My 10 year old still wets the bed...advice?

My son who is almost 10 still wets the bed. I have 2 mattress waterproof protectors. He soaks it so much it goes through both straight to the mattress. I have no idea why he is peeing so much. This happens once a week sometimes more. I have done everything to help the late night peeing and sometimes it works and others it doesn’t. He woke up one night he said while he was in the middle of peeing but couldn’t stop so he could get up. Had to wait until he finished. I am looking for some advice on what else to do? I did buy new protectors.


My son has nocturnal urethra and it usually goes away at 13. My older sister had it too. Dr gave him a pill to help him wake up at night and give him the feeling to pee

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Take him to a doctor for proper assessment. He needs evaluation, so that his health and social development are not impacted by this.


I’m dealing with this with my 8 and 5 year olds. They still wear pull-ups at night. I’m making an appointment with their pcp.


Have you had him tested for type 1 diabetes? This is the exact same thing that happened to my son.


Have you tried a sleep apnea test my son used to wet bed went for test and first thing they asked was does he wet the bed, it’s the body saying wake up

Take him to the doctor .could be a diabetic.ore kidney issue


Anything going on at home, or has he suffered a traumatic event?


First visit a doctor to rule out anything medical, then find out if maybe he’s dealing with some sort of stress ( bullying, parents divorce, abuse )


I would have his thyroid checked. My son is 16 and had underlying thyroid issues and was getting the bed. He takes desmopresion.

Nothing to drink at least 2 hours before bedtime, make sure he pees before bed, and get him some goodnights. Also talk to his Dr about him seeing a urologist to make sure there isn’t a medical reason for it.


Could need to see a doc my best friend is in his 30s n has a condition he found out about he takes a pill and no has way less accidents


My son’s renal specialist told us to make sure he is not holding it in during the day and had us buy a special watch that had timers set to remind him to go. He also said no drinking 2 hours before bed.

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I have a double plastic layer on my sons bed as the matress pads ALWAYS leaked so i got actual plastic at lowes may be able to find it at walmart in the paint section it comes on a roll but it’s100% leak proof, also theres mats you can buy for his sleeping spot too it helps with the mess easier than having to change the entire bed out sometimes.

get a piece of rubber over mattress then mattress protector then large soaker pads and then the sheets, any soaker pads you have if he is wet and laying on it after 20 minutes it will soak threw them you need to get super big soaker pads 2 so they cover mattress good luck,

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My son wet the bed until he was twelve. We took him to the doctor they ran test and determined he just had an immature bladder he grew out it when he started showing signs of puberty. He were the goodnight pants so he wouldn’t have to change the sheets everyday.


My son was doing that and turns out it was his tonsils. They were so swollen he couldn’t get into a deep sleep and was having accidents. The day they came out he stopped wetting the bed.

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Don’t know how on the stopping it happen but try putting adult bed incontinence pads under his sheet ontop of the waterproof mattress protector . We layer these sheet, pad, protector and repeat so if accident in night just peal back a set of layers and bed is ready for them to climb back in , makes it easier to deal with


I did as well when I was that age. Weak kidneys. Don’t encourage him to drink water or anything close to bedtime.


Have him checked for diabetes, my daughter suddenly started wetting her bed and it was diabetes, may not be everyone’s case but there’s a reason

Per pediatric urologist, Boys can often take up to age 12 to fully develop full night time control so this is very common for boys specifically. Continue to use pull-ups or similar for night time for a while longer. Really the best thing to do is give them time and night time support such as pull ups, limited fluids 2 hours prior to bed and positive emotional support. If you are truly concerned a referral to see a urologist wouldn’t hurt but they’ll likely give you 3 options
1 see above suggestion, as that’s what was told to us.
2 medication to take at night to more or less slow the bladders production at night.
3 an alarm mat that registers the first signs of urination and sounds an alarm to wake the child (and the whole house) so that the child registers the sensation of needing to go which allows the body and brain to develop that trigger/communication of need to go. However this method requires a patent to sleep in close proximity for several weeks and to respond quickly to get child to go. Using the scheduled wake up method will not work as the body likely won’t have to actually go at that exact time so it’s not developing the trigger to communicate between body and brain the need to go.


Take him to the doctor and get him checked up. Also ask about testing for UTI and for diabetes. Random mix but they both can effect urination. Get him pull-ups. My sister wore pull ups til she was 17. Could be health related which would be an easier fix, or could be mental. My sisters has autism, so I think that played a big role, also stress / trauma.


