Maternity summer clothing?

Looking for advice on summer fashion for 4-8 month pregnant mamas… my first pregnancy was mostly fall/winter so I feel totally unattractive not sure what looks best right now… :weary: advice?


I wear leggings, stretchy tank tops and comfy sneakers- or capris. I don’t like shorts tho. Wear whatever you’re comfortable wearing. :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

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Maxi dresses saved my life :raised_hands:

I’m gonna be buying some stretchy maxi dresses that way I’m comfy and not too hot


Loose flowing dresses omg I don’t think I could have lived without them!!!

Both of my pregnancies were winter mostly. But i always wanted to wear the maxi dresses. I cant now cause it sfill makes me look pregnant lol

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I just wore whatever I was comfortable in. If I had maxi dresses I soo would’ve worn those bc I loved wearing my maxi skirt! But really, whatever makes you comfortable mama, wear it :blush:

Dresses of course not tight. Stretch shorts t shirts.

Stretchy dresses and short athletic shorts and tank tops. I wore anything comfortable and breezy.

I had some really cute to the knee sundresses too with a wide strap

My first pregnancy was fall/winter it was easy to dress comfortably. My second was summer and I had a hard time finding clothes I was comfortable in. I always felt disgusting no matter what I wore. But I did find that leggings and tank tops worked out well. That and sandles. Sometimes I would wear a dress. Not often though. I don’t like shorts so it was a struggle. I wore a lot of Capri’s with a loose fitting shirt…

Dresses, leggings and t shirts maternity shorts and overalls!

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I wore a lot of body con dresses lol but i also had some sundresses

I wore sundresses alot when I was big pregnant in the summer

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Long maternity tops and loose pants.

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Main thing in the summer is cool and comfortable.


Baggie t shirts! Jerseys!!! They are airy and saved my tatas from the humidity omgg.

Dresses, yoga shorts, tank tops

Loose dressed tank tops shorts capris anything u feel comfortable in

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I have maternity shorts, loose shirts, and a gonna wear loose sun dresses

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Whatever u fit into? Lol who gives a shit what is in fashion when ur pregnant?

Im 6 months pregnant with #3. At home I wear basically nothing. Lmao. In public I wear the least amount of clothing I can get away with. I’m fat, miserable and HOT. lol.


I wore this 1 dress that I didn’t have to wear a bra with (because my son was in my ribs)…lol and I wore shorts and tank tops

Also…you are beautiful…no matter what weight you are…you are pregnant and ALL pregnant women are beautiful :heart_eyes:

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I had my son last August. Lots of summer dresses and flip flops. My feet swelled up so bad I was always barefoot or in huge sandals lol


I never liked when pregnant women let their tummy hang out so yes a sundress is a good idea. I am old school and believe a pregnant woman should keep their assets covered

Make it about comfort. Your just gonna be growing, and having Braxton Hicks contractions and you won’t want tight clothes. Do you wear dresses? I liked sun dresses ,long, short. No waist ,bust also gonna keep growing. Good luck, there is no one more beautiful than a pregnant woman! :two_hearts::footprints::blue_heart:

Summer pregnancies are SO much easier than winter. I didn’t have to buy and kind of special clothes with my first two summer pregnancies because maxi dresses are GREAT summer maternity wear

PinkBlush they have the best maternity clothes

I lived in sun dresses

Summer dresses, your beautiful. You need cool and comfortable. I worked up to my babies birth. I wore dresses and sandles. And at home comfortable. You need to live your body, live this time.

Sundresses :heart_eyes: with the bump, you’ll be Gorgeous. You already are I’m sure. And your creating life, that in itself is beautiful

Sundresses,leggings and maxi summer tops,abaya’s.maxi dresses for cooler days with long sleeves very adorable :revolving_hearts:

I love the T-shirt dress from Storq.

I had my daughter in August… Braless in maxi dresses was my go to!!