My 11 year old still sucks their thumb: Advice?

Do any other parents have a child over the age of 11 years old who is still sucking their thumb. The child did stop but has now started again.

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Awe sounds like they are stressed. Usually that is a comfort thing and if the child is feeling upset or in distress that may be why they started again. Try talking to them. Maybe even send them to a therapist if you think it is due to something in their life. <3

Honestly I feel if it’s gone this long it’s not going to stop. I’m 37 and still suck my fingers to sleep. I stopped for a few years when I left my ex so I wouldn’t be embarrassed if another man saw it but now that I’m in a relationship with a man I plan on marrying and comfortable with I’ve noticed I do it again. Just teach the child to do it in private and maybe only when they sleep.


I’m 27 and still suck my thumb :frowning: its a hard habit to break. I wish you luck.


I sucked my thumb til I was 17 years old.

My 12 yo still does when she is tired , I let it go it’s not harming anyone


I sucked my thumb until I was 10, then my dad died when I was 12 and I started up again for another two years. When I was younger, I did it in front of my family, but when I re-started, I only did it in private. It is a comfort thing, your child may be feeling stress in some way, maybe try to talk to them to see if they’re ok? One negative about it though, it’s an oral fixation and can lead to smoking because that is also an oral fixation.

My sister is almost 34, she still sucks her thumb. When we were kids, it drove me crazy because she had to twirl my hair also, but now I find myself twirling my hair around my fingers. :rofl:


Probably a comfort measure

Stop. Yall are scaring me. My baby is 4 and still sucks her thumb. We want her to stop ASAP.


I’m a 37 year old and my mother still sucks her thumb but she’ll say she’s just holding it in her mouth. I’m guessing it’s a comfort thing.


I’m 22 and still do it although I did stop once I got retainers after braces and it did last like 2-3 years. Stress brought it back and comfort kept it here. Don’t make them feel like they’re a shit person for doing it. Don’t make other people you think they look up to scold them. It’s really not that big of a deal.

I am 35 and I still suck my thumb when I sleep. I have 2 kids and my 2 year old does it. They will always have it with them too. My parents tried everything to get me to stop too.

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I sucked my thumb until I was 12 and had to get about $8,500 of braces and apparatus’ for me to stop sucking my thumb. It was so bad it was at the point where my lower jaw was pushed back so far I couldn’t even match my bottom teeth to the top ones

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I still suck mine. No regrets. Its a healthier habit than most. Not harming anyone. Dont stress it. They may even quit eventually.

My daughter sucked her index finger. It took 6 months to get her on a binky/pacifier. Much easier to take away at 4 then a finger

My 6 year old sucks his thumb still I wish to stop it but I hope one day he will at least slow down

I know someone who sucks her thumb when stressed about something. She is an adult and still does it when she is stressed. It just may well be that your child is stressed about something.

Ask them what is wrong. This is a coping mechanism. Do not make it a bad thing. As a 50+ person who still has this behavior, it is psychological. Seek the help.

She’ll grow out of it. I did. I was probably 13 when i stopped. I only did it when I was sleeping and half the time didnt even realize i was doing it. It is just a comfort thing. Im 34 and when i was pregnant with my youngest 4 years ago my spouse told me a few times i did it at night, not knowing. Lol. Again it was a comfort thing.


It’s a comfort thing. If it’s bothersome, talk to them, and try to help them find another way to comfort themselves. Also, keep an eye on their teeth, because that can really mess them up.


my sister did it until she was 19 but as a soothing technique. it got less as the years went on but she still does it in highly stressful situations.

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My 11 year old step son. His teeth are all messed up from it. We thought maybe something psychological with his bio mom not being around and we’ve seen Drs and therapy and we can’t get him to stop. Idk what to do.

Yes and it’s costing me a ton of money to fix her teeth. We used Mavala and at night we would put her hands in gloves and medical tape them on. Took about 3 weeks of this! Good luck !.

Edited we purchased the Mavala from her dentist office check with your dentist

Don’t punish! It’s a soothing behavior. Child could feel stressed and this is how they deal with it. Trying to force the issue is the worst thing to do.


My pedi suggested a thumb guard but you have to buy two bc they will just switch hands. She said it was the most effective. Way but at 11 they might be able to take it off.

I don’t see a problem. But maybe try suggesting to the child that they can pick out something they can use in place of sucking the thumb. Maybe a soft new blanket or stuffed toy. My brother sucked him thumb for a long time. I think he was about 11 or 12 when he stopped.

Reminds me of how hard it was to stop sucking on cigarettes.


My adult son still does while sleeping, doesn’t even realize he is doing it.

I did until about that age. For me it was a comfort/safety thing. Around that age I went to live with my grandparents. I still did it for a few months until subconsciously I felt safe enough that I didn’t need to do it. (For me safety meant I wasn’t going to be taken away, I had food, clothing, and love.) My grandmother also slept next me quite a bit those first few months, this probably helped me feel safe.

I sucked my finger til I was 14. They need it for comfort, for whatever reason. A lot of times it’s because of abuse or they’ve been through some sort of trauma? I’d just let it go. It’s not hurting anyone. And definitely check in with them…there may be something going on that’s triggering this again.

Hopefully you can hold off on braces though…

I sucked mine for a long time. The dentist has to put a refiner in my mouth that I couldn’t remove that had a ball on it. It was supposed to “roll” my thumb out. That didn’t happen but it was so uncomfortable that I didn’t do it anymore

My niece did until she was 11. Her teeth were very affected by it. My parents and orthodontist (they adopted her) told her that she wouldn’t be able to get braces unless she’s stopped. Not in a threatening way, just the truth. She stopped!

My 17 year old daughter still sucks her thumb. She says it’s comforting and help with stress. Even through out braces. I’ve quit trying to get her to stop. Because we all do something to relieve stress.

I did until I was 10. I just stopped when peer pressure/sleepovers made me uncomfortable to do it. They tried everything including a permanent retainer on the roof of my mouth that had prongs to stab me, I’d snap them but pushing my thumb around them to still suck it.
When she is ready she will stop.
My daughter is almost 7 and still does. Not as often but when tired, stressed or anxious

I’m 26 and still do it in my sleep, normally it’s when I’m really stressed or something huge has happened in the family. It’s like a comfort blanket I suppose.

I stopped in school around 3rd grade. I only did it at home in the evenings. My mom had tried everything to stop it and I appreciate her trying but it just wasn’t going away.

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Find out what change or stressors are behind the action for it to start again. A doctor saw my daughter sucking her thumb and he actually told me to stick my daughter’s thumb in some cow manure and she’d stop, no I didn’t and never went back to him. She stopped on her own. I sucked mine till I was 7

I did till I was 12. I actually had a fang thing out in my mouth by an orthodontist. My mouth would not close if my finger was in my mouth. Had it in for a few months.

I did until 11/12. It was a comfort thing, i remember how badly I wanted to stop. I played traveling soccer at and on a long car ride home I was caught sucking my thumb by my friends. The humility forced me to stop. I didn’t hear the end of it, and I didn’t fall asleep again.

As a parent I think I’d let him go! He will eventually stop! Unless his teeth are being damaged, I never had issue with my teeth. Thankfully!
He is doing it for a reason… maybe stress? It’s been a wacky year. Don’t ridicule him or make fun of him, it’s not easy for him to stop. Or he would have already. Hang in there momma

I sucked my thumb until I was 15,it is a massive comfort especially at this age when there’s so many changes going on in life.It will probably stop when he’s old enough to deal with his emotions better.

No don’t do hot sauce it will make your son hate you for it I remember my dad did it to me and I still hate him until this day. It’s his security and he will out grow it when he’s ready don’t force him to quit.

I’m 37 and still suck my thumb. My parents tried all sorts to get me to stop and nothing worked. I do remember feeling ashamed as I couldn’t help it, it was comfort, and the more they pushed the more I needed the comfort. I used to smoke and found it easier to quit that than sucking my rhumb!
But here’s the good news - I went to university and got a good job. I got married, I had children. I am a useful member of society. Sucking my thumbe hasn’t stopped any of that :yum:


My son is almost 10 and still sucks his thumb and he needs to stop soon cause he needs braces and they won’t put them on if he still sucks his thumb I need the same advice how do I get him to stop

Mostly when their tried He’ll learn 2 control it or stop on his own

My son is 10. Few years back we agreed he could only do it in his bedroom, he wasnt allowed to do it in the living room then we only alowed it before bed and now he only does it when sleeping

My 12 year old still does the Dr said it’s just something they hopefully out grow

It is a common thing with children who have ADHD too my brother and myself sucked our thumbs until we were about that age

My 26-year-old niece still sucks hers she said it’s a comfort thing for her

I’m a mother of 3 and in my late 30s and still suck my thumb it’s so comforting my 3yr old does the same

I know a 60 yr old that still sucks her thumb! Got to say, I was surprised! Lol

There is a reason behind it cause it’s a soothing method… figure that out

I met a 30 something yr old woman that still sucks her thumb

We wind up getting an appliance at 8 years old might help with the finger sucking she’s 11 now and doesn’t even think twice about sucking her finger

Im 26 and sometimes i still do, usually subconsciously (hubby points it out) if im uncomfortable or REALLY tired. Occasionally if im concentrating hard too.

My daughter was 2/3 when she finally stopped. I googled super bad buck teeth and showed her, I told her that’s how hers would look if she kept sucking her thumb. She stopped no problem.

Sucking the thumb or rubbing the roof of the mouth. Some use it to soothe themselves especially if some traumatic event has occurred

I was 12 mom tried everything I just stopped my own

Apple cider vinegar. Dip the thumb in it anytime the child starts sucking their thumb, it worked for my boy, anyway.

I sucked my thumb till I was 12 my mom took me to the dentist and I had a retainer put in that had spikes on the roof of my mouth to break me from sucking my thumb

Try putting line salt on his thumb

I was like 17 stop and ones and wail I catch myself in my sleep

I wish I knew the answer… I’m 22 years old and still suck my thumb at night :frowning:

:flushed: trauma or anxiety?

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I have a 33yr old that still sucks his thumb on & off. My aunt & all her kids sucks theirs

Leave this child alone. They eventually get over it.

Let it be…it’s not the worst thing!

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I did for a long time. I wouldn’t worry about it generally. It’s a way of self-soothing. You may want to figure out why it resumed, though.

My 20yo still sucks hers.

I did it till I was about 13

Yup… mine is 11 and it’s his pointer finger. I’ve tried everything

Look what change around home

Ask their orthodontist

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Don’t fret. This too will pass.

It soothes him/her. I’m 25 and I still have a blankey lol

My daughter sucked her two fingers until she was 11. Only stopped because we had to get her braces. My sister sucked her two fingers until she was 13 and my mom was about 9 when she stopped🤷🏼‍♀️

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Whoop that ass everytime u see it thats way to fuckin old smh

I’m 27 and when I’m sick, I suck my thumb to fall asleep. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Does your child do any other sensory seeking behaviors? Those with SPD or oral fixations will chew their pencils, fingernails, lip, inside of cheek, shirt, hair, or other non-food items. They may talk a lot, chew bubble gum, eat a lot, etc. I’d see if other SPD signs are evident and then see if you can find a replacement that feels more socially or age- appropriate. Hugs.


I sucked my thumb until i was 12. I.was fortunate not to have completely damaged my teeth. My daughter stopped when she was 11. It was agonizing trying not to make her feel bad but trying to help her be ready and able to quit.

I actually find this okay and soothing to the heart and mind

I’d just let it be, it’s not really a big deal. They tried to get me to stop biting my nails for years and the more they pushed the more I did it. Pick your battles, some are just not worth the fight

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Could be anxiety or emotional issues. Consult your doctor but dont belittle them for it as it may cause more issues.


I’m 30, I’m a thumb sucker. It’s a comfort thing. I’ll probably never stop. It’s never caused any dental issues. My family tried to get me to stop for years. It made it worse.


My daughter is 14 and still does it when tired or upset. She has braces and ortho told she needs to stop. Nothing works.

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Poor baby is trying to comfort themselves and unfortunately it’s a difficult habit to break. Talk with your pediatrician, for several reasons… the emotional reasons why its began again and then perhaps solutions to the physical problem of it as well. Good luck.

Typically a Thumb Sucker finds comfort just as an Infant would a Paci. It brings comfort and calms anxiety as kids get older. One of my girls will still suck her thumb. She’s grown. But when something stressful is going on. And her Anxiety is through the Roof. That’s her Go Too. And she’s a Mom to my 3 year old Grandson. Beats taking meds that causes addiction and etc. I’d rather have a Thumb Sucker any day of the week as for her to resort to Substance for Comfort and Calming. And that’s just one of the many reasons. You aren’t alone in this world with that. And neither is she. Suppose her Mom.

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I have a 7yro daughter and 2yro son who thumb suck. Been trying to break their habit, it’s hard. Finally got daughter to where she only does it at night before falling asleep so I count that as an achievement, not a total win but any progress is progress.

I sucked my thumb until I was about 20/21. I just stopped one day.

It’s a comfort thing. It’s not as easy as you think to stop because most of the time we don’t realize we’re doing it. You just do it.

I had a retainer and everything. Nothing worked and one day I just stopped.


Be careful! I was broken of sucking my thumb and just ended up trading it for another nasty habit! And now I’m 33 and a picker

Maybe try buying her chewlry in replace of sucking her thumb. It’s not the best option but maybe it will help so at least she’s not putting her hands in her mouth.

I did until about 14, my mom used to put stuff on it to stop but it didn’t help, just give it time, it’s usually just a comfort thing

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I still suck mine at 31. I just accept it now as its comforting. Dont do it in front of anyone except my parents and my husband xx

I sucked my thumb for years. I stopped once I hit double digits except in my sleep. I stopped night sucking except of and on and picked up in college. I did it to self sooth.

My child who is 18, was born sucking his thumb. He quit when he had to have braces and the orthodontist put a guard in his mouth, but to this day makes a fist and placed the thumb near his mouth. It’s more of a comfort habit.


My daughter past 40 still does when she is upset and tired. Tried everything we can think of and still she does it. It a comfort thing. More of a problem for us because of the stigma.

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Anxiety most likely. Oral fixation can be a symptom of anxiety. I smoke, my daughter almost constantly eats (thankfully she has her father’s metabolism)


I did till 13 my orthodontist had me wrap my elbow in a ace badge for 2 weeks so I could suck it. If you break it start over…he said if younstopnsomething for two weeks you can break the habit. It worked as crazy as it sounds

I sucked my pointer and middle fingers until I was in my 20s. Just a comfort thing. Don’t make a big deal about it, they’ll stop eventually

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What stresses are happening? Probably a comfort behavior. Maybe a therapist could help

Stress im sure! Dont make it worse by calling her out on it she will stop when she is ready

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