My 1-year-old has been waking up and not going back to sleep every since he got sick: Advice?

My one-year-old was a beautiful sleeper. We would put him in the crib at night, and he would fall asleep on his own. He wouldn’t wake up till the next morning! This past month he got RSV, and now he will wake up at 2 am and won’t go back to bed unless we are holding him. He falls asleep on his own just fine, but when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he will scream and scream until we go and hold him. If we try to put him back after he has fallen asleep again, he screams more. I finally caved and put him into bed with me, which worked… but I don’t want him to get used to sleeping in our bed. I’m not sure what else to try. Crying it out hasn’t been working, he’s not hungry, so a bottle doesn’t help. He has a nuk and his blanket in the crib with him. The only other thing I could think of doing is putting a pillow in his crib for him to prop up on as he does with me. But he’s only one, and I don’t want him to get stuck under it and suffocate Any mamas go through something like this!? How did you get through it?


When mine was around this age I put a little pillow under the cot sheet so pillow was secure and couldn’t move about x

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Try putting something rhat smells like you in crib. Like a shirt. My youngest is 7 when she was little i made the mistake of letting her sleep with me. It hasn’t stopped lol 7 years and she won’t sleep with out me.

Maybe he still doesn’t feel well? Took my baby a month to kick RSV.

So, hes 1. Its not common for kids to sleep the whole night esp that young still. He just wants you, a childs basic need.sounds like hes traumatized from being sick or having nightmares. After awhile gradually put him back or ask a therapist hot to work w him to make him get over whatever ot 7 yr old still wakes me up, sonetimes all week.

Persevere with patience and kindness .

My son will be 18 in a few more days. What I can tell you is, these sleepless night will pass & you will wish for them back. Now my sleepless night are will he get home from school or work safely because he’s a young driver and you never know when the phone call will happen.
He was also colicky and didn’t sleep through the night until he was 2. I got a better night sleep when he co slept with me. Trust me they will sleep in their own bed again. Some times co sleeping is worth not being sleep deprived and having a cranky baby bc they too are sleep deprived.

I think I gave my baby a toddler pillow about 1 but, I just read they suggest 2-3 for any pillow. My guy is almost 3.5 and I checked on him yesterday while he was asleep and his head was under the pillow - I could see he could breathe but it still scared me so I took the pillow away. I gave it back last night for bed time but I wonder how many times he’s done this. He is a head under the covers sleeper, too.

mine was the same last year he got RSV when he was 5 months. took about a month to go back to normal.

I understand not wanting him to get use to sleeping in bed with you…but it sounds like he just needs some extra security right now. Let him sleep with you when he wakes in the night. It wont last forever. Give it a week or so and try putting him back in his crib after he falls asleep.

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Use a wedge under his mattress… or use a pillow as long as he knows how to roll over and move in his crib


My 3 month old had rsv and I put a thin pillow under his mattress to prop up his mattess a little and it helped so much! It sits him up just enough and he couldnt suffocate himself on it.

My son did this everytime he had an ear infection!! I think it hurts more when they lay down!

I always put a thin pillow under my 6months old daughter and one of those nighties that zip all the way down but not the foot ones it’s like a potatoe sack lol not sure what it’s called and it’s suppose to make them think they’re being held she always does good with it!

My little one kept getting sick since he was born. And i used a pillow to prop him up. I was so scared to do it but doctors said you can roll up some blankets and put on his sides to prevent him from rolling. But 1 they can usually move thing just make sure pillowd not a heavy one

I had to put the pillow under the matress. Elevates the head slightly so my kiddo, who was always sick could breath better. It’s a safer option.

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Put a pillow under one end of his mattress to elevate his head. No chance of suffocation this way but has the same effect.

They make a wedge u put under the sheet that props them up and its ment for cribs lots of colicky babies need them

Definitely try using the pillow but only UNDER the mattress. If that still doesn’t work, he may just need some extra comfort right now. Give him a little time.

However, after a while he gets into a routine of not sleeping on his own and you definitely don’t want him sleeping with you, you’ll need to wean him. Wean from picking him up when he’s crying to just touching him in his crib, then from touching him, rubbing his back etc., to letting go and then on to just sitting next to the crib. Just be consistent and realize that it may take some time! Good luck!!

Sounds like he just needs you right now. I’d keep him in my bed for a while longer but keep trying to have him sleep on his own.

My one year old went through this too she was sick for about a month n was waking up a lot and it took about a week and a half after she fully got better before she started sleeping right again
We would just wake up with her and hold her for a little and lay her down n just reassure her but then again she sleeps with us so I’m not sure about the crib sorry I can’t give advice there. But I think she was waking just because she got used to waking up so much and I feel like so me we reassured her every time she finally stopped waking up

I run a humidifier in their rooms. Helps tons with illness in babies.
Also, I dont give pillows to kiddos under 2. There’s just too much room for something bad to happen.