Meal ideas for picky eaters?

My four-year-old will eat ramen noodles for every meal if I let him. He’s a picky eater for sure. I’m looking for meal and snack ideas that my kiddo will eat. Does anyone have any picky eaters? What do you feed them outside of their go-to food?


Let them help you. We make pizzas(I put grayed brocolli and carrot on then he puts whatever toppings he wants) he’s such a picky eater but this he doesn’t even look at when he’s eating!
Also help them prep any food, let them cut up the veg and any goodness you want in, then when your eating it be like “oo tomato! You cut this up didn’t you? It’s very nice!” works a charm on my son and he’s the kind of kid that will gag at a smell or texture lol but doing this really helps x

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Meal ideas for picky eaters?

My middle girl eats ritz ham and cheese, strawberry/grape kabobs and cashews. Thats just about all she ever wants. Occasional plain chicken or grilled cheese no butter.

Make them eat the food you make or be prepared to make 2 separate meals every meal forever! Haha

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I’ve never had a picky eater. My sister does though. I am curious to know though if those with picky eaters like this have always been this way? Did they show this same behavior towards food while babies when you were introducing new foods?
Tbh this isn’t something I wouldn’t tolerate. It’s one thing to not like something. Like not liking fish or seafood or not liking tomatoes but to get to the extent that they will only eat Ramen or chicken nuggets and nothing else is ridiculous. Eat what I give you or starve. I’m sure when hungry enough he’ll eat anything you put up front of him :woman_shrugging:t4:

I have a picky eater…boy is 4 as well! He loves Raman Noodles too. Then speghettios and meatballs… Eggs and hash. Crackers and gold fish… And grilled cheese…That’s about it. Our Pedi says that’s okay, as longs as I always offer him some. So Dinner rolls around and I make him a plate as well. He usually says…eww I dont like food :sob:

Mine just started pb & fluff sandwiches. Something new at least to add to his diet

My kid went thru the noodle thing too. Start buying different flavors and adding other things to it. It can be a good healthy meal.

My son is very picky with food due to his autism. The few things i always know he WILL eat is chicken nuggets, french fries, mac n cheese(sometimes), chicken fried rice with vegetables, cheese (cubes, sticks, shredded).

Try peanut butter and bananas my daughter dips her bananas cut up in peanut butter with glass of milk to drink .

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Make ramen in different ways. Add chicken steak veggies. The possibilities are endless.I decided if my kids don’t like it I don’t make it. Not going to waste food when I can just cook the food they like. But my kids aren’t picky so they eat pretty much everything. And my husband’s rule is u have to try it atleast once. Now my husband is the pickier one lol

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Following for ideas… I have a picky 4 year old also. I make him try everything and he does,but he’s particular in everything he does, so he sticks with the basics. He’s skinny so I spend lots of money on pediasure😏

My granddaughters is 4 and comes every other weekend for that last year. We have noticed she only like some food pb&j Mac nuggets
Scrambled eggs
But love water & fruit but wen it comes to meat :cut_of_meat: NO HAVING IT! No chicken only nuggets. Well the house she is raised in they don’t eat meat much. How do I get her to at least try… my youngest son of 35 kid and he given into her crying wen I try to have her take at least a bite. So I’m always looking for suggestions

I have a 10 yr old granddaughter that I moved up to WA to be daycare for her. Her Mom and I had such high hopes she would eat an excellent diet. When she was on baby food she would eat most anything we gave her-fruits and veggies. But when she went to solid food-look our! Basically she eats crackers, whole wheat bread, cheese, deli turkey, chips/goldfish and sweets.The only veggies she eats are fries. I got her to eat corn tortillas with bean dip and cheese heated in the micro. She doesn’t drink soda pop, but some juice drinks.The biggest fail ever was when Mom was working late, so Daddy, my son, decides he can get her to eat something new. He said he was going to go get some chowder. He left out crab with the chowed! I don’t think he even got her to taste it- don’t blame her on this , it smells horrible. I don’t eat meat or fish. I laughed and laughed! I have been gone from WA for 3 years. Hope she has made some progress! Her Mom and I had such high hopes.But she will get there. I have seen on Green Giant ads, you ‘pay’ them to eat a few bites of a veggie, then you get like 3 French Fries. Then repeat.

