My 11 year old still sucks their thumb: Advice?

I done this right up til I was 18 I had to train my self to stop, which was hard, have stopped for years now

I’m 23 still suck mine and my 14 year old nice still sucks hers it’s a safe thing and my aunt in her 50 still dose

If you bug him about it he’ll probably want to do it more. Id let him just stop on his own

My husband is 46 and still sucks his thumb when he sleeps. It is what it is

My 18yr old sucks his still.

My daughter is 21 and still sucks her thumb.

My sister is 45 and sucks her thumb when stressed

My daughter is 15 she still does and I did till I was 15

Covid regression. Anxiety


As a thumb sucker, I can tell you, it’s done for comfort.


My cousin was 15, she only stopped once she got her braces…hope you find something that helps

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I’m 49 and still suck mines :eyes:

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I stucked my thumb until one day I smelled :nauseated_face::nauseated_face: that was the last day I had it in my mouth :woozy_face::woozy_face:

Sadly… 29 and still suck my thumb. It’s a comforter honestly. I mostly do it at home in my own space…


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It is so awesome to see all of you stepping up and saying that you still suck your thumbs. I just think it is awesome that this child and mom will now know they aren’t alone and this isn’t some horrible abnormal thing. Just makes me all tingly inside to see so much support. I’m kinda sniffling. Lol.:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


My parents tried everything on my sister but nothing worked until she was ready

Mine is 6 and still sicks his thumb but only when tired.

My son sucked his thumb up until he got braces at 12. That is the reason he needed them.

Do you wash your hands before

My son is 11 and still sucks his thumb, doesn’t do it in public and still has his teddy he’s had from birth which he can’t sleep without. I used to stuck my fingers till I was about 13, he’ll grow out of it and to be honest has done it more since lockdown so could just be a subconscious worry thing. Xx

I sucked my thumb into my teens. It went from an all the time habit to when I needed comfort until I eventually just stopped. My mom tried all the crap you put on thumbs and all to try to make me and my brother stop…it didn’t work on me and my brother switched to sucking his finger instead…so she just ended up letting it go. Neither of us have teeth issues from it and we both grew out of it.

Sounds like anxiety could be rearing up with the onset of hormones. It’s a self soothing strategy, dont force her to stop without dealing with the underlying reason she needs to self soothe.

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I sucked my thumb till I was 15 and then it just stopped. Never needed braces didn’t affect my teeth. Its a comfort thing definitely and always made me feel calmed when I was worried. Do not make a big deal out of it though coz that will just upset your child. Let them chill with it.

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My son did it until he was 13, our dentist put a device on the roof of his mouth for a few months where he couldn’t suck his thumb and that helped him stop. It broke the habit.

I sucked my thumb till I was about 10 or 12. My mother tried everything under the sun. In the end I decided on my own that I wanted to stop so I could have pretty nails. I think when the child is ready they will stop.

There’s something called Mavala, you can order online! Double check my spelling but we suggest that in a pediatric dental office I work in

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My daughter is 23 and still has her blankie, she keeps it in her pillow case so no one knows

There’s a type of non toxic polish you can get… I know it’s a soothing thing but it messes with the growth of the mouth and teeth.

Does it matter its better than cigarettes and dummies .enjoy your thumb my girl

I sucked my thumb til I was 11 and the only reason I stopped was I got braces and they put this thing on that made it impossible to do so. I dont know what it was called but it helped cause I could no longer do it comfortably

I’m 45 and still suck my thumb.

My 38 yr old son still does, even just sitting watching tv. There is a name for it. I thought he would quit while in the Navy, but didnt. Our family went through a lot of traumatic things when he was very young, i tried everything, thought he would outgrow, but he didnt.

I used to do that when I was in deep thought. It will fade

Although it my seem like it’s not a big deal hands carry the most germs and it could possibly have long term effects like an horrible over bite. Js I would be more concerned with why she started back doing it. Did something happen? This is a very stressful time even for children. Best of luck!

My brother sucked his in his sleep only until he was a teen. So its prob fine. Il sure they will stop when they are ready.

I sucked my thumb until I had my tongue pierced on my 16th birthday. And I didn’t give up my blanket until I was 30. It’s a soothing/comfort thing and it’ll stop when she’s ready

You need to take them to an Orthodontist. Get a tongue crib placed. It will stop almost immediately.

It’s a comfort thing. I sucked mine until I was almost 13. I decided 2 months before my 13th birthday that I was going to stop and I did. I went to biting my nails. Im 28 now and just stopped biting them too.

Ask what’s bothering them. It’s an indicator, not a problem

I got a 33year old son who still does the same

I had a co worker who’s daughter was in her 20s who still sucked her them. She did it all the time, out in public.

My niece is 16 and still does so…