Mhy husband doesn't think I want him: What should I do?

So my husband doesn’t think I’m interested in him anymore because we haven’t done anything in like two weeks. But I am. I’ve just been busy with working two jobs and helping him with our three kids. he says there’s nothing he can do to change his mind, and he’ll just deal with it. What should I do?


He’s up to something. My bf works through the week except Wednesday and weekend I work the weekend. Only day we get laid is on Tuesday nights if we r lucky we have 3 kids and our son like to go to bed late so if we lucky that’s our night however doesn’t always happen that way we went weeks on end. So sounds to me ur husband has a side chick and using that ur not interested as an excuse


It sounds like he is feeling sorry for his self, your working two jobs!! an your helping him with the three kids, an just what job is he working?? that’s your answer!!

You stay home with kids and let him do two jobs and come home and still put more hours into domestic responsible jobs. Poor baby.


He could be suffering from low self esteem… only you know if he lacks confidence… does he always need praise etc for what he does if this is the case you need to talk to him and say praise and support works both ways, he’s not a child … or he could be deflecting from something that he is up to snd trying to make u look like the bad one instead of him …

My husband has a rotating schedule and ae have to kids at home 4 and 10 months sometimes its a month before we get alone time and neither of us think like this. Since he said there is nothing you can do to change his mind it sounds like he is up to something


Tell him to grow up and stop being a baby or just go if that’s what he wants life is to short. if you work 2 jobs he should be happy if not let him work 2 jobs don’t put yourself throw this bullshit because love is helping each other and caring about each other and understanding it’s hard doing 2 jobs take care

Instead of looking at what “he’s not getting “ why doesn’t he look at “ what’s good and right” with his life. Healthy kids, hard working wife, etc.


Ignorance and depression is going to run your marriage off the track fast! Both of you need to get some new tools to manage the challenges and changes in your marriage! Start with education, maybe medication too! Prayer and marriage counseling too!

Your husband may be clinically depressed. Maybe a visit to a doctor would help,


Really only 2 weeks and he says your not interested because of 2 weeks sounds like more to the story or he wants attention

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Be a bit** and tell him since you can’t change his mind “Sometimes you have to be a man, and use your hand”.


I dont have to worry about a man crying cause he’s not getting any from me.


Sounds very insecure. Its two weeks fucks sakes. It happens sometimes. To be honest he seems to be trying to make you feel bad to get what he wants. I would personally just ignore it.


Fucking leave. This is emotional abuse. Do not take it. Trust me there is nothing there worth it

I don’t know what to say, been married 18 years and my wife can do about a million things to get me “interested”
Not saying you are doing anything wrong, sounds like he either has low T (most likely) or he has eyes for someone else (probably not)

What should you do? Leave this chump for a real man who isn’t so insecure he you have to pay his head and rub his belly everyday just so he knows he’s been a good boy.

Also, is this a woman’s “two weeks,” or a man’s “two weeks?” It shouldn’t matter, I’m just curious now! LOL

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Sounds to me like he is looking for an excuse to do something that he knows are against his vows!

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It looks like he’s making up an excuse to be naughty.


so stop what you’re doing snd do something with him! how much clearer can this be?! hear him

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Sounds like he should get 2 jobs and you can get some rest

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Sounds like hes cheating and hes saying that because he needs an excuse. Especially since hes saying theres nothing that will change his mind

Tell him to deal with it
Idiot man

You already know the answer in your mind!


He needs to suck it up and get over his feelings.

Does he work?? Why are u working 2 jobs??? Tell him to enjoy his pity party…

If we put God first, our spouse 2nd the other things will fall into place

Does he work outside the house?

He has feelings too take time and show him that you love him and tell him that you love him so much…sound like your being selfish…

Sounds like a man baby.

But he sounds really insecure

Maybe you need to show more interesting her also it’s just not a one-way Street you know, you need to put on your big boy underwear and act like a man instead of a big cry baby!!

He’s got a side chick

A man who thinks sex is a necessity is no man at all in my opinion :woman_shrugging:

You should Change his mind. He is begging for your attention. He needs it and deserves it. Just like you do. Sometimes he will need your 150% - and sometimes you will need his. Be his 150%. Ask Mom or friend if they can keep the kids and take him off for a surprise weekend and shower him with you.:heart:


Sounds like if he wants any, instead of bitching, maybe he should pitch in with the kids a little, or make dinner or something else productive and useful. I get sex is like money in a marriage, it ain’t a problem until you don’t have any, but when you have work and kids and everyday life, it’s more about quality instead of quantity. Sex should be about the experience of both partners not just one. Workload should be shared between partners, not just left to one.

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2 weeks :joy::joy::joy:try 85 weeks and get back to me :joy:

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Well, WHAT is be unhappy about?? Try to fix it. Plan a date night once a week. GO OUt! Get dressed up, make up, etc. maybe do a hotel room. And ask him, ARE YOU SEEING SOMeone ELse??

Tell him to go right ahead

I’ve been with my hubby for 23 years. Just lately he felt like that. So I’ve been trying to let him know how much I love him n want him. I send textes during the day. I try to cuddle up with him at night . I also try to spend special time with him more . I’m tired at a long day with 12 kids but it’s important to make him feel wanted. We also go for ice cream n romantic walks with cuddling :heart::heart: I give him what he gives me :heart:

Tell him to stop sulking and acting like a little bitch.

Ignore the whiney self centered fool!