A plain peanut butter sandwich son loves those farm fresh brand mozzarella bites (very different from mozzarella sticks)
And u can never go wrong with

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you can actually make sooooo many different types of super healthy ramen meals try making some homemade from scratch.

Get him to help you. He will see what’s going in, he will be able to taste the ingredients etc


I have a picky 3 year old. Only ever wants chicken nuggets when he was 2 he only ever wanted noodles. Every time he tries something new he gags and sometimes vomits. He loves any breakfast foods though. Dinner and supper foods im always making 2 seperate meals and its frustrating.

My oldest is in a stage she eats Ramen all day long doctor said long as she eats it leave

I have 2 girls that are super picky which they get from me sadly. My oldest is autistic and my youngest has sensory issues so they’re super picky about textures. My youngest (8) eats ramen for 2/3 of her daily meals. I try to get her to try my foods. I keep yogurt in stock, lunchables and lunch meats because that’s about all she eats besides ramen. I try her with different brands of ramen and drain most of the juice from the meal to cut down on sodium. I have made 2 separate meals since my oldest (13) was 1. As long as they eat and are happy I’m good.

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Let him eat the noodles. Discard the flavour packet and scramble an egg in it. Add peas and carrots. Hot dogs? Hamburger? You can do quite a bit with rice noodles


My kids loved chick peas/garbanzo beans. Could feed themselves as toddlers too. Tofu cut in little cubes soaked in whatever they like: chicken broth, soy sauce, apple juice, or try miso soup with tofu. Tofu is a great toddler food they can feed themselves and won’t choke.

Baked beans. Korean red or green bean buns if you can find them. Look and taste like pastry but have protein.

Try noodles made from whole wheat, mung beans (cellophane noodles), edamame (at Aldi), zoodles (zucchini noodles), spaghetti squash, whatever alternatives your grocery stores have or order online.

Your child might like quinoa too. I make a cold salad with celery, grapes, raspberry vinegar, dill and with cashews on top that most people like. It’s a complete protein and tastes great plain, or serve it with gravy, or butter and syrup or toss some in the ramen soup. Cooks quickly too.

Take your child to the grocery store & let them pick out new foods to try. Didn’t work with mine much but might with you. Let them dip vegetables in hummus or ranch dressing, dip fruits in a bit of chocolate.

I’d grate vegetables in spaghetti sauce for spaghetti and lasagna, mix tofu with the ricotta cheese and add oregano, basil, garlic and sun dried tomatoes for lasagna. I’d purée vegetables in chicken broth and cream for soup everybody liked, but sounds like you aren’t there yet.

Sometimes small and cute helps. Try putting different foods in little containers for them to try. I got plastic shot glasses at the grocery store to let my granddaughters try new stuff to avoid wasting a whole plate or bowl of stuff. Get mini vegetables(tiny bell peppers, tiny squashes, baby carrots, grape tomatoes). Tell them it’s food from elves, fairies, Mickey Mouse or whatever character or story line appeals to them. The neighbor kid would eat what we fixed if we told him his mom brought it over for him.

Smoothies or Pedia Sure or even plain or chocolate milk can provide nutrients if he’ll drink them. If they sell “instant breakfast” that you mix with milk it’s a cheaper option.

Take them to restaurants and let him try stuff there, or send him to other people’s homes to eat so at least he’s exposed to different things and sees most people aren’t so picky. Though I had the opposite problem: I’d feed the kids healthy at home and others would cater to the kids with pizza, hot dogs, fast food. Keep introducing foods—it’s said it takes kids seven times of trying something before they like it.

I had a very picky child visiting and found out her favorite foods were risotto and pickled okra. :laughing:

My 3 year old refuses to eat meat only nuggets and burgers from McDonald’s :roll_eyes: Well we just figured out that McDonald’s grease gives her diarrhea so she can’t have it anymore. Outside of that she will eat fruity pebbles and peanut butter toast.

