My 13 month has been refusing to nap: Advice?

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I wish i could help my 18 month old dont go to sleep until about 6 am

Needs tiring out.
More mental and physical stimulation should do the trick

Some Motrins
Then Bath, warm bottle

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Some herbal tea that aides with sleep

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don’t give a baby herbal tea …no Motrin just because the baby can’t sleep🤦‍♀️ take the baby for a walk in the stroller. Or a car ride. Bottle of warm breast milk before the nap or formula… Full belly usually helps. Or maybe you are trying to give the nap to early. Maybe try a later nap…maybe the baby is ready for only one nap a day… What time do you put the baby to bed? What time does baby wake up? Does baby sleep through the night?


Some times they just grow out of naps faster then others.Try lieing down with your child nice soft music. Maybe rock your child.

I was advised a few things to help my little.
Full belly(not too full, but content) and a warm bath with the lavender baby wash; massage baby oil on babys body after a warm bath; shut off all lights and distractions when its sleep time; change up their nap times, and dont let the last nap be too late/ cut their nap time short - try to keep them busy, or let them play inside/ outside for a good amount of time. I personally wont take my baby out at night for car rides to make her sleep because I dont want her to be dependent on it, especially if I’m really tired, I dont want to be driving while feeling sleepy, although, some or many moms will do it if it’s the last resort, and it works!

Warm lavender bath full belly and some Beethoven


Late night baths will help

So it’s been this question over and over and the I’m 700 days late on my period Do you guys think I’m pregnant


My daughter after 10 months old stopped taking naps and has not taken a nap since and she’s almost 4 . Don’t push it .


My daughter stopped napping completely and shes 2

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Some kids quit napping before others. My daughter quit napping at about a year old. My son was 2. Some of my friends’ kids napped until they were almost school aged.

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3 out of my 4 were done with naps well before 12mths

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My daughter is 6 and she napped only 3x since she turned 1 yr old lol kidding. Yes, that happens. Hard to build a nap routine when kiddo just started to walk & exploring so that’s normal.

I use to lie down on the bed and go to sleep zzzz then he would have a sleep. He would be tired as if he didn’t have a sleep and a bit grumpy.

I take my kids outside for a bit and let them do their thing lol, they normally take a nap when they come back in

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My daughter turned 2 in February and I’m still having to plan things around her 2 hour nap cause it’s all bad if I don’t… she went through a phase where she would only nap 30-40 min tho. I would just keep her on a schedule and keep trying.

A seen a few TikToks about Cherry juice mixed with water is a natural sleep aid for baby’s. I dunno the science behind it but apparently it’s gaining popularity because of its effectiveness.
My baby just turned 1 and went from 4 naps a day down to 1 nap … I miss nap time lol

Neither of mine took naps

Lay down with him till he’s asleep

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Shower or bubble bath helps mine calm down.

Set a timer and they can’t get up till it dings. Like for an hour. They have to be still and quiet for that time. It good for everyone.

I used to ask my children to lay down and watch a movie. Find one with not that much action or music so they won’t be tempted to get up and dance. Turn the tv down real low so they have to struggle to hear it. All that struggling they eventually fall to sleep. Help with all 4 of mine!

Get a bag swing at ikea and swing him at nap time with music on, or the sounds of rainforest . He’ll be asleep in no time.

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Benedryl in the bottle


Some kids don’t want to nap and shouldn’t be forced to. Mandy Benedryl just for a nap. Are you serious??


Sometimes you have to let them drain their energy naturally.


Have him lay down and not talk and he will fall asleep maybe

Lots of afternoon activities to tire him out. Best of luck!

Sometimes they just don’t nap anymore either

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Stop trying to force the child to take a nap or do more things to make baby more tired

Please do not drug the kid up with Motrin to get them to sleep. It will build up an immunity if given too much when it is not needed. Herbal teas and things like that can be harmful to a small child so please don’t go that route either the best thing would be warm baths with maybe some lavender to help calm them relax them.

You have to tier the baby out, make that baby beg you to go to sleep.

They do stop napping at one point
My little brother just turned 3 & he has never taken a nap ever ! Only in the car

My son naps ( 15 months old) I take him outside he runs around & plays for an hour that usually does it

Knock em out!! :woman_shrugging:t4::joy:

Okay so my cousin had her baby around the same time as us and she paid almost $200 for a sleep training class and shared the info with me and it WORKED so well. We started sleep training our daughter at 6 months so I’m not sure if this will work for an older child or not. We do a sleep schedule of 2 hours awake and then nap time. We would give her a warm bottle (I have to pump as she doesn’t get enough on the latch :cry:) about 30 mins before nap time and let her play for the remainder of the 30 mins. Then lie her down in bed with blanket and pacifier. At the beginning of all this she would cry, here’s where the class and I differ in opinion. You’re supposed to let the baby cry 10 mins, then go in and soothe for 30 seconds (back rubs, soothing voice, pacifier back in) then leave the room and repeat until the baby is either asleep or it’s been an hour. BUT I CANNOT handle hearing my baby girl cry so I was going in every 4-5 mins. I NEVER had to go in to soothe her more than twice before she was knocked out, and I only had to do it for two days before she was napping like a pro. Now I put her down at the two hour mark and she’s asleep, no tears within 5-10 mins of being put in bed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: sorry for the long comment just wanted to give you all the info needed in case you wanted to try to sleep train. Good luck!!

