Lunch ideas that are not sandwhiches?`

What are some lunch ideas that are NOT sandwiches? Edit- for camp


Shackle nix with cubes of meat and cheese, raw vegs and dip, crackers, pretzels, leftovers in a thermos, pasta salad, Brocolli salad, strips of bacon or beef sticks.

Pasta salad with salami chunks and fresh veges.

Pig in a blanket.
Homemade lunchables.
Burrito bowls.

Pin wheels fruit veggies cheese crackers meat

Pasta salads, bean salads, hummus with veggies/ pita/ chips/ crackers, tortilla wraps, chicken salad/ tuna salad/ egg salad with crackers or pita, if you have a good thermos type container that keeps food hot you could do mac and cheese, spaghetti or other type of pasta with red sauce, chicken nuggets/ tenders, rice with meat and vegetable bowls, soups.

Wraps, chicken salad pitta, quiche, sausage rolls

*MYO tacos
Street taco tortillas, a mini bottle of sour cream, little cup of salsa in a square container. A divided container with taco toppings.

MYO pizza
English muffin, pizza sauce in 1 container. Veggies & cheese in the divided container.

South Western pinwheels
Puffed pastry with black beans, corn, cheese. Roll it up & bake it. While it’s still hot slice it & wrap a few slices in aluminum foil. Give salsa & sour cream with it.

Pasta salad
If you have pasta for dinner sperate some before adding sauce. Add some small tomatoes, pineapple chunks (squeeze as much juice out as you can), black olives, peas, feta &/or blue cheese & vingarette.

Veggie tray with hummus or ranch.

Fruit tray with yogurt (we like to freeze gogurt, take them out in the morning to start defrosting.)