Couple things… have him practice cutting his stream during the day to strengthen the muscles. Also… give it more time. I was told this happens more often in people that are more intelligent because the brain stays so busy. Definitely don’t punish for it.

It took me til I was 16 years of age. No medical explanation tried tablets medicine buzzing sheets nothing worked. It transpired my brain did not enter proper sleep which meant that my brain was on day active mode instead of sleep slow mode. I did visualisation exercises 2 weeks later no incidents.

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My 8 year old is on a medication for day time wetting due to an over active bladder and she’s on night time medication for bed wetting . We do a mattress protection pads that stick to the bed and night time pull ups. The night time medicine is new (started this week) and hasn’t changed anything but it’s worth a shot to set up an appointment with a urologist to see why it’s happening.

I have a friend dealing with this & the urologist told her a lot of boys stop doing this when they hit puberty. Now, she’s had her son tested for any medical issues that could be causing it, but they didn’t find anything. Another friends son was 12 before he stopped (probably around puberty)

It might be a medical condition. Needs a doctor

Have him evaluated by a doctor. It could be that he’s just such a deep sleeper that he doesn’t wake to handle going to the bathroom. My kiddo outgrew that but he was very self conscious during this time.

I know a few people who say a chiropractor treatment helped their littles.

Stop what ever he drinks 2 hours before bed time

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Start with a full medical check-up to rule that out

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Same with mine. Tried meds Waking up at night etc. his peds wasn’t too worried. He finally stopped about 12 or 13

Talk to your doctor. There is medication that can help

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No drinks an hour before and let him go pee right before. Also maybe st an alarm in his room for every two hours.

Check to see if he has diabetes

My son was 12 before he didn’t wet the bed. My son was a 7 week premie. Pediatric urologist told me his bladder was just underdeveloped and at some point would catch up. Liquids stopped at 5 n waking him up through the night helped some but we just had to wait for his bladder to develop. He was born in 1988 so there I pray better treatments now. Ask his ped for a pediatric urology referral. Before having My son I had no clue the peds urologists existed.

We found out our 6 year old was wetting because he has sleep apnea. He is getting his tonsils and adenoids removed Thursday and that will hopefully remedy the situation

Take him to doctor cause .y sugar was 478 I was peeping every hour if sugar is up that’s what happens

Nothing to drink at least 2 hours before bed and if he gets thirsty, just a sip of water to wet his mouth and also be sure he goes to the bathroom before bed and at least tries before laying down.

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I had a child who was 12 and still had the issue. Went to doctor (child urologist) and all he needed was a pill that helped his body creat whatever was lacking that keeps people from wetting at night. He was on the pills for a few months and now no longer needs to pills and his body is now doing what it is supposed to do and they no longer wet the bed at night.


What is his liquid intake after 6pm? Have him go use the bathroom at 6 and 8pm, before he goes to bed and every two hours after he goes to bed.

I done the same thing as a child and they took away all sugar for several days and it comes out that I had juvinal diabetes.

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My children still wet the bed when something is bothering them. Talk to him is he getting bullied, is he having problems learning? Contact your Peds Dr. It can be medical…

See if you can get some allergy tests done!

I had two family members who wet the bed much longer than most. In both cases it turned out to be an allergy.
The first was in the 1970s. When asked the child said they could control it if they were careful about not drinking before bed, but it was hard. It turns out it was easy to control once they cut tomatoes from his diet (they finally did allergy testing for many things when he developed asthma).
The second was female and a corn allergy in the 1990s. She still has troubles with incontinence and “acne” when she eats too much corn.

My son used to pee if he got too hot, no pajamas, just underwear, and rubber under sheets.

Sometimes a urinary infection can cause that.

We had this problem with my son til he was 13. Nothing helped. Eventually he just stopped

Pull ups. My grandson was the same way. He finally outgrew it at about age 12

Diabetic? Bring this concern to his pediatricians.

My oldest bonus son slept really hard at night no potty accidents during the day or other obvious issues. With limited time with him we didn’t have a lot of time to work with him but we had an alarm suggested to us that you clip to underwear as well as their shirt and it would go off if it started getting wet and he was able to start getting himself up in the night within a short time. Every child is different and unknown health reasons can play a factor so it’s always a good idea to consult their pediatrician. Good luck mama!

I feel for you, i was 11, when i guit, it was horrible. I sure didn’t want it to happen. We, tried everything, but it finally happened that it stopped!! I feel so sorry for him!!!

