Migraines in kids

My 10 year old has recently been diagnosed with migraines. She has started waking up with her hands shaking. This started a couple of months ago but in the past couple of weeks it’s gotten worse. She has recently has bloodwork done & everything was fine. She also is having trouble with her balance & says her legs feel like jello. Has anyone else experienced this?


Has she had any scans done (mri, ct)? If not, I would be insisting on them. That’s not normal with just a migraine. If the doctor doesn’t want to do that, I would be taking her to the ER for scans

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I used to suffer from migraines as a kid about the same age , it was very painful and all the side affects from it like nausea made it even worse . I had blood tests and scan done all came back good . For me it came down to I was very active , loved sports and running around all the time but not drinking enough water. Once I started drinking more it all stopped. Should definitely get her checked out professionally and maybe at the same time keep an eye out if possible of how much she drinks . At that age it’s so easy to forget to drink when your having fun with your mates and the more exercise you do makes it even worse . Just a thought.

Is it possible it’s anxiety? My brutal anxiety disorder made me feel the same way, my mind was always racing and my body felt weak. It still does as an adult but it was so much harder when school and other circumstances were involved. Of course it could be something else. Just keep advocating for your child.

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Get a second opinion. Blood work doesn’t tell you what’s going on in the brain so I suggest seeing a neurologist.

I’d be getting 2nd opinions, 3rd opinions until someone listened. Non of that seems normal.

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get her to a neurologist immediately! Blood work can only tell you so much… She needs an MRI,CT’s and EEG’s done to determine what’s going on. My daughter is 19 and was diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age, and it sounds like exactly what we went through. Praying for your daughter and her medical team. God bless y’all!:pray:t2::heart:


Neurologist appointment is needed. I had a ( thankfully) benign tumor for years before ever worsening symptoms got me started on my road to recovery

Mri to rule out Arnold Chiari malformation symptoms are similar. Prayers for your precious child.

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You need to take her to a specialist! The sooner the better!

Yes I am currently going through this myself! She definitely needs to see a neurologist

Get her in to a neurologist. My daughter had adolescent onset epilepsy


My youngest was diagnosed at 7…sounds like aurora migraines you need a children’s neurologist

My child had migraines and found some relief with a natural aid, Butterbur. Good luck

My 15 year old son started having migraines last year. Just this year they started to get more severe to the point he’s throwing up, loses complete vision, body weakness and shakiness and head is about to explode. He’s never told me he felt like he was going to die up until a few weeks ago. He’s been on two different medications and nothing helps!

I would do a stool test for parasites

I’ve had migraines since I was 10. I am now 44. I have had MRIs, CT scans, bloodwork, Neurologists, and ENTs check me out. Still no answers only treatments. I wish you luck.


Kinda sounds like vertigo

She’s now deliverd from Ancestral in Jesus mighty name Amene. Be sure to thank Jesus for her deliverance and.miracle healing Amene