My 11 month doesn't respond to his name: Should I be concerned?

Mint 11 month old doesn’t either but can hear a snack bag being opened.

All my kids responded to their names by 6 months. But every child is different

Mine don’t respond to their names and they are 11,9,9,9,7 get used to it!

Can be fluid in his ear. Ear tubes or autism. Talk to your doctor

Is he making babbling sounds and other “11 month” marks? Is he non-verbal?

I’d say he may have fluid in his ears. Its quite common.

My son did that and he has been diagnosed with autism

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Is ahe given everything before she gets the time to ask? Not talking at 2 isn’t that unusual, and other will talk your ears off at 2.

Don’t let the docs put you off you have a right to know what’s wrong with your child

If it eases your mind then look into it.

Yes, I would be worried. Does he babble?

Mines 13 years and still doesn’t respond

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Agree with the above. Also could be nothing every kid develops differently


For sure talk to his doctors they will test him to see if he has hearing problems or not good luck hope ur baby gets the help he need now that he still little

Dont wait for the 1 year checkup get his hearing checked now

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Have them tested for autism. My grandson was that way too. My son finally had him tested and found that he had mild type of autism. Since he has gone to special classes he went grom being nonverbal to talking all the time. He is very smart and is now 6.years old. Doing great.

My daughter was the same. We got tunes put in her ears and she was a totally different kid. Have the doc do a tympanogram. If it flat lines then sounds are not making it to/through the ear drum properly

I would ask your doctor. All children are going to learn things at different speeds. I will say that my daughter has turned to her name since she was 6 months old. She is 1 year old tomorrow and doesn’t talk very much. And sometimes it worries be that she can only say 5 words. Mommas usually know best!

I will suggest you visit a pediatric doctor as soon as you can

Yep you might want to see an ears nose and throat Dr . That’s what happen to my son

Talk to a doctor. Going to Facebook isnt gonna give you the answers you need.


My sons are 5 and 4 and respond to their names sometimes. I have to call them their girl names I’ve given them in order for them to listen. I think it’s just a natural thing from a kid

for what it’s worth darling I talked to my mother years ago. She said I was pretty much a loner. When anybody talk to me. To quote what she said. When somebody talk to you you would just give them a go to hell look. Aren’t you say that pretty much march to my own beat so what I’m saying he may have a very independent child

Non verbal autism I would assume…

I wouldn’t wait until his check up I’d say something now

Share with dr. You rather be wrong than miss something important.

No worries that ignore you ask if they want some ice cream or snack

Mention it at pediatrician for sure

Get it checked, never let anything go, better to be on top of it

Id ring your health visitor they will assess n refer to check anything over for u :heart:

No see if he responds to sounds

I’d say hearing. May need tubes

Every child develops at their own pace. Voice your concern with your pediatrician. It may be nothing but mama’s instincts are usually spot on. If it turns out to be something, just make sure you have a healthy support system and positive individuals.

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As a special needs (autism, childhood speech apraxia, and intellectual disability) mom, my advice is-
Don’t ever allow yourself to worry and not know what’s going on. Go in and get the answers you need! Regardless what’s going on, moms are amazing when they know what battle they have to fight…But you can’t fight anything until you know what it is.

Get an appt with a ENT(hearing evaluation), Neurologist(rule out anything physical in the brain, seizure activity, etc), and also get in contact with your local early intervention for developmental testing.


My child was the same way… she is now 7, a skilled reader(so much so her teacher wonders how much I read to her, which was a lot as a toddler) and places second highest on her math scores in her class. Do not freak out just yet.

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My now 9 year old was tested for autism because he also didn’t speak much when he was almost 3. Turns out he just didn’t care to speak or respond to things if he didn’t want to. But of course say something to your pediatrician. Better to get things figured out early.


He might have an inner ear problem.

have his hearing checked.

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Have her hearing tested.

All babies develope differently.

Yep… turns out my baby autistic

Talk to your pediatrician

have your baby checked out

Good luck praying for a good outcome

My 15mo old doesn’t respond to his name but I know he hears me… he just doesn’t give a shit :joy: he has what his dad has - selective hearing.

Contact early intervention

I would definately get him checked out.