My 1 year old fights me during diaper changes: What can I do?

My 1 yr old daughter fights me when I change her diapers she wiggles everywhere and kicks I’m not sure what to do? This is my first daughter, so it’s different for me. Have yall moms had this issue? What did yall do!


Both my kids did this to me :rofl: I always said it’s like trying to get an octopus dressed.

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I let mine hold my phone cause it was a battle with all my of mine it last about 4 to6 months

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I’ve learned, because I also have a 1 yr old daughter… talk to her… keep her interested in a conversation. We used to lightly spank her on her butt but it didn’t work. But having a conversation with her helps us so much!!! She’s more focused on listened and/or responding that wiggling is t on her mind.


This is completely normal!!! Have never seen a baby that didn’t do this :joy::joy::joy:


Have 3 kids and they all stop wearing diapers at 9 and 10 months…but you can talk to her and tell her hold still in a fun voice or make up some song while you’re doing it so shes distracted…


Sing to her. I work with 1 year olds at my job and I sing to them and it helps keep the focus on you.


Hold on tight & be fast lol


Time to start potty training. Let her sit on potty a bit…

Also try real panties.

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I give mine a toy to distract for a min and just be fast and keep one hand on the tummy!


My two-year-old still does this. I just threaten to take her iPad and iPhone away. It usually works


Give her a toy to play with


I have to change my daughter on her changing table it’s a tight spot so not so much room for her to move around like a fish out of water :sweat_smile: she’s 18 months

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I told my daughter, I’m not going to fight you so if you don’t like laying down to get a diaper change then it’s time for you to use the potty… And… Within days potty trained not one wet night and not one accident. I’m sure it isn’t normally that easy but she’s a veeeerryyyy independent little girl…


I give my daughter wipes to chew on a diaper to play with sometimes dad has to hold her in place, sometimes we give up and shit gets all over the place! May the force be with you

Comes with territory lol, but I would give my son something to hold and look at so he would stay occupied.

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I give my son a toy to play with during nappy changes to distract him, works almost every time

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Stick the kid in the freezer for about an hour before diaper change time. It will stiffen her up so she can’t fight. :wink:

Clearly a joke. We all need some these days.


Aww yes the baby death roll.

Time to start potty training!

I spank my sons ass. It is not a fine to play around or hurt me.

I started using a handheld small bubble blower (has music&lights too) and I hold it with one hand and baby lays for bubbles while I change him with my free hand! He just turned one and he doesn’t like being still or diaper changes so the bubble redirect was a lifesaver for me :wink:

I fold my 1 year olds legs over her belly cross cross style (it doesn’t hurt her at all and I dont get kicked in the face) and she doesnt try to wiggle away when I do that.

We had a diaper changing song. My hubs made it up and we would put the clean diaper on our head the kids loved it so much. Get creative and have fun!

My daughter’s all did that once they were mobile hated laying still sometimes toys worked and sometimes I had to do it with them standing I got good at that

Hold those ankles tight and get er done!!


That’s a fun stage :sweat_smile: i used to offer toys or even the wipe package before i wrestled a gator. Best of luck momma! This to shall pass!

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Wait until they figure out how to run. :joy::joy::joy:

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Hahaha oh fun times :joy: you’ll miss these days

Good luck lol just be quick and try to distract them with a toy or something

My daughter is often this way. She’s usually good for diaper changes for babysitters but not for mom and dad, she’s too eager to get moving or else she’s cranky because it’s bedtime and she fights the bedtime routine. Usually I can distract her with songs or something to hold. ‘Show me how you do your twinkle stars’ then sing twinkle twinkle, etc. or give her a hairbrush and ask her how she brushes her hair.

Buy the Huggies diaper pants and note she can stand for pee diaper changes.

It will come and go until she’s potty trained. Just hang on for the ride

My grandbaby did with us I got to where I was playing patty-cake with her feet and legs wen I would change her and she would let me change her with no problem

Always said it is like wrestling an alligator at that age…try anything to distract them…they will grow out of it…

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Swaddle his upper body like you did when he was an infant LOL. Never did it but seems like it might work

I would give mine the remote control or keys to play with:)

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Have a million random things (NOT TOYS) to distract her with available BEFORE you lay her down to change her. I’m talking brush, lotion bottle, cooking spoon, measuring cups etc…Also, a huge thing for mine alone with the random objects is sing a bunch of songs back to back. Especially her favorite. Mine loves Sesame Street right now, so I sing him Sesame Street songs.

