My 13 year old snuck a boy in twice

My daughter is 13 and snuck a boy in (once 2 months ago) and there were consequences then. It just happened again this past week. We are debating on discipline now but she has shared with me she struggles with seeking validation and this boy “listens to her” and “without him I am nothing” Her father has been absent but she and her step father have a wonderful relationship. All that to say, she is open to therapy to just have a professional to speak to about the way she is feeling. She and I also have a great relationship but I will not continue to allow this to happen. I have called the boys parents, threatened to press charges (apparently you can’t) but I’m seeking advice- we have discussed taking her door off the hinges, no phone past 5pm (only while out of the home) and writing stuff out. I gave her two assignments. This isn’t typical but I have been sober 8 years and part of my program makes me take pen to paper and it is so therapeutic. Number one, write a prince list- what do you think you want your prince to look like? And two, write down what you love about yourself. Let’s find some internal love so we don’t seek it from a boy. I’m not punishing out of pride and ego, I am punishing from a place of experience. I’m hesitant on the door issue. Not sure how I feel about that one. Advice welcomed.