Meal ideas for picky eaters?

Let him pick the fresh food when you’re at the store. If he picks it and helps prepare it …he will be more inclined to try it.
Id bin the Ramen tbh…theres nothing of value in them. Plenty other noodles and pastas out there to replace them…again let him pick and help cook.
Always put a little on his plate and insist he tries …or let him pick off your plate…mine hated green veg but always got a small amount. They knew they had to try but were never forced to eat it…one day they tried and liked . Trial and error
Lots of patience. Give him options…but no Ramen.


I have picky eaters they don’t eat alot of meat and my youngest if let her she would eat the hell out of bacon and Ramon noodles. But she eats alot of vegetables and her sister us a fruit eater they don’t eat meat per there choice but do eat peanut butter

Oh so picky of eaters if we decide to eat out its fight where to eat because nobody is happy its a why bother

Dumplings are a great way to sneak in veggies

Try get him to help prepare the food… kids love that and feel some sort of satisfaction eating what they prepared :slight_smile: xx

If he’s gonna eat ramen, give him the real stuff. Much better than the dehydrated noodles and packet seasoning :relaxed:

But, I raised my son to where he has to at least TRY something once in his life. If he doesn’t like it, fine, at least we tried.

What I eat as long as it’s not a disorder issue they will eat if they are hungry

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pasta and red sauce, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, Mac n cheese

My son was like this with chicken nuggets. We just stopped buying them. If they don’t see any they don’t want it. He’s 4. Try new things n if he doesn’t like them done but atleast make him try it. My son said he hated peas but he never tried them (that wasn’t baby food anyway lol) but now he loves them! I’m having a hard time with sugar right now. He’ll find it anywhere n go to town lol we just stopped getting things like that which sucks but he’ll eventually learn

Ramen can actually be really healthy if you make it homemade lots of different variations to instead of finding different things, make what they like healthy :relieved::sparkles:

My picky little guy likes to make homemade pizza! He pats out the dough, adds sauce himself, cheese and toppings. He is so proud to eat his own creations! Pizza isn’t the healthiest thing in the world but it has variety!

I think I’m a fussy eater with textures- so figure out if your kiddo is fussy with textures or flavours then go from there and build on it

Add new things along with the old favorite and make it pretty if I slice and make a circle like a.flower or sun they eat it set an apple there…no way.
Also for salad I read to add things they like in top so it breaks through the desire to not touch new food a salad with goldfish crackers and shredded cheese got my girl eating and.loving salad and lettuce

My son is the same way, ramen for all three meals and snacks. give him options. Let him choose from diff things. You’d be surprised what he will eat outside his comfort food. If possible, bring him to the store with you and let him see and taste diff things and get him excited about his options. It worked for my son. Hope this helps.

Look up kids eat in color page

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Look into Kidfresh products! There’s a serving of veggies in everything! It’s how I snuck it to my picky eater!

My now 14 year old has been picky since 3. She would only eat chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes (thanks to my grandparents feeding her whatever she wanted when they watched her lol). We started expanding her pallet by telling her, for example, that the hamburger meat in the spaghetti was chicken, just a different color because it came from a different part of the chicken. After that worked for a while we started slowly (very slowly) telling her different meat she was now eating and she was ok with it :slight_smile: She is still picky for sure, complains about almost every meal, but she will eat.

I am almost in the same boat. My daughter is autistic and has trouble with textures. Ramen and chicken nuggets (also junk food) are about all I can get her to eat. I bought this powder that is made from veggies and I sprinkle it onto her Ramen. It looks kind of like ground black pepper. I guess it does not change the taste because she hasn’t noticed. I also bought the plant based “nuggets” so I could get some kind of veggies in her.


My 4 yr old son is picky because I allowed him to get that way. Took a year to break it and he still has good and bad days I don’t give him an option anymore with 4 kids and my husband and I, I make 1 meal now they eat or they don’t. They won’t starve


Why not try some homemade ramen? You can pack it full of veggies and even proteins and it tastes amazing! This might be a good baby step into eating more veggies and meats

My son has been going thru food phases for over a year now. Hot dogs, ramen noodles, Mac n cheese, quesadillas etc. He’s down to very limited foods…the school does summer meals so he’s been eating that mainly along with fruits. I wish he’d grow out of this picky stage…

My kid argues he’s 4 he only wants bread. Lately I’ve got him to try eggs and pizza. He use to eat everything now he eats close to nothing

My son was/is picky.
I got a kids cookbook and let him help me cook what we picked out to make.

when he helps cook it he would eat it.

My kids are picky. They get it from their dad and their grandpa. I swear it’s genetic lol. I bought a ninja and I hide vegetables in things they like that I’m able to like chicken nuggets, “tater” tots, spaghetti… ect. It worked ony girls. My 2 year old son is quite stubborn so I’ve not figured him out yet. He doesn’t have a go to because one day he’ll eat and then next he won’t.

