Mother in law staying at my house

Mother in law staying on my house,

Hi, I have a situation and maybe I’m overreacting. I’m been married for almost 20 year, well my Mother in law, lives very close to us, and shes separated from her husband and lives with one of her son who has pshycozofrenia, well she fells overwhelmed in her house and she suggested my husband staying in the night some days. Well I agree with that because my husband told me was only 3 or 4 days now results she wants to still staying at my house, she has other kids but my husband its literally her favorite child, I honestly feel very uncomfortable at my own house, like can’t be myself because she’s there. My husband said if he has to choose between his mom and me his mom always come first. My family leaves in other country and they stay at my house but sometimes it’s like 7 days and they leave and he told me well if my mom can’t stay your family can’t either.
I am overreacting?? I’m wrong ?

You are not over reacting and he is married now so you need to come first. You should not feel uncomfortable in your own house love <3