Mirena side effects?

I got my mirena on April 30th since then I’ve had some spotting then stopped but now again how long does this go on ?? And tips?

It can last up to 6 months:)

And just pass/ tampons and ride out the storm

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I’ve had mine almost a year and it still happens.

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I had some unpredictable spotting for about month after insertion. Then I started getting my normal periods. It’s been 18 months now, and my periods are so light that I only need to use pantyliners.


I have had my mirena put in 3 different times since 2012. My periods have shrunk A LOT. They used to be so heavy, now I just tend to spot some for like 3-4 days every month. Only need to use pantyliners now.

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Mine lasted maybe a month I’ve had it since July 2017 and no period since August 2017

Its normal. It can last a few months.

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Same here did anyone gain weight with it ?

Following because I’ve been spotting on and off. I got mine on April 15th

I bled black HEAVILY for 6 months+ before I had it removed. GOOD LUCK and stock up on pads/tampons/underwear/etc

Be careful mine is poking through my uterus and I have to have surgery

I literally bled the whole time I MAYBE got lucky for no bleeding one week out of each month I had it for the first 4-6 months it was terrible.

Make sure you check that it is still there after every period / intercourse. I got pregnant after having it one year. It moved.

I had a lite period randomly for 2 years and then nothing for two years and then it fell out a year early while me and the hubby were having sex.

Omg! Mirena is brutal. I don’t even have the energy to go into what is coming for you. Almost killed me. I have never been so grateful as the day an unknown doctor listened to me and finally removed it. I’m still healing. Good luck.