My 10-year-old started her period: Advice?

My daughter 10 just got her 1st period I had a feeling it was coming so I prepared her for it talks ect but also a friend told me girls in her year are making rude comments about her breast size when she gets changed for p.e she’s a b cup in bras already I’ve asked her and she said no ones said anything directly. I guess what I’m looking for is advice I’m no good at this since my mum never really talked to me about any of it and honestly I’m winging this whole thing and feel so out of my depth.


Girl! Kids are gonna be mean regardless, I’d just tell her that shes maturing faster then the other girls. That they’ll get there too, but not to worry about what people say. Shes perfect the way she is. And most females in the world go through the same thing. And just make sure she knows your always there if she ever needs you or has questions :heart: your doing just fine mommy. :heart::heart:


Yes!! To katlyn! Always keep a open like of communication with her. And if she has a question that you don’t know the answer to sit there with her and look it up figure out the answers together that only will it build your relationship as a mother and daughter but it will make her more confident in herself and just give her a good feeling that she can come talk to you whenever.


Sounds like the other girls are jealous she’s maturing quicker than them. I had a size b breast at 8. Just let her know that sometimes when people get jealous they don’t know how to present their emotions and that part of growing up is also learning how to deal with and handle feelings we don’t understand. That they will eventually catch up with her and for now if they say anything to her to just ignore it and remind herself that it’s not her fault that she’s done nothing wrong.


Kids are mean, especially girls that age. They’re probably just jealous she is maturing before them. At 11 I literally went from no boobs on Friday to a C cup the next Monday. Middle school was a shit show with a stupid dress code and middle school girls. I had to learn to ignore it.

Just keep reminding her that this is NORMAL for all girls and you are always available to discuss her changes! Don’t forget to discuss the importance of hygiene and changing products regularly to avoid TSS and other complications. It was terrible and overwhelming growing up when I didn’t know the difference in product size, why tampons felt uncomfortable (didn’t know I was inserting wrong), and what wings meant. Good luck, mama!


Idk what to say for advice. I’m a mom but as a child I dealt with this first hand. No one ever said anything to me… and I never heard anything said about me but yeah I was 8 when I got my first period and I’m 5’8 today and haven’t grown an inch since like 11 or 12. B cup at 10 too. It was hard regardless of the bullying or things said. Just give her the talk about what happens with bodies, my mom did… And she’s just deloveping early. My doctor’s said cuz I was growing so tall and everything else that my body thought it was time

Youre doing great! Dont doubt yourself!

Kids will always pick on the “odd one out” soon they will be there too and the problem will go away. Needless to say, some of the girls are probably jealous. :blush: tell her that she is actually lucky, since many girls cant wait to be in her boat, and that she should just look away and ignore the comments.

Immature little kids pick on other kids simply explain she is maturing a bit faster and to be proud of herself :slight_smile:

Get her a little makeup bag wipes and kotex or whatever you choose to let her use and some body spray and tell her to ignore the twats they always talk shit. Also, they are jealous she has boobs and they don’t. There is a app to help keep track of her period so she can have a reminded and be aware. And a good bra will help keep them puppies up. Tell her to just be her and ignore them. My girls went through the same. My 14 is short and has size D breast and at first they laughed now they are jealous they got small boobs.

Just tell her to be proud of her body and that you are proud of her. Let her know that you are there for her. Make her proud of her early development not ashamed

Tell her someone will always have something to say, and its up to her how she handles it. Haters are gonna hate. Some people get jelous and talk shit because they cant deal with it. Kids are mean…juat remind her tjat everyone develops at their own time, and she was ready. Her bidy is changi g and its a good thing. Just make sure she underatands everything properly. Be completly open and honest about everything.