We have a rule for our four year old, she HAS to try the food we make! If she genuinely doesn’t like it, we have a few alternatives, but she isn’t allowed to just decide she doesn’t like the food! Because we do this, she eats pretty well, and a wide range of foods! Because even when she says she doesn’t like something, most of the time when she takes that one bite, she says “mmm, yum” and actually does like the food!


Let him cook with you in the kitchen! Have him try different ingredients in things y’all make together it’ll be exciting and hopefully help broaden his tastes!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Meal ideas for picky eaters?

Chicken schnitzel with cheese, can hide a bit of parm sauce under the cheese.

Mix vegetables into super creamy mash potato.

Corn cob rolled in butter

Grated cheese, carrot, baby spinach and mayonnaise as a small side salad

Spaghetti bolognese blend up vegetables and add them to your sauce.

Wraps with chicken, sauce of choice and grated cheese, carrot and finely diced baby spinach or iceberg lettuce

Tuna bake, just add some fine diced onions and pak choy (white parts only, anything green automatically clearly tastes awful and they will die if consumed)

Butter chicken or chicken korma

Curried sausages, sausages and mash

Tacos or burritos!

Tuna sushi

Carbonara with extra fine mushroom and onion diced (it’s too plain without the mushrooms and onion but I don’t like mushrooms or onion😒)

Fettuccine Alfredo

Burgers! Turkey, chicken, lamb or beef! Can mix so much into them. Then just pop on a bun with cheese and bacon.

Ravioli with pasta sauce (call it pasta pillows they think it’s adorable)


Bacon and eggs for dinner (who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner)

Milkshakes with protein powder

Cheese and carrot sticks with biscuits and French onion dip for snacks or even just cold cut meats… whatever fruit you can get them to touch

My partner had two picky eaters… one less so now but Mr 5 is still a pain :sweat_smile: the above have been our safe go to foods

I feel you on this one. The only hot food my daughter will eat is chips or waffles. She loves her fruit cakes crisps etc but when it comes to tea time she refuses to eat anything hot except chips or waffles :pensive: she starts school in September and I’m worried she wont want to eat anything off the menu :see_no_evil:

I sneak fruit and veggies in muffins. Banana, spinach, carrot and blueberry - sweetened with honey or maple syrup are a favourite. If they are super fussy add couple of mini choc chips to the tops of each muffin.

Science tells us that it take 10+ times for our palate to adjust to new flavours and textures of food, especially in kids. So we have a rule that he has to try a little of everything we make and then if he doesn’t like it we will make something else.

Sensory issues are real problem in young children and inconsistent textures and flavours in foods can be very offputting. We found if we used all the same colour veggies in a a dish it was more likely to be eaten, and we finely grated or mince veggies as well. So spinach, zucchini and broccoli pastas/risottos or mashed potatoes. Smoothies are also a great way to sneak things in. We make homemade iceblocks with yogurt and fruit/veg blends and they are also a massive hit.

If you keep trying and be creative about how to serve foods, eventually kids will get there in their own time. If you’re concerned nutrition wise supplement with a multivitamin.


Here’s what my mum taught me that every mum should teach their kids, don’t like what I make for tea don’t eat it, you can have it for breakfast or dinner or tea the next day cold because one thing is for sure you will be hungry enough eventually, guess what there is very little foods I won’t eat.

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My son was around that age when all he would eat was cheesy pasta or plain chicken. I tried everything, I tried advice from every health visitor and everything.
Then one health visitor literally just told me it’s a phase. Most kids go through something like that. She said the best thing to do is to not force other foods onto him. If that’s all he’ll eat, at least he’s getting something. Yeah, try him with other things first, buy if he won’t eat then, then just give him what he’ll eat.

It won’t last forever. Don’t stress yourself and your little one by turning meal times into warzones. He’ll come round eventually and start eating more.
My son will literally eat anything now.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Meal ideas for picky eaters?