Goodnight underpants work well overnight if he’s too big for those a small size depend could work but regardless of brand your best bet is to have time wear something absorbant at night and the covers be a back up til things get sorted out
Also showers in the morning are definitely a necessity

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Have you tested his blood sugar?

Have him tested for Type 1 diabetes ASAP.

Pull ups and see a doctor.

Have a look at the following website really helpful Bedwetting – reasons and how to stop it - ERIC

My 14 year old does this too. Still no answers for us Dr’s say it’s for attention. But he’s embarrassed

I would definitely take him to see a doctor. I’m not being judgemental AT ALL WHEN ASKING THIS SO PLEASE PLEASE DONT TAKE IT THAT WAY… TRUST ME MY KIDS HAVE MORE SCREEN TIME THEN THEY SHOULD DAILY ALSO SO JUST WANT TO MAKE A POINT TO HOPEFULLY NOT HAVE YOU FEELING ANY WORSE :blush::blush: But, does he play games alot? Because for my nephew he has been a gamer since he was very young and so he would hold his pee, sometimes he would wet himself. So when he held it, it had broken down that muscle and now he has one hell of a hard time holding it being 14 years old. He sometimes has his accidents at night also. One thing I did for my son when we started night potty training was I didn’t let him have more than a few sips of water before he laid down after stopping fluids about one hour before bed, since your son is older and has a bigger bladder I’d maybe do like two hours. I’d have him try to go before he laid down and I’d also wake him up about two hours after he had actually fell asleep. It gave his body enough time to fully relax and be in sleeping mode amd for his bladder to fill with whatever he didn’t get out before he had laid down. It sucked because sometimes he wouldn’t go back to sleep for hours but it has been the main thing that helped him be able to get up about two hours after he falls asleep and use the bathroom himself because his body is now on a schedule. It took about four months before he started waking up on his own and just going in there without me but it worked way better then I had hoped it would and he was only four at the time. I hope this helps and I hope you and your son don’t feel like you’ve failed anyone or each other. Our bodies are all different and so are our lifestyles . We are all just doing the best we can and that’s all we can do so I hope you don’t feel bad momma. It’s hard out here for a pimp lol also there us this AMAZING spray at walmart that I use for when my male cat has accidents due to me sometimes forgetting to bring the litter box back into our house after he has his peaceful alone time in our garage lol. I use it like this, I spray it on the area and if it has dried and I still smell urine, I spray more WITHOUT WIPING ANYTHING and I repeat that process until I can’t smell it anymore then I will wipe it up or use a towel to soak it up or the shop vac to suck it up if it’s on bed or something. It honestly doesn’t have a great smell so don’t expect it to smell nice at all, but I tell you it works so damn good to knock out that urine smell. It is FILLED with Protease enzymes which break down the protien in urine which when mixed with the ammonia etc in urine creates that odor, it will keep breaking them down until there is none left aka no more ordor but it has to be wet to work this is why I don’t wipe it until the smell is gone. You just rehydrate those enzymes and they keep working their magic on the area. It’s called Kids n pets. It’s like 5 or 6 bucks and will change your world lol.

What does the urologist say about it?

My intuition calls to dietary reform. Talk with your pediatric doc.

Check his blood sugar to rule out T1D. This was my daughters first symptom before diagnosis

Need to see your pediatrician. As a pediatric renal transplant nurse, I would definitely want a chem 10 to check for kidney disease. Also need to rule out diabetes and UTIs. Not his fault. Something is going on.

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Put some thick towels down on the bed under his sheets over the wet protectors.?

I would reccomend a pediatric urologist.

In the meantime, these are all tips the pediatric urologist gave us:

Ensure he’s not constipated and his diet is balanced. If he is constipated, 1 cap of miralax is safe to use as needed. It takes a couple of days to work. Look up a poop chart so he can tell you when he’s constipated.

Cut out red food coloring all together, except on special occasions. It’s in a lot of candy, artificially colored food and drinks, etc. It really irritates the bladder.

No dairy 3 hrs before bed time. No food up to 1 hr before bed.

Get a timer. When he’s at home, have him go to the bathroom every 3 hours and tell him to ensure he completely empties his bladder.

