My 11 month doesn't respond to his name: Should I be concerned?

My baby is 11 months old and still doesn’t respond to his name or point at things. I’m going to bring it up to his pediatrician at his one-year check-up, but I’m just curious if any other moms have babies who were the same. I test his hearing by snapping my fingers by his ears, and he turns and looks. Thanks, and please be kind.


I would ask the doctor hun, my friends little girl is 11 months and only just learnt to crawl but seems fine with everything else at the moment

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Has he ever responded to it like when he was a little younger? He may just be ignoring you lol. My son use to ignore me when I called him.

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My 14 month old doesn’t respond to her name either. Sometimes I think she just ignores me. I put her in the mirror and ask her, who’s that, I tell her that’s you, followed by her name. I think I’m time she will realize her name and that I’m calling her to get her attention. She occasionally punts but not always. All kids learn different things and at different times. There’s all the common milestones doctors look for but if they are doing majority of those they are usually fine. Just keep teaching him, he will learn. They are constantly learning and picking up new things.

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Definitely have another hearing test with an audiologist. Maybe have a nuero look at him too in case of any issues in the brain.

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I would be alarmed and I would not wait to see what the problem is. He may be just lazy but I would check developmental issues. God love you and him

Does baby respond to you in otherways??? Do you make sounds and baby giggles? Does baby make eye contact? I would definitely bring it up to the dr.

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My son did that I called the doctor ASAP

I am a mother and a therapist. Get your child tested for Autism. Both of my children were the same … both are on the Autism Spectrum. It is obvious that your child can hear. If you want to know more or what to look for or talk to the doctor about to get your child tested just DM me. :purple_heart:

Hearing test needs to be provided by a pediatrician first and then he can send you to a specialist where the test is extremely different. Make sure that he is developing in other areas too because is always better having a diagnosis so we can give to our kids the best tools

Definitely worth letting the doctor know. Kids develop differently to an extent so he could be fine but if your instinct tells you something is wrong- check it out

Every child is different n will develop different… but absolutely ask your pediatrician better safe than sorry

Probably just distracted, but definitely bring it up with his doctor, they can test hearing. A snap near the ear is easier to hear than noises from a distance…my daughter could hear louder noises…but could barely hear…we didn’t realize till she was three…she had actually learned to lip read…she ended up getting tubes in her ears…and after one set and some speech therapy the issues were gone.

My son is 18 months and he did this too for quite some time. We got his hearing tested and everything was fine, he just apparently didn’t want to acknowledge us :joy:


He should definitely be responding to his name at 11 months.


I wouldn’t be concerned yet mine was the same way then hit 2 wouldnt stop talking

My son was the same way. Also would not interact with me with toys. Whenever we played he would focus on the toy and not notice me at all. At 2 years old he was diagnosed with autism. It never hurts to talk to your doctor with concerns, as many things are better to catch early.


Go get his ears checked


From what I have learned if not responding by 12 mo you could very well be dealing with autism issues.


Get him into a program. It helps alot.


Mine is 17 months and his hearing his fine he just ignored me for a long while. I didn’t get his ears checked as he would respond when I rustled food. He responds now but only recently started xx

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I wouldn’t jump on the bandwagon that the child has autism straight away…he may just take his time to learn things. Every child at this age learns at their own pace…i spoke to my GP and he said too many people jump straight to an autistic conclusion at this age but they all grow and develop at different ages. Give him to 18 months is what I was advised. Xx


No advice as I’m not a dr, but definitely try not to get too caught up in milestones. All kids do things on their own time. It’s hard not to worry, but your doctor will tell you if he is on track or not :purple_heart:


I’ve had 3 babies. They have all done things at different ages. Use your mommy instincts. If something is wrong, you will know.

My son is 5 and still doesnt talk very good. His hearing is fine and they said some kids just take longer to develop different things. So he’s in speech therapy and makes progress every day. Every kid does stuff at different times. Bring it up to your dr but I bet everything is just fine

He’s most likely just fine and does not have autism. Children all develop at different ages. I worked in a toddler room (12-18 months) for a couple years and most of the children did not respond to their names. They were all perfectly healthy with no issues with their hearing and no autism. You’re right to bring it up to your pediatrician and they may do a hearing test, but they will most likely tell you that your child is fine and will respond on his own time.

No girl cmon you know kids dont listen :joy::joy::joy:


My daughter will be 4 in October. She was born at 24 weeks. She did the same and still does. She was tested for ASD but passed. She still doesn’t listen to us or her teacher’s at school. It doesn’t hurt to ask your pediatrician to get his hearing tested. She also has a sensory. If you are worried get with your pediatrician and push for any testing😊

My oldest passed his newborn hearing screening just fine. Passed his one year hearing screening just fine. By the time he was 3 we learned he was 80% deaf in one ear.
Ask for the testing.