My one year old son does this too, I distract him with a toy, and if it’s because he’s sleepy then I go ahead and give him his milk and then put him to bed afterwards

I give mine my phonw with her favorite program on it :slight_smile: works like a charm!

This might help a little

Make up a silly diaper changing song… they love it!

Change him standing up and get pull ups

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U have to distract her

Distraction is key it works for me I had the same issues

Put er in an alligator roll. Gater dont play no shit. Lol

Try singing a song in a different language. She will be surprised by the different sounds and will get distracted. Eventually it will become his diaper changing song.

I gave her moisturizer to play with and rub into her belly it distracts long enough for a nappy change

Do it faster.
Make a routine of it.
Have your kid be responsible to throw their diaper in the trash, make that the treat.

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We just got huggies little movers diaper pants… shes more agreeable to changing standing up!

We have ours “help” .

“hey bud can you hold this wipe for me?”

or hold shirt, diaper, whatever we have nearby he can hold.

I also look right at him and everybtime I say “OK bud its butt changing time, I am going to change your diaper so I need you to help me OK?”

I dunno I think it works most the time. I think it makes him feel involved lol

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Give them something fun to play with, something that isn’t heavy incase they drop it, so it doesn’t hit their face.

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Tuck your feet under her armpits to hold her in place. Not roughly just enough to secure them! I had to that with both my kids :woman_shrugging:t3:

That’s all normal, I have boys they all did it some just don’t like diaper on you can give her a break and get the waterproof padded undies, my trick currently with my twins who do this is distraction, give them something to hold and play with, I give mine a wipe and say you clean your hands, you would be surprised how fun a wet face cloth to them is, a hairbrush, sung to them, tickle them, it’s a power ride for them what ever you do don’t lose your patience and don’t let them win everything in a calm manner, the more you react the more they will do it, so if you act like it doesn’t bother you they will stop quicker then you think.

A toy. We use a distraction like a toy, the tube of “butt medicine”, a tv remote, a clean diaper. Whatever is handy that works. I have twin 1yr old diaper fighters.

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Pull ups and distraction

Let them hold a small toy and and give random little tickles.

All my kids did that so I put them in pull ups…made it so much easier cause I could do everything while they were standing then slide the pull up on like pants

Sing or play a game with her

I have to bring out my son’s trusty tablet (or my phone) during diaper changes! He’s 15 months and has been wriggling around since before a year. I put on some YouTube’s or let him play a Fisher Price ABC game. You’ve gotta do what you gotta do! He also has special toys that I leave up there only for diaper changes, and it helps.

Put her on the toilet, maybe she’s ready? You could try something to distract her while you change her. Make it quick but fun.

Get a grip on her feet and hold them together while laying her on her back. Give her something to play with while you change her

Very patient , this too shall pass occupy her hands with something to distract them.

Te her to stop! And mean it

It’s probably just a phase - a mental leap/growth spurt. Try giving her something to play with (I used a bath toy usually because they are easy to clean). Also, depending on how much they understand talk to her! She will likely outgrow it, and then it will come back again. But maybe she thinks it’s a game? So I would definitely try talking to her

My 15 month old has been like this since birth. He has and probably always will hate diaper changes. So he stands, wiggles, dances, jumps, and flails while I try to take off clean and put on a new one. It is fun…
Yes… fun… mmmmm. If it gets really bad I pin him with one arm and one hand the process. He can scream a bit it won’t hurt him for the minute it takes me to swipe, wipe, and snap.

