything he can wrap on a tortilla. LOL

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Leftover from the night before in a thermos or anything that can keep food hot or worse case scenario Lunchables

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Chips, a dessert frozen drink salad with meats from dinner.

Wraps with anything he likes .
Rice /pasta /bean salads

Girl go on TikTok lots of good step by step vids on there. I have too many to type :joy:


Anything leftover from dinner he can reheat


Burritos, enchiladas, tortas, tacos, taquitos. Today it was tostadas de ceviche.

I bake seasoned chicken in butter and shred it. Make rice with pepper and a little soy sauce, add some steamed broccoli or raw bell peppers. Cooked peppers and onions would be good too! I eat mine cold, but my husband heats his up!
Anything Mexican has always hit the spot cold. Maybe meal prep enchiladas and invest in a food thermos!?

Get him a food thermos. You heat it by putting boiling water into it. Dump it water put heated food in and then it will stay hot all day. Sopa is good in there too. But you could send him with meat, rice, beans etc also if you get the square shaped ones. Honestly the heated food thermos/ boxes were game changers for packing lunches. Especially in cold months to take hot food to warm them up

Chili in a thermos. Beef stew, soups, I’ve even used a thermos for taco meat and just brought my toppings cheese etc in a lunch box with an ice pack in it.

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Get him this! You can warm up anything you want. Not sure if this one has it, but they sell some with USBs, so it can heat up in the car while he’s on the road.


Burritos if he has microwave o the days he has one make him enchiladas tacos stuff he likes I marry to a Hispanic man I send him burritos he don’t have a microwave or he tell me he will buy something on the way to work or at work purchase this it will heat leftovers up quickly!

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It’s like yall are supporting grown men being children… oh wait you are

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I just want to know why it even matters if he is Mexican or not lmao everyone eats food of all different kinds.