Start by adding hints of veggies into the Ramen noodles. And each time you fix it add more. Once you hit the 50/50 ratio start decreasing the amount of Ramen noodles in it as well. And also decrease the amount of the seasoning packets to get him off of the sodium. You’ll eventually ween him from the noodles. When you do, keep them gone. Otherwise he’ll slip back into demanding them. He’s young enough he’ll forget they ever existed.


My gf suggested having my kids help me with dinner because I too have 4 picky eaters at home. :woman_facepalming:t5: It was a great idea so they are more involved and likely to try new things. Dinner time is a nightmare in our house because everybody wants something else.


I hate how judgmental these comments are.

At the end of the day, fed is best. If you have a blender, try blending up some carrots and broccoli and adding a little too his ramen. You could also try rewarding. “I know you want ramen, but mommy/Daddy spent a lot of time cooking a great meal, why don’t we make a deal, that if you eat 5 dinosaur sized bites of this meal, you can then have your ramen!”
Or possibly look into the more expensive kinds of ramen that are usually imported and have healthy veggie based noodles and still taste yummy (like fr I’m picky when it comes to ramen rip offs because I love the taste of ramen, but I’ve found a few that still taste like ramen and are good! I don’t remember the brand name I’ll have to look later!)
You could also try a few homemade ramen recipes you can google, or even see if he’ll like noodle stir-fry with veggies and stuff!

However I think forcing your child to eat something they absolutely have tried and do not like whatsoever, and making them eat it, causes issues. My mother was a really good cook most of the time, but every now and again she’d make something I absolutely could not stand (like sausage and sauerkraut) and if I didn’t eat it all at dinner it would go in the fridge and the rule was I couldn’t eat another thing until I finished leftovers, and honestly that caused a lot of issues, to the point I’d only eat dinner because she would want the family eating the same thing for dinner, but if it came to breakfast lunch or snacks we had to have leftovers.
This led to loosing a lot of weight, and food mental issues

My kids were picky. But they loved my poor mans casserole. Make Mac&cheese add peas (drained) and tuna (drained) or make mac&cheese add mixed veggies (drained) and spam cut up in bite sized cubes. Reheat if necessary… but my kids loved either one of these…


My almost 3yr old was convinced oatmeal was absolutely repulsive… finally tried his no thank u bite because he wanted the gummies his brother and sister got for taking their bites… he ended up LOVING it so much, he polished off HIS AND HIS BROTHER bowls of oatmeal…and didn’t didn’t even want the


I’d start by buying a healthier Ramen. Then including that to a meal with a meat, fruit and veggies. Small steps.

What veggies will he eat? You could always add them to his ramen. I have 2 picky eaters, but my oldest will eat most stuff. My son though, he doesn’t like veggies mixed into anything. I can hide minced carrots and celery in any ground beef dish, but soups/stews/casseroles are a no if the veggies are mixed in.


Make it fun or rewarding. My 3 y/o can be picky but I give options as well. We get, fruit, vegetable, meat, grain & dairy. If she at least tries everything, reward. If she eats all her food, she’s asked if she wants 2nds or she gets to pick whatever she wants to snack on. Ice cream, cookies, pop. Whatever to get her to eat healthy or anything at all.

My son is 3 and i have found a few helpful things. Let him help shop and pick healthy food, gardening, help cooking. Let him serve himself.
Also like the rule that grown ups provide the meal and kids decide whether or not to eat it and decide when they’re full. I usually re offer the same food at least once if he didn’t touch it the first time. Sometimes he just wasn’t hungry. Sometimes he still won’t eat it so I’ll give him toast (his go to lol)
Its not perfect. Some days he just eats toast. But other days he eats lots of veggies and fruit. Plus no meal battles, no stress.