Mom of 4 kids, helped to raise many others. I never met a child that once they started to move would stay still for a diaper change unless they were sick or entertained. Be grateful they’re moving, they’re healthy :heart:


I’m literally dealing with this constantly… baby number 3, still no easier. Not the best parenting advise but I put baby shark on my phone and let my 1 year old hold it so I can change him without him trying to flip off the table. :roll_eyes:


There are a few things I’ve been told/taught. Some worked some didn’t but:
-Hold them down with your leg (if you’re changing them on the floor).
-a wipe or toy of some kind as others have said.
-sing and have them sing with you

  • depending on personality, raise your voice to them
    Either way, teach them ASAP that it’s not okay to squirm otherwise it’ll get more difficult as they get bigger.
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so this may sound crazy… but as i changed my daughters diaper when she was a baby we’d sing the itsy bitsy spider she would be too distracted with the hand movements to fight me… it would be fine till we were in a public restroom :crazy_face::rofl: sing it momma haha

I usually play games when diapers are being changed or sing songs… Husband don’t like cause when its his turn he wants them to be still lol we even play catch

That’s normal. I always said I’d rather wrestle a gator than change a toddlers diaper. I have a 1 year old. Its my 3rd go around and its the same as the other 2.


Distract her with something…a toy,a nappy etc… I used to sing silly things to mine and change that nappy faster then the pit crew at a formula1 race :joy::joy::joy::love_you_gesture:


Distraction! My almost 2 year old is the same way. This week if I tell her to make a silly face and make one too she’s fine.

I have two boys and a girl. They’re 7,4&2 and have all done it . Currently going through it with the daughter still. It just happens. Usually I give a toy to pay with while I change. Something to occupy them while I get them changed and clean.

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My son and daughter hated diaper changes. I just held them down and got the job done. I also potty trained them at one year old so I did not have to keep up the wrestling. Lol God bless you. :heart::latin_cross::pray:

Literally nothing to do about that My kid does the same at that age they start not to like being changed maybe try talking to her or giving her a toy or something to hold while u change her

I just thought that was the norm?! :rofl: I give my son something to hold. Sometimes it helps distract him, sometimes he throws it at me :rofl::woman_shrugging:

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Mine squirms like crazy and flips like an alligator! I change her on the bed and hold one of her legs between mine while I stand and also give her another diaper or something to play with while I try and do it quickly before she screams lol

I try make it like a game with my daughter… I tell her to do or say something… then tickle her, or play… and as she’s distracted then change her.

I have to give my 1.5 year old son something new to play with every diaper change to keep him settled down lol

My mother sings monkeys jumping on the bed when she changes my son

This is TOTALLY normal. Try having them hold a toy while you’re changing them!

Yes I still experience this with my 2 and all I do is give her something to hold and play with

At that age I gave her a wipe to play with while I changed her

Get your self a boxing match bell, have hubby stand by to practice commentary shouting “let’s get ready to rumble!”
Pretty much the only way to get thru it, then you’ll need it again during potty training and teen years

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My 2 boys did it as well as 10 grandkids. It’s a stage

I put mine in pull ups about 1 as hated laying to change. So with pull ups could stand them to change. They preferred it

A firm NO…usually saves the day. Been looking after little ones since I was five…I’m now 76yrs…

Completely normal. Both my boys did it/are doing it.

Kinda like pinning an alligator down. You just pick a pressure point and hope for the best🤣

Distraction is key…have then hold the wet wipe while you change them. Works every time!!

I used the floor & my legs to help hold them gently :joy: Otherwise it was just a wrestling match involving poo… They eventually cooperate better :woman_shrugging:t2:

We had and sometimes still have issues with this. We have found distracting her and making her giggle makes it go easier. For example we will say “oh no it’s time for super baby to get a diaper change!” And pick her and fly her around the room before she lands on the couch giggling and we continue the silly banter while changing her. Sometimes it’s just a distract and change as fast as you can! I play “pit stop” and pretend like we are trying to do it as fast as possible and make funny noises like I’m changing her tires to make her giggle.

The more you struggle and get frustrated the more she will get frustrated and feed off of you. You have to change the mood and make it fun.

Welcome to parenthood. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Make it a fun time. Play with her while she is getting a diaper change. When your done pick her up and tell her your all done and tell her it’s time to play. A one year old can understand so much more then we think.

My daughter when she was 15 months old

Give her a toy to distract or sing funny songs. I had the same problem, sometimes this helped other times it was quite a fight!!