Missed period but not pregnant?

Hello mamas…so sorry for the TMI: so I’m worried I haven’t had my period in all this month, I was suppose to start spotting since of last night but nothing. I’m not pregnant cuz I haven’t had sex, the last time I had sex was in January, I did had my period in February, and I have been stressing a lot, well any ways could it just be my emotions? TIA


I’d give it more than a day before I worried


It was just suppose to start last night… give it time. And if you haven’t had sex then you obviously aren’t pregnant… what’s your concern about it not starting right on time?


I went 8 weeks with no period due to being extremely stressed out. Then it was light and only a few days. Then a full period came 2 weeks later. Stress and anxiety can definitely throw off your cycle.


When I started stressing out my periodBecame irregular and I started having it twice a month so my doctor put me on birth control to regulate it . talk to your doctor

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Go to the Doctor and stop asking Facebook :woman_facepalming:t3:


Ive been late up to 8 days from work stress and less than adequate diet. My cycle has changed a lot over the years and now I’m always about 3-5 days “late”. No chance of pregnancy for me either as im currently dating a woman :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Many things can change your cycle. Im an RN Sonographer on a mobile Pregnancy Van I see this daily as 2/3 of the free Pregnancy tests we do are negative. STRESS, weight gain or loss, sleep cycle changes ie day to night shift and visa versa. Birth control changes/hormone changes. PCOS: Polycyctic Ovary Syndrome, metobolic & Endocrine changes, Thyroid disturbances. Follow up with PCP for blood work. Sleep, eat healthier, & now that spring is here. Walk daily before supper decreases appitite fresh air, elevates mood and promotes deeper sleep.


Could be stress or a hormone issue get checked just in case

Have you started any new medications? I just started a new med a week and a half ago and it made me a week late for mine.

I was in my second trimester when I first missed my period.

A day late? Seems silly to stress about it so soon. Many things can cause your cycle to change. Stress, diet, exercise…I really wouldn’t worry about one day.

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Wait… You are barely 24 hours late and are already worried?
I was nearly 40 before my periods started being predictable to the hour. Remember February was a short month too. A cycle can run from 24 to 32 days and doesnt have to be the exact same amount of days in each cycle either.
I wouldn’t worry yet.

Same thing going on with me :frowning: I mean my periods are always irregular but usually only late by a week . It’s been over two weeks late now