I had ONE picky one out of three kids. Make the ramen in a different way to make it a bit healthier. Using broth to cook the noodles and maybe sneaking an egg in there like egg drop soup. Peanut butter and jelly is good too. Make them “magic smoothies” with fruit and yogurt and clear protein shakes. A multivitamin will also help ensure they are getting vitamins they need for growing bodies.:grin: always offer healthier foods for dinner and try to encourage them at least tasting it. I started making bento boxes and the shapes and colors helped them try new foods :grin: I got lucky and he will now eat just about anything except boxes Mac and cheese, beans and squishy cooked veggies like zucchini but will eat it stuffed or fried :woman_shrugging: when making my home made spaghetti sauce i grated zucchini and carrots and cooked it down low and slow. He never knew they were in there :grin:

I pick my battles. But I never stop trying to get my 3yr old to eat something healthy.

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My mother actually got my picky eater to have shredded cereal with MILK. She said he will get ice cream after he had ate. Then he forgot about it after wards.

We also do “no thank u bites.” If u don’t at least take a taste/bite, u CANNOT say “I don’t like it,” therefore it’s all that’s offered til next mealtime, no snacks. If they try and don’t like, they get PB sandwich with no snack til next meal.

Let him help make the meals and snack on the food as he’s making it Id also make lots of “yum” comments when trying new foods with him

I cut up fruit, cheese and roll up deli meat and that’s all my toddler will eat all day everyday.

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I just discovered my picky eater loves smoothies so I just try to get all the good stuff into them and let her snack I’m not forcing her to eat they will just hate food more I had 7 good eaters but number 8 is crazy fussy she is also breastfed at 2.5yrs so I’m ok with her fussiness atm

Grill cheese, pbj sandwich, fresh fruits

I let my kids eat Mac n cheese and blend up healthy veggies really tiny in it, works with spaghetti and even pizza :woozy_face::grimacing::sweat_smile::woman_shrugging:t2:

my kids think ramen is a gift from god they think ramen is the best dinner! LOL I don’t feed it to them often but it’s nice when I’m in a hurry or don’t feel like cooking. And top it off they will eat a whole pack to themselves! I’m just saying I understand what your saying! LOL

Check out Pinterest! Plenty of ideas for meals and snacks that are healthy and kids love them!

Ramen is a rare commodity in our house. Try fruits like grapes, navel oranges & delicious red apples those are the best and they’re sweet. Try pigs in a blanket and have your kids help make them. Might help interest your 4 year old in eating what they made.

My advice is, just keep putting it in front of them. My 2 and a half year old would throw broccoli from her plate to start with, but I just kept putting it there. She eventually tried it, as well as other things she didn’t like the look of, and now she will eat pretty much everything on her plate. Just keep trying mumma :muscle:

Let him choose stuff at the store he likes. My daughter is picky we let her choose some little dollar frozen meals for times she doesn’t like stuff. But in all honesty it comes down to a)if they are hungry enough they will eat b)feed them what they will eat and c)they will eat if they are hungry enough!

Steam some veggies and cut back on the ramen! That shit isn’t good for him. Make fruits fun, veggies a staple.

Chicken nuggets
Hot dogs
Fruits and veggies
Grill cheese and PBJ sandwiches

Make him eat if he won’t eat what u make then he gets nothing else. He will eventually eat once he geta hungry enough

At that age I lied to him. Everything was chicken as far as meat was concerned. And with veggies, broccoli were little trees and the more cheese the better.

Don’t buy ramen. Fruits, vegetables and meat. There are so many ideas for feeding kids who are picky, google and try all of them. See what works.


Provide them with a nutritious diet and they will learn to deal with it. Healthy habits are fostered. Be a good example, don’t give in to the toxic fake foods like ramen.

Try doing a blind fold taste test. Start off with fun foods they like. Then move into other foods they normaly refuse. Have them give a thumbs up or a thumbs down. You will be surprised at what they actually realy like and dislike.

My boy (3) hates cucumber :cucumber: but as soon as I put it on little scewers he ate the whole lot :sweat_smile:

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OP, I think this was the wrong page/group to ask. Some will never understand and their ignorance causes lack of empathy. Find a fb group more geared towards this subject that is more kind and inviting :sparkling_heart:


Maybe try taking them to a ramen restaurant. Or take them shopping and show them the variety of ramen there are.

How about don’t make ramen their go to food


Chicken strips, pasta…just try to be creative.

So glad I grew up in a time where I just ate what was given to me without question

Add stuff to them … Gradually …
Alternatively try a good noodle as a base …

make he or she eat wat you make or let em go hungry! your the parent

These recipes might help :hugs: :

Toss stuff in the ramen. Meet in the middle


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Meal ideas for picky eaters?

My son likes fish sticks, chicken nuggets, burritos, breakfast foods.

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Start young. My kids always ate everything. They would ask do I like it? Yes you love whatever it was now ages 26 and 16 the only things they don’t eat are foods they are allergic to.

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There’s lots of pages to follow on FB and insta about food and kids. They have to see a food regularly a lot of times before they’ll accept it. Try things like preparing food with them - they do the cutting. Adding food on the same plate next to noodles, you eating at the same time eating unfamiliar foods. Covering things with cheese or sauce. Either way it takes a long time and a consistent non-aggressive approach. Don’t make them try it just keep offering and when they see it enough they’ll eat it

If that is what he likes I would make it and have other things with it but tell them they have to take so many bites of the other food before they can have it. I do this with my kids so that way I can get them to try new things but also they know it is not going to be the only option.

My toddler likes blueberries, bananas, strawberries, and she likes yogurt so she gets a “dressed up yogurt” about every day for breakfast. She loves those little mini bowls of chef b ravioli and all the other ones, and for dinner she usually just have whatever we have and she’s fine with it. Very few things she will not even touch, and surprisingly bread is one of them. Dosent like toast, biscuits, pancakes, ect.

My son has autism and is very picky. He likes bananas, yogurt, baked chips, skinny popcorn, popcorn chicken, chicken nuggets, steamed broccoli. He does better with foods that have few texture changes. Finger foods work better for him. I don’t force foods. I encourage it, I offer it, but in the end I will make him a substitute if he refuses to eat.

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I had an autistic picky eater he loved peanut butter, bananas, yogurt, beans and cheese. That was about it until he got older.

Whatever I make them🤷🏽‍♀️ they have to eat what I give them lol I’m their parent

Idk don’t buy ramen noodles! Be an adult and authoritative parent.


Do away with the snacks until they eat real food. The snacks will keep her going and stop her from trying new textures. Eating is the most extreme part of their lives and should be very serious about it. Junk food is what is causing the obesity in our lives.

My boy is 11 and will only it pizza rolls or ramen noodles unless it’s fast food it’s been like that since he started eating

Is he just a picky eater? Or does he have sensory issues?
There’s a huge difference between the two and how you handle each is not the same by far.

For just a straight picky eater…
Make a meal. Sit down and eat it with him.
Ignore the begging or attitude for what he wants. When you’re finished if he still hasn’t eaten offer a healthy alternative.
He gets one or the other or he goes without.
Stop buying the junk he’s wanting to live on.
For a child whose just picky they will eat after a day or so…they will not let themselves go hungry for very long.

For a sensory issue it’s a little more complicated. A child with a sensory issue will starve themselves rather than eat something they have an aversion to.
So for this one…it’s a little more involved than out-waiting them.
First and foremost. Sit down and make a list of all the foods that he will eat with no issue.
Really look at them and look for commonalities. Their flavor profile. Their texture. Even their color.
Then pick new foods to try inside of those sensory categories.
My youngest likes red food, heavily seasoned (salty and spicy and sweet).
So we’ve gotten him to eat and consistently eat … Tacos, chili, salsa, pepperoni, salami, strawberries, raspberries, grapes, smoked sausage and hotdogs. He also liked lemon pepper chicken and pickles.
We’ve gotten him to try (he didn’t like them) red bell pepper and tomatoes.

He likes crunchy food. So we’ve gotten him to try…baked snap peas and lentils. Fruit chips. Nuts (particularly cashews and peanuts).

