Marriage yes or No and why

So I’ve been in a relationship with someone almost 6 years. It’ll be 6 years in March. Point being is he doesn’t give me any signs of wanting to get married. I know he loves me and I love him, but I’m ready for the next step I’m ready for marriage. I’ve talked to him about wanting to get married. I let him know it doesn’t have to be tomorrow or even next year. You see we bought a house together I have kids that he helps me raise. I just want to be able to call him my husband he is perfect for me. What are your thoughts on marriage?

I personally want to get married, my husband never wanted too supposedly until he met me. It’s really not about how we feel about marriage though, it’s about your boyfriend. That’s an important topic to discuss, he may not care about getting married… some people just see it as a piece of paper. I would ask how he feels about marriage and go from there