Men/ woman frindship

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So my question / your opinion on is males and females can be best friends. So the situation is my husbands best friend works with him. Telling my husband that I was uncomfortable with some of their conversations. Asked him to keep it work related only. His answer was I was jealous because she attractive, but her looks had literally nothing to do with why I was uncomfortable. I was a little frustrated after that. Do I have reason to be angry? I just feel like me telling him I’m uncomfortable with it he should take my feelings into consideration, especially since we have been together 10+ years

I think you’re right. At least from my point of view he should take this into consideration how you feel. Try to make him understand your side, put him in your shoes. I do that with my husband. I just say “so if it were me and I had a close male coworker who just happened to be very handsome, you wouldn’t feel how I do?” And that most of the time makes him realize how I feel.