Mental health for a child

Hello there, I just have a question more so needing advice.

I have a stepdaughter that lives with her mother and stepfather in another state, and she comes and visits with her father and I when she is not in school and on the weekends maybe for a day or so. My husband’s ex wife, the mother of the child, does not like my mother in law, her ex mother in law whatsoever. Now, we think she is feeding negative information to her daughter and It is affecting everyone around her… She will say well mommy said that and say mommy said this and we would question the daughter and she doesn’t really want to talk about it or she doesn’t remember why she doesn’t like something.

For an example she said that she is afraid of her grandma and doesn’t want to be around her. Well when she was around her the last time she visited, she loved being around her she hugged her she was so excited to see her. Now we are thinking that the child is being fed all of this negative information just because the mother doesn’t like the grandmother. It tore the grandmother apart to no end.

The mother of the child lies constantly so if we would question her about it, she would go straight into defensive mode and just lie her way through it. She’s lied about us “not affording” stuff for their daughter to who said that my husband is a bad dad. For one, we always offered to get the child what she needed and she would always say she’s good she doesn’t need anything. And she doesn’t know that we know that she is the one who said this about my husband being the bad dad.

It’s an on going problem and it seems like if shes not starting drama, she has to be the center of attention, the mother not the child. How do my husband and I approach her on something like this because the child is totally fine with the grandmother. She’s not afraid, she hasn’t acted out or anything around the grandmother.