Married to an asexual aromantic

Could you spend the rest of your life with an anti-touch romance repulsed aromantic and borderline asexual?

My husband is aromantic and some degree of asexual. We’ve been together 7 years so those terms didn’t exist as far as I know when we got together and he just told me he had a low libido. I didn’t fully understand when we got together how much that would affect things and every single year it’s ended up in a discussion about my needs not being met. The stressful part is that hes perfectly fine as a husband in every other aspect of our relationship. Hes a great communicator, provider, father, hes not controlling or jealous and we don’t really fight about much of anything. But we also don’t flirt. He hates cuddling. We’ve never made out. We dont really go on dates and when we do its for an anniversary and I have to plan it. We have little to no sex life and When we do it feels almost transactional. Our conversations are usually about work and our responsibilities. Our yearly discussions about the fact that my needs aren’t being met have been almost entirely fruitless. The only change is he started cuddling me more. It generally doesn’t last long and he usually complains about it so it’s very obvious he only does it to please me. The phrase “the pros outweigh the cons” has become the main descriptive phrase for our marriage. I’m not even close to aromantic or asexual if that’s not clear. I’m the polar opposite by far and he knows that. Part of me wants to leave so I can feel a connection or spark with someone again but I also think maybe I’m just asking for too much by wanting romantic reciprocation in my marriage and I should just shut up and get over it cuz “sex shouldn’t be that important”. I’m stuck. What would you do?