My son wouldn’t nap at that age anymore. No matter what I did. When he got tired he would just go in and lay on his bed or just crash out where he was playing. Kids make up their own schedules at times and there’s nothing we can do about it.

I used to tell my daughters that we will do something special together if you take your nap if you don’t a special thing won’t happen. And if that didn’t work Tylenol works really well

My kids never napped it’s was go go go until they crashed

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Just let him/her be. I never napped. Couldn’t just spontaneously fall asleep in the middle of the day​:rofl::rofl::rofl:It’s no big deal.

Dr.teals baby/kids melatonin bubble bath and lotion

Some toddlers don’t nap.

My son is 2 i just shut everything off and put him to sleep on my bed…i need a break!!

Mine will skip naps in burst like for a month he will refuse to and then all of sudden will nap again for 3/4 months. But wen he didn’t want to nap, I did notice he went to bed earlier, that was my blessing :woman_facepalming:t3::joy:

Safe Sleep and Baby Care – Evidence Based Support
They are SO helpful with all manner of sleep and child care questions.

Mine quit takin naps about then and hasn’t since. She just hates sleeping wants to not miss anything. unlike her mother I love naps whole life

My son never napped. Yk what I did? Left him in his play pin while I took a nap!

My kid stopped taking naps at that age too… hasnt taken one since

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Don’t make them… They will sleep better at night anyway.

Lol. I would say turn around. No one wants to see your ugly mug. ( yes, I said that) instead of hitting him . He would turn around and fall asleep. If that didn’t work I would play country music. I don’t like country music :confused:. By the second song came on he would be asleep. No spanking involved. Sometimes I have to be creative and sneaky. Lol

Both my kids stopped around the same age…

Do they need a nap ?
Just put them to bed early at night .

Is this going to be like the “period” question???

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Here I go again putting my 2 cents in about something totally out of my wheelhouse but bear with me, I saw this post and I thought of something my cousin related to me about when she was a young mother. It seems that what works for anxious and separation anxiety prone puppies works for babies too! She made a bundle of her clothes and nestled the babe in them. It seems the scent of mommie calmed them right down! It’s worth a try,anyway. Good luck!

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It is not unusual. Just have a quiet time.

Just be patient; they will be teens before you know it and then try to wake them. LOL :laughing:

I told my son he didn’t have to sleep, but he had to close his eyes to give them a rest so he could use them later to play. Of course, he mostly fell to sleep.


Make sure they are tired. I know that sounds silly to some but physical activity, even just a walk will help them relax and rest.


I am a mom of twins- one napped and the other would lay down with a couple of books . I preferred my kids to sleep well at night

Sometimes kids just go through stages. Adjust their schedule and after lunch give them a nice warm bath. Rub lotion on back and feet. After bath read a book and try this for a solid week. Turn on white noise in their room

It happens my son almost two is the same way. All my kids did this.

I have a small daycare. All mine nap everyday. Ages 2, 4 and 5. I just say naptime or quiet time…they all sleep

wow people put them on routen and keep trying

He’s probably done napping :cry:I had two line that at about that same age . Maybe as they get older and can play outside they will go back to taking naps . Some kids just don’t require naps .

Give up kids will be kids and then they become teenagers. Learn to go with it . …

Epsom salt bath relaxes them .

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My son stopped napping at 15 months or so…we did make his bedtime and hr earlier tho…some kids just don’t need the sleep in the day!!

My daughter was that way. Even as an infant she would only nap 15 minutes at a time. When she got older we would do an hour of quite time in her room. (Basically because I needed the nap) She could read, play quietly in her room with her toys but the door had to be closed. By that time her pacifier also had to stay in her room too. It had to become shorter after about 6 months because it started to become a battle again. Then I started putting her to bed a 8:30 at night with no nap or quite time during the day and she slept until 8:30-9 in the morning. She just was never a napper but would sleep in a good 12 hours overnight I decided it was time to just let the nap go. Just your kid.

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Myself I stopped napping at age 4 and I think my daughter was younger. Just let him lay down with something for quiet time. Maybe a stuffed animal he likes to hold or a pillow he likes. Maybe have on a movie on low that he will relax and watch. Some little ones just do not nap.

Just let them and put to bed early

Mine outgrew naps at 12 months.

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