Must haves for baby?

I found out today I’m 4 weeks pregnant and I’d love to know the must haves! It’s been 5 years for me so I’d love to know the down low on the new things you all use. Thank you for all input


Bottles, bibs soothers, crib/Moses basket, I had the Tommee tippee easy prep bottle machine it was fantastic. Also a steriliser. Bouncer/rocker or play mat. Lots and lots of bodysuits and baby grows

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Owlet smart sock!! It monitors your babies heart rate and oxygen level and will alert you if something is wrong, it’ll give you a piece of mind so you can sleep!

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Everyone says the owlet. It seems like a good thing but I never think that to get it.
Muslin cloths or anything like that for spit ups and spills. Diapers of all sizes on hand
Zip sleepers. Ditch the buttons

Everyone’s must haves are different. For me it was cloth diapers. Everything else was whatever. Ask yourself questions like do you plan to breastfeed or formula feed? Then go based off that. Then are you going to crib sleep, co-sleep, or bed share. Then go from there. Congratulations tho! :confetti_ball: