My 11-month-old only has front teeth: Advice?

My little one is almost 11 months old, and right now, I only feed him puréed foods and formula. He has 6 of his front teeth but none in the back. My boyfriend and I are so nervous about feeding him in fear he’ll choke. We feel as though we should be getting him used to more solid foods, but we don’t know what is safe or what is recommended and if he needs back teeth first or not. My doctor wasn’t much help when I asked about it, he just said wait until he gets teeth, but he didn’t emphasize — looking for some mamas to help us out and point us in the right direction with his feedings.


My daughter didnt even have a nub until 12 months then got 4 in a month…fast forward. Shes 16 months and just popped 2 more through. Her twin brother has a full set. Every kid is different. :woman_shrugging:
Feed that baby. Cut stuff up real small or blend it. I’m telling ya, Mine eats everything

My baby is 9 months with no teeth. She eats everything in sight lol


Look into Baby Led Weaning. Babes dont need teeth to eat. Their gums and tongue and saliva break down food perfectly!

My little girl is 15 months and has only started getting back teeth and molars. Different babies hit milestones at sep stages

My middle son didn’t have any until he was 14 months. Then they all came in :woman_facepalming:t3: Dude could gum like it was his job!

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My daughter is 10 months with 3 front teeth, she eats everything we do. We just make sure it’s small pieces.

There’s a fb group called baby led weaning for beginners and beyond that’s really helpful! It shows you how foods can be served.

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They use their gums if they don’t have teeth Hun x he will be fine! I was lucky, my LG never had problems with food and had nearly all her teeth just after 1. Last back molars are just coming now at nearly two but that’s it

Cheerios, puffs, yogurt bites, tiny pieces of toast or any other food that will get soggy when wet are perfectly safe at this stage!

My son is going to be 1 tomorrow and he only has 4 front top teeth and 2 bottom teeth and he eats just fine. They will grow lol every baby is different. My son loves plain Cheerios and he has never choked on anything.

My daughter is 10mo and she eats almost anything we do and has 0 teeth. Rule of thumb is, if you can mash it between your forefinger and thumb then babies without teeth can eat it.

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My 11 month old eats EVERYTHING

Our grandson has 1 tooth at 1 year old. He eats literally anything. Just give him small pieces

Give him soft foods he can easily mash with his gums. Stuff like mac n cheese, eggs, potatoes, any veggie that isnt too fibrous, cereal, bananas cut into tiny chunks, small pinches of bread etc. Cut them into baby sized pieces. My 9 month old only has 1 tooth and can eat all of the above without a problem. Start slow and work your way up to more.

My 11 month old has 8 teeth none are molars or “back teeth”, and he eats EVERYTHING

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You can give him solids like hotdogs and banana, eggs and potatoes, soft stuff like that just make sure to cut the pieces small enough to gum/ chew.

They say the longer it takes for their teeth to come in the better it means they will be healthy & strong

My kids were like that. Just mushy stuff mashed everything and some baby snacks like puffs that kind of dissolve in your mouth.

If you give things that need chewing it will help the other teeth come through…start with soft whole foods and go from there :grinning: as a parent our biggest fears surround our children but we can’t let our fears hold hem back from life…get advice from professionals if you need to and go for it xxx :grinning:

Your baby will be fine with solids. My son only has his 2 bottom teeth and gets solids. I make them small but he loves to eat

My son was the same way and then a bunch of teeth came in at once. He was a hot mess.

Small pieces of chicken. My sons 5 months and he gets chicken and the occasional bacon bits lol he’s only got two bottom teeth :woman_shrugging:t2: chicken was also what I started my first on as far as meats go since it breaks up nicely when they gum it. Also steamed veggies since they’re nice and soft.

If you’re super worried you could try these fresh food feeder things, that way there won’t any worry of choking

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We completely skipped purées and did Baby Led Weaning with my son. It was the best decision for us I would definitely look in to it and start watching videos of Gagging VS choking

My son is 5 and has 4 molars, that’s it for teeth. He does fine with eating anything we give him has since he was old enough to eat food. Just make sure it’s small enough and hell be ok

Your baby does not need teeth to eat solids. My son is 8 months old now and from 6 months we were doing baby led weaning. Kid has eaten SO many foods and shares meals with us. Has not choked once. He hates the texture of mashed potatoes and oatmeal :joy: this is his favorite meal, spaghetti!


My son is 16 months has 4 teeth and he’s been on solids since 9 months. Start with mashed potatoes, chicken cut really small, crackers. My dude loves pizza.

My 1 year old only has 2 bottom and 1 top. 3 total teeth and I promise you he manages to eat anything lol their gummy jaws are a lot stronger than we think

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I was super scared to start feeding my daughter solids cause she only has she front teeth as well. But she is almost 11 months and eats just about everything we eat. She uses her gums to kind of chew, she has choked a few times but she got the hang of it. Of course it’s all softer solids that we give her, but she does great! She even refuses the puréed food and wants solids. Just start slow and watch your little one to make sure he doesn’t choke.

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Gums are stronger than you think.

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Baby led weaning. Look it to it. He ate whatever I ate. Juat needs to be cut different. Having teeth or not
didn’t matter.

He doesnt have to have a full set of teeth to eat.cut the food up small and pay attention that hes not going too fast. But please allow him to feed himself, these are fine motor skills he needs to be using

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Start with super soft solids…like bananas…also, if you are that worried about little one choking you can always take a course to learn baby heimlich

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It is super scary with your first babies! But they are really good at gumming their food. Small pieces and foods that will soften with their saliva are great. (Cheerios are good for fine motor skills and they dissolve pretty quick!)

My 16 month old only has 1-2 back teeth and eats absolutely everything I eat.

My almost 11 month old has no teeth yet and eats just about anything in small bites as long as its not really tough.

One of mine was a year old before he got any teeth he ate table food I cut meats up in little bites he was fine.

My daughter is 18 mo and just recently started getting back teeth. She eats what she knows she can before then

My sons first real food was a piece of deer steak at 9 months old. He didnt have any teeth yet but he ate it perfectly. I started at 6 months with purees with him but when i discovered baby led weaning i switched to that and will be starting it at 6 months with my next one.

my one year old started eating solid solids around 7 months, he only had 2 teeth. They figure it out

He should be able to eat solids. I started with the Gerber yogurt bites because they’re solid, but dissolve so it’s kind of assisted solids.

Just make sure you give him things he can mash with his gums easily, very soft fruits and cooked veggies cut into very small pieces. They start eating table food long before they have enough teeth

My daughter didn’t get any teeth at all until she was almost one. And now at 16 months she still only had the top two front ones, and bottom four front ones. She does just fine with any solid food we give her, even slightly crunchier ones.

My almost 8 month old has just two teeth and eats pretty much everything we eat. I got the book Baby Lead Weaning and it has some good pointers. I just make sure is small and soft enough for her to gum.

My baby has been eating finger food since around 7 months old. We started slow but she had no teeth when she started eating. The teeth are under the gums and the gums are tough.

Babies don’t get molars until they’re much older. The front teeth always come in first and they don’t need the back teeth to eat. I wouldn’t wait much longer to introduce real solid foods or your baby may have problems adjusting to texture changes. Give avocado, banana, scrambled eggs, soft bread. Your baby will be fine :heart:

Wait what ! You kid doesn’t need teeth to eat solid. Give that baby some ginger food girl and he will be happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Start with very tiny pieces of bread… very tiny soft stuff so if he does swallow it whole he won’t choke…
My baby is 11 months also and we’ve taken small steps towards him eating solids…

You actually dont teeth for breaking up food, just start with small bite sized pieces of softer foods and work up to more solid food. My little guy is 10 months with 7 teeth and eats whatever we’re having at dinner.

My 10 month old has no teeth.
She’s currently eating chicken nuggets and fries :woman_shrugging:t2: their little jaws are powerful. She eats all kinds of things. No teeth needed.

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Home made food you can make him to eat
Mashed potatoes with carrots and piece
Mashed rice with chicken
Rice and beans
Chicken noodle soup
Swee potatoes
Grilled chicken or boiled chicken breast with light seasoning

give the kid easily mashed up solids. he can do the mashing in his mouth.

My daughter is three months old and has to eat apple sauce with her meds. It will cause constipation. I’d wait as long as possible thier tummies are very delicate

I did baby led weaning with my girl at 6 month so she was on solids from 6months xx

My grandson only has his front teeth at 11 months to but he eats the baby snacks they melt pretty good and he loves puff corn melts in there mouth

The baby puffs, Cheerios, the baby num nums. These things are gummed really well break down or melt quickly

Babies don’t need teeth to eat solids… My 6 month old son eats bananas avocados watermelon yogurt bites etc. and has no teeth as long as it’s not super hard food that they can’t gum down your good to give it to them

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Babies do not need teeth to chew. They need soft and puree food. My daughter was over a year with no teeth.

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I don”t think their back molars come in till around a year

My baby is 6 months old with 1 tooth and eats solids…

Don’t worry about it, my daughter didn’t cut her first tooth until after she was one. Just give him very soft solid food that he won’t have to chew.

Just cut it up small and let them go at it.

My son ate what we ate at 10 months with like 8 teeth none molars. He dis perfectly fine. Meats we made then itty bitty bites and veggies and fruits were soft or tiny pieces.

