"MIL" Overstepping

I’m not great at approaching things the best and not hurting people so I need help…
I’m 11 weeks pregnant and when the boyfriend and I told our parents we told them we didn’t want to be telling anyone else until the 2nd trimester. Since then his mother has literally announced my pregnancy to their entire family and even my bf’s 6 year old daughter (whom she has guardianship, due to issues with his ex and long story).
Is it wrong that I’m upset that she’s announced for me and against what we specifically stated? I won’t say anything to her because I will end up getting mean and mad, I also don’t think I should have to since she isn’t my mom and to be frank, we haven’t been dating long. I’m afraid he won’t end up confronting her though and telling her that it was inappropriate, hurtful, and she needs to stay in her lane.
I’m just so sick of every bit of happiness being stolen from me and being treated like a child - I’m freaking 30!

I mean really you have the right to say something to him and his mom. That is not her news to tell, & it’s very disrespectful to do so even after being told no one else should know until further notice. I would make it known to your boyfriend / husband that that is not okay & won’t be tolerated. As for the mom, I would not tell her anything anymore. I most likely wouldn’t bring it up to her… either he can or it can pass. But if it’s brought up I would say something. That’s just me though.