Mirena side effects?

Just got the mirena in today and it did not hurt what so ever like I’ve heard I am spotting which is expected what else should I expect down the road until my body gets the hang of the IUD being in my body ? I was going to get the para guard but my periods are already heavy and did not want to deal with a even heavier flow


I got mirena at my 6 week check up. Started my period a few days later, then bled on and off for 2-3 months. My periods are very light, but I would say my pms symptoms are dialed to a ten now. I get intense cravings (no I’m not pregnant) and mood swings which last a few days.

I had mine placed 3 months ago, had terrible nausea for the first month. Am still spotting on and off, a panty liner can help with that. Cramping is alright, that’s about all I’ve experienced so far !

When I got mine in, I bled for almost 6 months straight! Then the bleeding stopped and my moods were all over the place. It made me seriously manic. I had it removed after a year and have been much happier

I found it painful going in but I had a c-section and never dilated so I think that’s why. I bled some for the first few months then never again. On my 3rd one now, still painful going in but no more bleeding and no issues here.

I bleed about 3 months on and off but it was fairly light with my first one. I have had 2 more in since then and each time it’s less and less.

I loved when I had mirena. I didn’t have a period for 5 years and no issues!

I’ve had 3 rounds of the Mirena…i maybe get 3 periods a year and its just spotting. But I’ve been considering getting it removed because I now have PID…its been confirmed that’s what is causing it…but no other BC works for me…and the pain hurts like a son of a bitch…but it’s not that often anymore. Other than my newish one(going on 3.5 years) I’ve never had a problem.

I’m on my 3rd one, had this one put in right after my 2 year old was born and I had headaches for the first couple months but that went away and now I have zero periods, every once in awhile I will cramp a little like I’m about to get one but that doesn’t last more than a day.