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My 9 year old doesn’t listen to her name either. Lol.

Definitely bring it up as a concern at your next appointment but don’t panic either.

Get him into a program… wont hurt, will make you a more knowlegable parent, give you more skills and support, might make some friends… early intervention always FAR OUTWEIGHS a ’ let us wait and see approach’ .

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While he may be hearing the snap he might not hear voices or recognize them. I would definitely talk to your Dr I found out my 2nd son had what they called auditory processing disorder. He could not process sound the way normally done. I got help early and today he’s a fine man doing great. If I’d have waited the harm would have been done


My 2 year old doesn’t really respond to her name too much. She only knows 2 words and doesn’t really talk much besides babble and screams. Her pediatrician just diagnosed her with autism.


As a new parent U must be really tensed by all these comments but an early intervention can change things for good. U should talk to the pediatrician. And remember a mother is the strongest support a child has. So be strong. Hope all turns out normal. God bless.


I think you should tell your doctor your concerns and go from there. Don’t worry too much because there could be all kinds of reasons. 12 months is about the time they begin to understand self. He could just not be there yet. My daughter 13 months before she pointed at a picture of herself and pointed at herself. Nothing audible came out that made sense. But she was getting it. He’s still very young so it could be nothing.


Both of my boys were the same way but also didn’t speak at the time and both were diagnosed with autism at 18 months. I am NOT saying this is the case with your baby but they were the first signs in my boys. It could very well be nothing so I wouldn’t panic until having a conversation at the appointment


I would have concerns. Think I would make a appointment to see the doctor. Both my girls were answering to their name and saying words but we also need to remember all children are different. I remember my sis asking who was in my house when on phone to her n said just my youngest. She was shocked could here her talking n her son 8 month older only grunted. Dont measure yr child by others but still would check.

My almost 3 yr old is just starting to say words. I have fought for him to recieve help for about a year a half. It was rough at first getting anyone including his doctor and caseworker to listen. At the time we were his foster parents. We official have adopted him now. He is considered a late talker.

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You may be referred to an ENT for further check of the ears but I’d say maybe fluid. He is still pretty young and don’t go by all the milestones on the internet. Every baby is special in their own way and will do things in their own time.


My daughter wouldn’t respond to her name until she was almost 2 1/2 she would (starting around 18 months) correct us and say I baby she wouldn’t say her name either again I baby then one day around 2 1/2 her sister was trying to get her to say her name and my stubborn little girl said her full name clear as day then said I baby :woman_shrugging: my daughter truly would only respond to what everyone called her so I’m curious is there a nick name that you tend to use that your child responds to? Maybe it’s possible that your child thinks that the nickname is their name or you child could be so focus on everything going on around him that you get tubes out my 22 month old does this all the time but ask him if he wants juice or a snack he’s on it and goes running :woman_shrugging:

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I’m still thinking his hearing. I’m speaking from experience. My husband is very hard of hearing. My one daughter and one grandson has issues. You said he reacted as my daughter did. I think god made up for it. You can’t sneak up on my husband daughter or grandson. They know you are there. I also have a granddaughter and another daughter with normal hearing.

It could be a wide range of things. Don’t let anything people tell you make you scared. Is this the only thing that doesn’t seem normal milestone wise? Just talk about your concerns with his pediatrician and if what they tell you conflicts with your mom instincts get a second and third opinion if needed. You will find what your child needs and get past this. Deep breaths mama. You got this.

ENT visit is in order. He may hear sound but speaking sound could sound like under water or ears stuffed to him. If he’s had many ear infections fluid can block the sounds of letters , words etc. Does he " babble" ma,ma da,da, etc

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My son had hearing issues. Did same thing your does. Took him to his pediatrician when we lived in texas and they said his ears were fine. Moved to pa and go to his visit . I told them my worries and referred us to childrens hospital.he ended up having fluids in both his ears. Had tubes put in and started early intervention for speech since he wasnt talking much either. By the time he was four he caught up and has been great ever since.


My nephew is gonna be 2 yo and is just starting to respond to his name and talk and even clap. He’s been walking since 9 months. He’s definatly not dead but refused to respond to his name. Would not talk. Only baby talk. And hes just now starting to say yahhhhhhhh and clap. His mom was tinking maybe some form of autism and has brought it up alot to his dr. But nothing’s been done so. Just one mom (& aunt) to another, your not alone!

Definitely talk to your physician. My mother in law loves to tell me a story about my husband. She said he didn’t talk from 0-2. Not a word. Just pointed and grunted for what he wanted. (mind you this was in the late 70’s) Then around his 2nd birthday she decided to take him to the pediatrician because she was concerned. The doctor did a full physical and checked everything out. As he was about to discuss the results, my 2 year old husband sees a bucket of lollipops on the doctors desk and blurts out “I want a lollipop!” He actually said a full sentence! Of course my mother in law said she sat there in total shock and was completely embarrassed. Turned out he only spoke when he felt it necessary. Anyway don’t panic. Go to the doctor and know that either way, whatever the outcome, you will raise a beautiful child. :heart:

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My husband and I were concerned that a grandchild had a problem. When you said ba ba ba ba, or ma ma ma he would look at us and make totally unrelated sounds. His parents persisted. Eventually he had ear surgery and in days he was repeating sounds.
Be an advocate for your child till someone listens to your concerns.


Honestly, my son talked at 9 months and was making full sentences by 15m (not always perfect because he’s so small… but he was way ahead of his age group)… my daughter didn’t say anything but dad for 3 years and would only babble… now she talks all day and nothing was wrong with her she just learned at a slower pace.

At the same time, it would be good to get him checked because his hearing could be bad (fluid on the ears ect) or it could just be a developmental delay.

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I am sorry do many people are throwing so many different scary scenarios at you. All this is hoing to do is make you worry more. There could be so many different reasons. Please just get in sooner that later with your pediatrician, have testing done and go from there. Take one day, one step at a time. You’ve got this Mama. Praying you will get the answers you need. God bless​:pray::heart:

There’s a HUGE window of what’s considered “normal,” and most problems will have additional symptoms. I woukd discuss with a pediatrician (make sure you get mote than one opinion). They will likely check for hearing problems, check for other symptoms, or even just suggest more frequent follow up or monitoring.


Ask for a referral to a developmental pediatrician to rule out other issues. Hugs and best of luck! You’re doing the right thing following your mommy intuition

My sons 1 1/2 now and looks at whomever calls his name and has been doing this for a few month’s now but I can’t for sure say he was responding at 11 month’s. My son was born premature as well. I truly believe children learn at their own pace so hopefully you don’t worry too much.

My son was the same way and was diagnosed with autism at 18 months. My son was also not talking either which was an area of concern. Not saying this is the case for your son. But I would bring it up and see what the doctor says.

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11 months is still a baby!! Bring it up with your pediatrician but know that all babies move at their own pace. Try not to compare u less you truly feel something is off :heart:

Could be a lot of things. Autism, epilepsy, hearing loss. Does the child not respond to other speech or just their name? That was a behavior my son had and they thought autism but ended up being epilepsy.

So my son now gonna be 10. He would talk or anything. However he did react to certain noises and even growled. Now he started the growling at like 2. We had to have an abr done. He is tone deff to certain noises. So he wouldnt respond right asking him question. He never pointed to anything that he wanted.

My son was 15 months when I found out he was at 60 for his hearing and 100 is deaf. Tubes did him justice immediately he was a new child

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I had the same issue. The pediatrician will most likely refer him for a hearing test and a speech therapy evaluation.

If you have concerns, you can talk to the pediatrician, but you can also contact an Early Intervention program in your area. They would be able to evaluate him… better safe than sorry!!

My son is 8 months and he responds to his nickname DJ but not his actual name. But I’m positive that its because we constantly call him DJ as opposed to Dax Jr. Hes been responding to DJ since about 5 or 6 months. Do you give him any kind of nickname that you call him often. Even if it’s silly, he may answer to that because he is most used to hearing it when your directing yourself at him. I would still ask the pediatrician but that may be the issue? My son also responds to bubby. I figure he’ll learn his actual name later.

Best to you and your son…hope you get all of your questions answered soon. Every child is unique and so are outcomes. Keep the faith :blush:

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Talk to your Doctor and interact with your baby frequently. Hearing, autism, slow talker all can be helped with frequent creative loving interaction.

My son did this around the same age. I took him to get his hearing checked with an audiologist. Said it was selective. His hearing is fine. :woozy_face:

Never personally experienced but super happy you’re going to speak to his pediatrician about it before too late :heart: rock on momma! It’s better to be concerned than ignore anything you may feel is off.

Speak to your pediatrician about this. He may need his hearing checked. Also to prepare for the visit you can Google Ages and Stages for 12 months and do the developmental screening which looks at 5 domains of development. This screening will give your doctor a good feeling for his development and if he needs official developmental testing. And at anytime you have developmental concerns you can call the Early Intervention provider for your area for testing.

I have worked with babies and young children for many years. After consulting with your pediatrician,I would recommend contacting early intervention. In Michigan it is part of school districts and services babies up to age 3. Your pediatrician should be able to guide you. They can work with you and your son to teach you how to encourage language development. Try not to jump to any conclusions.

I’d definitely be concerned. By that age a child should definitely recognize their own name.

My now 5 1/2 year old didnt point until he was over 2. He didn’t talk at all at 2 either. We did speech therapy starting at 2yrs 1month and he had the speech of a 12 month old. At his 6 month evaluation he was 2yrs 7 months and was now speaking at a 4 yr old level. That being said, all kids are different so see what the pediatrician says and insist on seeing a specialist to evaluate if you are concerned.

My 5 year old never responded to his name until he was almost 4. He was diagnosed with Autism.

Lol no. My nine year old doesn’t respond to her name half the time. That is kids. Oh but they will respond real fast when you say the word dessert. Or if your across the room talking about a subject they like or dislike. Believe me kids have selective hearing.

Yes my son was exactly the same. He is 3.5 now n has autism he started showing signs around 12mths old with arm flapping when excited, not waving or pointing etc. Mine will respond to his name now n just recently started pointing but he is 1 determined lil man most kids with autism need therapies to do what my son had taught himself.

I wouldn’t be concerned. However, if my child doesn’t respond to the word “snack” then you may have a problem

My 2 year old didn’t realize what his name was until recently. He started saying words young but just the other day pointed at himself and said “Blake?”

My 6 year old didn’t respond to his name, or point at anything until he was over a year. He was diagnosed with autism at age 3.

Check with your pediatrician get his ears checked. A lot of time is it’s both of those are due to a hearing problem

My son is 3. He got diagnosed with autism right before his 2nd birthday. He never responded to his name or would point. He would just push or pull me to what he wanted when he started getting mobile.

my daughter is same age. she doesnt talk other than dada. but she responds to her name. idk. dr says all babies are diff and not to worry about speech yet

Talk to your pediatrician & get a pad & write out your observations & questions. Always go with your gut feeling. Raised 3 kids and caught a few problems all addressed & they are healthy happy adults.

My daughter knew something was up with her 3rd. He wasnt reaching the milestones his siblings did at that age so she was concerned. They did diagnose him as having autism when he was 1 1/2 but she was able to get early intervention in her home . Someone would come out two or three times a week and work with him. He was learning sign language and a picture board . He is now 8 and in regular classes and was reading by the time he was 5…and talks a mile a minute!

Trust your gut. What you can do is take your child to a park and name things. Ask if wants to play on slide, swing, or a a bouncy ride? Don’t respond to pointing, let your child know what he/she can play on. Sometimes a child does not have anything to say.

He’s quite young yet so keep an eye on his milestones. But by 2 yrs, if he’s still not responsive, have him screened for autism.

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Have the doctor do their thing and then check with the school district to see if there is an early learning program in your area. That is their specialty.

Tubes in their ears make a difference if they have fluid in their ears when they have ear infections. Doesn’t necessarily have pain!!

My baby sister didn’t react to her name cause she had way too many nicknames so she didn’t know what was her name, I don’t know if your family calls her by nicknames but that might be why

Danielle work with her every day repeat words to her all the time my daughter had autism we sign and I worked with her she’s talking now get her into speech and pray she’ll come around

Stop with the Autism talk!!! It could be fluid buildup in the ears or the ears haven’t developed yet. Stop scaring her like this.

In my opinion I don’t think anything is wrong with he is just 11 months old give it some time

A baby should recognize their name by 1 year old. Sometimes as early as 6 months. You should talk to the pediatrician about it.

My 5 year old didn’t say much until he was about 3, and still will ignore the hell out of his name being called. Talk to the doc about it, but try not to worry too much.

My son was hearing impairedand did not respond to his name unless we were super loud.
Did he pass his newborn hearing test?

I don’t have any advice but I find it sad you have to add be kind to your post.:sleepy: I hope you find answers and that your son is ok.

Does he respond to you if you ask questions? Like repeat a word you say or name off something he sees in a book? Dose he put any words together does he talk or babble to himself? Say things like drink? Bottle or mama? What. Is his speech level you cna tell a lot by that. Does he dance to music or clap when be heard it? Has he been around children his age?

My son did not say a single word until he was 3. Now he is a total chatterbox.

Mu nephew was exactly like that, my brother got him checked to see if he was dead and it came back negative and later on we found out he was autistic.

My 3 n half year old doesn’t respond to his name either but I believe it’s due to his Autism

Try putting him in another room and calling his name and see if he comes. Keep calling if he doesnt come in a certain amount of time he might be hard of hearing

Don’t wait for the one year exam, have his hearing and sight checked now.

My nephew is going tu be two and doesn’t respond to his name but say “hey Google” and his neck snaps right around

You should still get a hearing test done. Could be many things. Mine has global delay and was closer to 2 before doing one year old things.

When u go for hos check up they should give u a developmental chart with questions u answer them and they go over them and will ask question . You’re not alone.