My 11-month-old hates table food: Advice?

I am having the hardest time getting my 11 month old to even try table foods. Please help! He has eaten the gerber Cheeto things and like cereal but won’t eat anything else.


Stop buying junk if it is anything else they will eat dinner it’s gonna take a while but hunger is very powerful friend of yours


Just keep introducing different foods. My kiddo didn’t like certain textures of food around that age so she wouldn’t eat it. Just keep trying he’ll get the hang of it

I use to use a blender alot of the time to get them to think they were eating what they wanted I also mixed in fruit with their meal might work might not

Try these spoons to help engage him in the process! Maybe some curiosity over the utensil will create enough distraction to introduce some new foods?

I used the blender a lot. Mixed fruits and veggies together. Worked most of the time. Good Luck to You.

So called EXPERTS, claim you should introduce a new food 10 times before determining they don’t like it.


Just keep putting down a little of whatever you are eating. My kids eat almost anything by doing this. Give them variety when you can and let them feed themselves even though it can be a disaster

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Take care of it now…my grandson when he was younger (hes5 now) his mom would feed him nuggets all the time :angry: NOW he wont hardly touch anything else… Your child will get use to it.


Don’t give up or give in. Serve him what you are eating. If he doesn’t eat it that’s okay just give him a healthy snack later. You don’t wanna overreact or make him eat because that could lead into an unhealthy association for food. :heart:

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You NEVER start with junk food. :woman_facepalming:
Get rid of all the snacks. Eat dinner with baby in his seat and if he wants to eat he can have what you’re having or he can sit there and scream until it’s time for his next bottle. Feed him solids when he’s really hungry too. Not just after or along side a bottle.


Make sure he is hungry the next time you feed him, like right after a nap have some play time and then make yourself a snack and see of he is interested


My daughter would not touch solid food until she was 14 months. She is my most adventurous eater. Give your baby time and don’t force it.


Stop giving the Cheetos things at all.

Just cut any foods you eat into sticks and leave on the babies tray.

Just throw a chicken drumsticks and some overcooked maceroni and cheese on his tray.
See how you go…don’t even suggest he eats it just put it there and eat at the table with him

Try foods that can be picked up, like noodles, slice of Banana, even sliced quarter of an orange. Anything to teach how to use their hand to pick up. Introduce utensils later. Put on the tray. Baby food is bland compared to ours. Mashed potatoes are good but use a baby feed. Squash / yams too mashed with something to sweeten it. My son was older than 10 months though.

The Gerber fruit puffs are not junk food. They have no sugar. So I’m not sure why everyone is jumping on this lady. She came for advice not to be jumped on. And now to the poster, my kid is the same way. Her Dr said if she will eat it let her have it, as kids gets older most will eat new things, just make sure you give them different foods.


Anything I ate my kidd wanted to try especially if I made a production of how good it tasted lol… all kids are different just gotta figure out what will help your little one engage

Oh dear, no more fake food. Please

Would mash/ blend whatever we were having and feed children, then they sat in high chair at the table gave them small amounts of finger foods like cooked carrot ,broccoli, noodles fruits etc Bread and butter.
But only in small amounts.On a plate or bowl.
No snack food at all. No baby foods at all.
They would remain in chair until we finished our meal. This began when they could sit up alone.
They always sat in the chair to eat. No wondering around with food ever.
As they got older introduced utensils.

Try feed your baby new things earlier in the day when he is a lot happier, and don’t make him feel like he’s forced to eat it, if he feels pressured to eat food he most likely won’t eat it or even try it. Just keep giving him the foods you want him to eat, and in very small portions so he doesn’t feel overwhelmed with the new foods introduced. And he’s only 11 months you shouldn’t be expecting him to consume so much in one sitting. You’re the parent you get to chose the foods he eats, and your baby gets to chose whether or not he will eat what you serve.

He might not be super interested in food yet. But definitely cut the baby junk food and give real food.

Just keep doing different things. Mash potatoes, fries, different soft fruits and veggies…yogurts…apple sauces…just keep going. Dont stick to the 2 or 3 things only, his taste palette will never grow and u may end up with a very picky eater. Just keep putting things down for him on his plate and let him take his time with it.

Just give him a little of what you’re eating and he’ll eat it eventually

Is he breastfed? My daughter was and she preferred boob over food… Lol…her interest in food went way up once I weaned her at 18 months.

Either way, offer him a variety of foods at each meal. I just gave her smaller pieces of whatever I was having and we did find some favorites that way even before I weaned her.

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Try mashed potatoes, soft foods like that. And if he’s having a hard time cut off the snacks and make him eat actual meals with you when you eat. And if he still doesn’t take, try doing an airplane or something fun to have him open his mouth. Little bits at a time. He’ll be alright.

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I have been there. If I am eating something then I put it on tray eventually the baby figured out that no snacks will be given until he eats the food.

11 months is still pretty early, give it time, and start off with mild tasting foods and textures and not all at one time. Like a little scrambled eggs, boiled pasta very soft with butter. Keep in mind 11 months is still baby stages, so baby steps for sure

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Try putting chicken bites in mashed potatoes I don’t know a baby that don’t like mashed potatoes and if he even refuses that don’t worry he will learn to like it in his own time…

Cut up the food so he/she can pick up with fingers but put silverware in front of your child and also eat at the sametime as your child, and during snack time always sit with your child

My son is 10 months old and loves pbj mixed and mashed potatoes gravy’s Roman noodles Cheetos animal crackers

Give him what he will eat and just try to introduce something small at every meal.

I had to food process meats for my daughter

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Then give him baby food l. it’s no big deal

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