Bladder is still developing properly

By any chance is this child blond gair and blue eyed? I know… what a silly question!!! But… blond hair and blue eyed children are children more common to have this issue. And sometimes even darker headed kids too. It’s a missing hormone. There is a nasal spray a dr can prescribe for the child to squirter up his / her nose at bedtime that fixes the issue till child’s body grows enough to give him / her the hormone. Our son gad the issue and a great Dr. Knew what to do for him. Please ask his / her Dr for this med or at least to try it. It’s a lifesaver for a child who can’t help it. It’s called Ddavp

My now 17 year old grew out of it around age 14-15. I have a 11 year old and 9 year old who still wet the bed frequently. The doctor offered a medication but said it should only be used for like sleepovers or camps because it basically tells the brain to tell the bladder not to pee and that obviously isn’t a healthy thing to do every day. I bought washable adult bed pads and lay two down on the bed. My 9 year old sometimes will pee through a goodnight and onto the pads. It’s helped some but it’s exhausting. Sometimes there’s a medical reason but often there isn’t.
Hang in there mama!

My son was the same and we eventually got tablets through the school nurse, they stopped him weeing at night then I slowly weaned him off the tablets and he never wet the bed again, the tablets came after trying everything else, even the alarm but that didn’t wake him up

This is what I’ve been told by a urologist. Common more so in boys, with sleep apnea & adhd being a big factor, the bladder is still developing & needs stengthening, his mind is basically needing trained to sense the need to, the tempature of his body, puberty.

Recommendations- set a few timers thru the night for child & yourself so that you can make sure he is getting up to the alarms & going to the restroom to at least try, limit intake with exception of needing to just wet the mouth but not gulp the drink, theres a vibrating device that you can purchase to put in the pants that detects wetness so when they start to pee it wakes them to go to restroom, & also a medication that can be prescribed to help train the mind & not usually needed for too long. Also layers of waterproof pads (waterproof pad on matress, sheet, waterproof matress, pee pads) is great to help with matress.
If I can think of anything else I will come back to post :heart:

Its going to be tough momma, patience & laundry every day along with an unnecessary alarm or 2 for you guys is quite tiring but know that its more normal than we think

You could try setting yourself an alarm to gently wake him to have a pee about half way through his sleeping, or just before whenever is seems this happens most often. My daughter was very receptive to this. Whenever mine would play extra hard or miss a midday nap, she would sleep extra hard at night and often not wake up when the urge to pee happened. So a nap may help, if he’s willing.

Personally didn’t stop fluids before bed but didnt allow any soda or any drinks with caffeine and I didn’t wake my child from sleep…all counter productive imo .
Toilet trip before bed and again when they’re ready to sleep…mine read in bed…pull ups to save the bed and child’s embarrassment . Obviously Drs to ensure it’s not medical . It’s more common than you think and the majority are perfectly healthy and outgrow the problem
When we limit fluids we can cause anxiety, they cant settle if thirsty, it can cause irritation in the bladder and can train the bladder to expect smaller amount therefore making the problem worse. Obviously they don’t drink a pint of water before bed but a small glass won’t make a real difference

I have a friend who as an adult still occasionally wet the bed. There could be lots of reasons. Best thing is to speak to his pediatrician.

Start with taking him to a doctor to rule out infections and diabetes, or other medical issues. I also suggest night time diapers, or even catheters they make ones that slip on like a condom. Wake him up right before you go to bed to go to the bathroom, and if you get up in the night wake him up again to go to the bathroom. Another thought is a urinal that he can use when he wakes up a little too late.

Have him checked for diabetes. My son did the same thing and he is a severe type 1 diabetic. He was diagnosed at 5 and is now 15. As soon as we got his sugar under control he stopped wetting the bed

Dr. then pull ups or Adult size if he is to big for. Kid ones

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When my daughter was young she would do it every time she drank Kool Ade. Stopped that and the wetting stopped. She could drink anything else but this was the trigger.

My son had this issue until he was 12. All the testing and he just slept too soundly.

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Get him to the dr asap! My brother had this same issue. My mom.took him in and his bladder had not grown with the rest of his body. So he was 10 with the bladder the size of a baby. And its very common, especially among boys.

Definitely try a chiropractor. My brother suffered until he was 14. 5 trips to the chiro and he never did it again.
Turned out something was out of place abd pushing on a nerve

He needs to be fully evaluated to find the actual cause
This includes (but not only) a Neurosurgeon qualified (educated!) for tethered cord…

No drinks an hour before bed toilet when going to bed and wake him in the night to go aswel:-)

Talk to your doctor. I had to get my daughter medicine to control the bed wetting. And it worked.

Take him to a Pediatric Urologist.

You should speak with his doctor somethings could be UTI or maybe diabetes

Get him checked
By docror

My eldest used to need disolvable tablets from docs which to help control
his bladder

Try contacting Alicia Eaton . She specialises in this and has helped many children with similar problems

U need a new mattress too. Eww