Look into baby led weaning. You don’t need teeth to chew

Cheetos puffcorn … they dissolve quickly but they can practice chewing. I know it’s scary giving solids but they learn to use what they’ve got to chew it up I promise. Just be there supervising just in case !

My son’s pediatrician told me to start at 6 months. She said if your 90 year old Grandma can gum it down, so can he. They’re gums are pretty hard and they can do a pretty good job guming stuff down

Just make sure not to feed him foods that require a lot of chewing, make sure everything is in smaller bites, and watch him closely. He should be able to gum most baby foods well enough to swallow them.

At that age I gave diced soft food. They don’t need teeth for that. And cut it small enough that it’s not a choking hazard.

Girl ur fine. My girl twin got her 2 front top teeth first at 4mo and her twin brother had ZERO teeth till 13 months. Every baby is different.

i see too many people reading the book about babies, stop comparing your child to a book

My daughter got her first tooth at 15 months. She was eating whatever she wanted, chicken nuggets, hamburger(cut up into bite size), fries, pizza. :rofl::rofl: fast forward shes now 9 and still eating whatever! Your baby will be fine. Just watch them and cut up their food. Dont leave the room while they eat.

Soft foods or foods that desolve. Also cutting foods up to bite sized as well. Carrot sticks are good for chewing on and healthy. They can pretty much eat anything as long as you cut it up properly.

Try anything you feel comfortable with honestly. Just cut everything up small but that baby will gum it up i promise :joy:

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I did baby led weaning with my youngest and that’s basically giving them exactly what you eat but sized smaller. We started that at 6 months old

Anything you can smash between your fingers they can eat. Just make sure it’s cut safely. Pinterest was great with how to guides

My 11month old girl .3rd baby. Has her 2 front top/bottom teeth… She eats everything . Yes everything. Not a bother on her…:blush: feed herself anal. :hugs: A great wee girl.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just remember this; GAGGING IS NOT CHOKING! took me months to calm down. Freaking out and grabbing them when they start to gag can actually cause them to choke. Thwy have sensitive gag reflexes, they may not like the food, they may not like the texture, or they could be trying to move peices away from the back of thier mouth. As long as you are calm, positive, and attentive your baby will excel!

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He can have soft foods. Mashed potatoes , oatmeal, other pasta’s , cooked diced smashed(with fork) veggies all kinds. I was using mostly food I cooked for us just diced , smashed, cut up or shredded. Always cut length wise or dice grapes, hotdogs, raw carrots and other round raw veggies or fruits

Dont give grapes if u do cut them into 4 pieces so cant choke on them xx

3 of my four had less than 4 teeth by the time they were 1… and they are everything I ate (aside from meat) by the time they were 9-10 months … feed that baby!!

Give him everything you make for yourself sit with him and feed him if he will allow it or even let him use his hands make sure it is bite size just for him my little one eats everything all l say is chew chew chew and if he tries to put more in his mouth l say no you need to chew and l watch him closely

i wouldnt do anything with chunks, u can do pudding, soup, really soft stuff that wont get stuck going down

My daughter is 11 month old and just got her first tooth this week. The Dr just told us to make sure foods are soft and/or cut very small. She does fine. :blush:

Soft food like the baby food most of them melt in ur mouth

By one… My kids ate what we ate… I stopped baby food at 6 months… If your supervising them… Sitting beside them… Cut pieces small… It’ll be fine. Cheerios are a great finger food at that age…

My son is 10 months with just the bottom two front teeth. Eats any and every food within reach. Strong jaws and appropriately sized bites is all it is

I did baby led weaning with my daughter. At 6 months her 1st meal was broccoli, boiled parsnips, erm what else was there. It was xmas day so basically a modified xmas lunch.
Nothing was pureed, shes never has pureed food. She ate amazingly well. She got her 1st teeth at 8 months

You can do soft foods. My son is 9.5 months with no teeth. So far he’s done great with homemade purées, diced pears, spaghetti, Mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, grapes, yogurt, cheese puffs, string cheese, fries, biscuits & gravy, any kind of pasta, shredded chicken, and a few others. I always make sure to quarter through grapes, cut up anything even remotely large, or give finger length strips.

My 8 month old no teeth enjoying a slice of pizza.

Another fan of baby led weaning… we started solids at 6 months when our baby showed all signs of readiness. No teeth and eating (gnawing/chewing) a cucumber with his big bro on a farm tour.


My princess at that age only had 8 teeth 4 top 4 bottom all in the front and ate everything just cut into small bites and supervise is what I did

My daughter is almost 8 months and she only has her front 4 teeth and we give her mashed potatoes, Mac n cheese. Easy to chew and swallow things :hugs: