Meal prep ideas?

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Has anyone meal prepped before ? Does it save you money on food ? Does it help with snacking . I just need Pros and cons please


Hope this is helpful. We dont meal prep but we do plan out a weekly menu and go get the groceries for the week and that has saved us a ton of money on buying random stuff. Bonus if you can reuse things like we will have hamburgers one night and the next we will have the remaining veggies as salad with something like lasagna.

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Yes I also make a detailed list if what the meals are before I go and stick to the list so I only get the things I need. Coupons help too

I don’t meal prep but I sit down and prep a meal list for 2 weeks (pay day to pay day) saves us a lot of money. Only buy what’s on the list. As for snacking, I find when I eat full meals, I don’t snack at all. But I do try to buy healthy snacks because my daughter does so I get apples and carrot sticks. That way if you want to snack, you have healthy options too

I don’t meal prep, but I do the online grocery shopping through Walmart and our other local grocery shopping. It cuts my grocery bill in half. I’m not buying stuff I don’t need.
I can stand in my kitchen and check what I need as I shop and not miss anything. Best thing ever.