Lunch ideas for toddler?

Hi! I have a question for mom with picky eaters. My son is about to start preschool so I will have to start packing his lunch (his daycare now provides lunch). I’m just wondering for some simple recipe ideas for my son since he is such a picky eater. I mean, I can’t send him to school with a lunchable every day! Thank you!


Pasta? Turkey sandwich or ham and cheese? Make your own pizza? side of fruits cut up? Yogurts my son is a picky Easter I’m getting him to try new foods by offering choices.

I mean there’s not much you can really do most schools don’t have a microwave so it has to be a cold lunch so I do different types of sandwiches with fruits and a snack or I make homemade Lunchables


Homemade lunchables, pinwheels (he can even help make them), cut fruits and veggies into fun shapes, string cheese (draw on the wrappers with marker to make it fun) YouTube fun lunch ideas for little kids. I’m sure you’ll find a ton of ideas there…

My kids were picky till they started school. After about a week they wanted to eat lunch like their friends. I started out with turkey/ ham and cheese crackers and fruit cups. Peanut butter sandwich with small amount of jelly on the side so the bread wouldn’t get soggy and string cheese. Once a week I would send them with a treat like a dessert I had made at home or something with their meal.

Let him eat the school food… boom no more picky eater🤷🏼‍♀️

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My almost 7 year old is like this. Eats only chicken nuggets, pasta, potatoes and rice… Thought she’d grow out of it with the school food like Kodee said, but actually had the opposite effect. Now she won’t even think of trying anything new because she thinks it tastes nasty like the school food

I pack a fruit, a yogurt, a cheese stick, some type of crackers (no peanut butter as per the school) and a juice box. That way my son can pick what he wants to eat for snack. Preschool here is only half days so he goes from 12:20 to 3. They don’t get a lunch time, just a snack time.

Yes you can! Eating is better than nothing. I put in foods I know my son will eat. I ask him every wk when grocery shopping what they want for breakfast & lunch.

My son takes bologna or ham, mandarin oranges and cucumbers most days. He just turned 3. I also switch it up and use a bento style box from time to time with lots of little things he loves in it.

Talk to day care and see…

My son is not allowed to take any outside food to preschool and because of that he eats everything now!!! Including crab and stuff he would never dream of touching hes 5. Let him eat the school lunch.

If he likes lunchables could you make a homemade version?

Look on pinterest there are plenty of good ideas

I use this for my son now ( Pre-K3 ) he only eats school food on certain days. Some days I’ll pack a sandwich and other days I’ll put some hot food in here and it will still be warm by the time it’s lunch time. It keeps food warm for 5 hours. Was pricey for a lunchbox but totally worth it as I will continue using it for Pre k. It’s called Vaya lunchbox

I learned with my oldest if I let her pick her own food, she is far more likely to actually eat all of it. We use the bin method, they get to pick one item out of every bin. Green= veggies, Red= fruits, Blue= dairy, Yellow= treats and they get to choose their type of sandwich/ protein. It’s also great for quick snacks and not just easy lunches.

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Frozen gogurt, pb&j , cereal/milk, pepperoni rolls( I’m from WV!) any trail mix you make with whatever he likes. Also have him go to the store and pick out lunch items. Giving my kids a choice of foods, what to wear, etc always made life easier

Look up the youtube channel The Family Fudge. The mom, Jen, has sooooo many videos on lunches she makes for her kids

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