When we introduce a new food…
We rub it on the back of our hand. Then on the back of his hand. Then on his lips. Ask him to lick it.
If he’s still not sure we put a small peice of the new thing on something he loves.
So…a peice of corn on top of a slice of smoked sausage.
Now. We dont just let him have whatever whenever. Seriously. He’s still a kid. He’ll eat chips at every meal. But we offer him healthy alternatives that fit into his sensory preferences when he refused a meal.


My kids are obsessed with cheese sticks, muffins, and fruit lol

Sometimes helping to prepare foods will entice them to try it.

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Is he a picky eater or is he having sensory related issues with food?

My little guy was like this. We started a one bite rule. He had to try one bite. We eventually got him eating way more. Best thing though was eating at school. His friends ate other stuff so did he! Just be patient.


My son has a sensory processing disorder and it’s a texture thing with him. Most of the time if he cooks with me and sees what’s going into the food and taste what he safely can taste while cooking he will eat it. But there are some textures he simply cant handle. If I’m craving something he cant handle we make my meal and his and enjoy our time together

When my toddler went through his picky stage, his pediatrician actually just told me to let him eat whatever he wanted, that as long as he was eating it was fine. I implemented the “one bite” rule, so if there’s a new food he needs to take one bite and if he doesn’t like it then that’s okay. More often than not he finds a new food he likes and he isn’t a picky eater anymore. That being said, I know every kid is different so yours might not respond the same way mine did.

spaghetti and meatballs light on the sauce my kids liked bite sized meatballs or you can use other pasta like rigatoni macaroni or seashell shaped pasta add some fun

I’m sorry mom but I think this is a problem you caused. Kids become picky eaters because their parents allow it. If you would’ve had rules from the jump about eating and trying new things you wouldn’t be in this situation. Moving forward remove the ramen noodles completely from the home. Make your child try new things, if you serve a 3 course meal and he “doesn’t like it” that’s a he problem stand strong offer different things but not his one go to

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My bonus daughter is picky. But we atleast make her try new stuff whether she cries or not. She has to eat something other than gold fish and pop tarts at our house and she does. She can’t just cry and get her way.

You can try adding veggies and meats into the ramen. There’s so many recipes for ramen and if he likes noodles try rice and cheese bakes with vegetables and meats

Ramen has no nutrition or fiber and is full of salt and bad fats. Maybe try some other kinds of noodles? An Asian grocery might have some interesting options.

We alway have fruit in reach if they’re hungry, but I never make her special dinners, you eat what we eat or don’t.
Special dinners create picky eaters and overweight children.

I’ve found if they help cook, they will try it. Crack the egg, stir the sauce,throw in the peppers etc. My kids and grands could chop softer foods with a crinkle cutter at 4 with a little help. Cucumbers,cheese,celery,peppers. They could tear lettuce for salads . It gave them a sense of accomplishment and helped them try what they made with pride. My husband is the youngest of 10 kids and has the palate of a 6 year old. I know his mom was exhausted and told him to eat peanut butter if he didn’t like it. My sons are adventurous eaters and my grands are coming along nicely. We always had the 3 bite rule. The first to say blah without really tasting.The 2nd for a maybe yes maybe no. The 3rd for the deciding factor. Foods that were a no were tried again in a few weeks.

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We do the try two bites. He is 2 and it’s a mixture of texture and just refusal. Allergy to most fruit makes things harder. So two bites. If you honestly try it and don’t like it that’s fine here is a banana or peanut butter. If it’s a texture thing we still encourage him to try it but it’s a casual thing. So he plays with it and squashes it and some still gets in his mouth. Do we get weird looks when at a restaurant yes but I am doing what my child needs not what makes others happy. We are having a sensory issue to mac and cheese and forks currently. So if we are out we put it on his plate. Let him choose his utensil. Knowing full well he is going to end up playing with it mostly. He likes it it’s just different. For the most part it’s normal. And he eats healthy a lot. Mainly because when he throws a fit over food he gets told this is it two bites. If we know he likes it nothing else is offered. Sorry next meal you may wat