Mother In Law & Spouse relationship

I don’t know how to even word what I have in my head. My spouse and his mother are extremely close, which is great and he’s a wonderful man. But, I feel like he prefers his mom over me. Is it normal for a man to put his mother before his wife? I feel hateful for even having an issue. For example, he’ll buy his mom those “just because” gifts but never once has done that for me. He will blow off talking to me just to talk to his mom. I feel like his mom comes first before anyone else in his life and I get it, it’s his mom. I have a young son so I understand the mother son bond but this seems excessive to me. I feel like I get pushed to the back burner. Am I being ridiculous? I feel how I feel but question myself. I want to feel important too. It sucks. His mom is married but my spouse is the one that handles everything for her whether it be yardwork, house repairs, even just hanging out time. It’s always the two of them. I honestly feel alone.