Our go to is macaroni with ground beef and mushroom soup. All our picky eaters will eat it… and eventually they slowly grow out of it.

Make homemade ramen noodles! Much healthier and can get his veggies that way.

Spaghetti tomato soup red Mexican rice Mac n cheese anything that’s pasta my daughter the same n I realize she only eats pasta things n watermelon lol

My daughter seems to enjoy anything she can assist with making. Maybe have them help in making the food??

My doctor always told me just keep it colorful when you can’t think of what to makes them just make a rainbow of food. Sandwich with turkey cheese cubes carrots water melon tomatoes. rainers are really good. And do the same for dinners like Spaghetti red. Chickens Alfredo white

Currently having this issue with my 4yo. It does not matter what I make for dinner it is a fight every night to get him to eat.

His go-to as back-up and at least one bite of all the foods the rest of us are eating. Mine pretty much sustained on yogurt, chicken nuggets and goldfish from ages 2-4 and now eats some variety. He’s still pretty much a two vegetable kid at age 6 though.

My daughter is not as picky as she used to be but that’s because I make her try at least 1 bite of everything on her plate and if she does not like it, she will not have to eat it. Then I will make something that she likes. I also try to let her help me cook certain things and help me pick out what to make for dinner or lunch. If you don’t already, try letting your little one help you in the kitchen. Even if it’s just tearing up the lettuce for whatever you need lettuce for. Maybe with helping, your little one might try more things. My mom made hot stuff the other day. (Stew meat, tomatoes, onions and jalapeños on a tortilla) When the stew meat was real tender and before the other stuff was added, she wanted to try the meat and loved it so we gave her a small bowl of it and she ate it all. 🤷 She also helped my mother in the kitchen with the tomatoes. So it got her interested.

Sorry that’s probably all over the place but hopefully you’ll get the point. :rofl:

There is nothing healthy at all about Ramen noodles.

If u happen to have Instagram check them out. One of the most informational pages ever. Started following when I became pregnant as a first time mom she’s now two and I promise their advice works so well

Ramen noodles are really high in sodium, the seasoning is the majority of it. Only use half the packet. Does he or she like spaghetti and other pastas. ? If so there are pastas made from tomatoes and spinach, very healthy and not bad for them. Try a sauce with tomatoes pureed and olive oil lightly applied.

Maybe try putting some food into his ramen. My daughter loves when my oldest puts a hard boiled egg or veggies in hers

Start small with “fancy” ramen. It’s noodles but you add in one new thing. Let them pick from a small list and go from there.

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Ask your kid’s friends’ parents what they’re eating. Make that and explain “Oh your friend ______ eats this! It’s their favorite!” and watch some magic happen, assuming there aren’t underlying sensory issues. That’s the only trick I’ve managed to find for getting my autistic kiddo to eat new foods.


I don’t know if it’s because I am Mexican or the way I was raised but when I was small I remember telling my mom I didn’t like the food and she would tell me, well then don’t eat. If I remember correctly she never cooked anything special for me to eat. Either I ate what she made or didn’t eat at all. I have four kids myself, ages from 14 years down to 1year old. My 5 and 8 year old were such picky eaters, I would give in at first and let them eat whatever they wanted but then I did what my mom did with me. I cooked whatever I was going to cook and if they wanted to eat good if not oh well. It worked for my kids too lol now whatever I cook they eat.


Get on Instagram and follow these accounts: feedinglittles and kids eat in color. Dietician and pediatric nutritionists that have a ton of great advice, especially for picky eaters

Kids like foods they can pick up with fingers. And color seems to help Trying just a bite rule followed by something they like.

My four year old will eat Egg white (cooked perfectly) white bread/toast, fruit loaf bread, spaghetti in a can, tomatoe sauce, hot chips, tortilla, fish stick and nuggets.

My daughter only really likes Ramon noodles sometimes w eggs, nuggets, pizza rolls, quesadilla/chicken quesadilla, fries, Mexican rice, mashed potatoes, sometimes bananas, sometimes yogurt, cheese, spaghetti, lasagna, Turkey or chicken or ham meats,ribs, boiled eggs or deviled eggs, peanut butter sandwiches, pizza n cereal…but she loves her snacks​:tipping_hand_woman::unamused::roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:doesn’t like really any fruits n hardly any veggies

Maybe start with adding things into his ramen. A boiled egg or scrambled. Maybe some spring onion or some other veggie.

I would do a google on ramen noodles and health. I heared they add alot of plastic to them. I could be wrong but worth a check

Chicken, hotdog, burger, nuggets, lunch ables

Yes quit feeding them go to foods and make him start trying different foods. Picky eaters are from parents who let children chose what they eat. Instead of cooking a meal and that’s what they eat…… my children to this day eat what I cook or they don’t eat.

We feed them whatever we eat. They’ll end up eating it.