My 13 year old son wants baby dolls for his birthday: Advice?

Need advice please. My son will be 13 soon and wants baby dolls for his birthday. I’m not sure how I feel about that. On the 1 hand, I’m hoping he wants to pretend to be a good dad. On the other, I fear less than innocent interactions. Has anyone else had a similar situation? He does have a 11 year old sister but she has never gotten into baby dolls.


If he was 3 I could see this, but I do feel it’s an odd request at 13. Most 13 year old girls aren’t even interested in dolls anymore


All seriousness, I would definitely be asking why. Not to judge him or anything but explain to him that it’s a request that wasn’t expected and your curious.


Talk to him!!! You need to communicate with kids just as much as you need to communicate with adults…if not more.
There could be lots of reasons.
Maybe he wants to donate them to children in need. Maybe he has an artistic project in mind. You just don’t know until you talk to him. If you have concerns after you talk to him, seek guidance through a councillor immediately


So he wants baby dolls whats wrong with that. People want what they want.


This is unusual for a 13 year old boy


Definitely a questionable request based on age and gender. A heart to heart talk may give incite to what is driving this. Does he have dolls now? Does he play with other toys that seem strange to you? Who does he normally play with?? Lots of things to consider.


Did you ask him why he wanted baby dolls for his birthday? Especially If you’re not sure of his intention as you stated. No one knows your children better than you so if u think the request seems odd for your son , the next best thing to do is ask why and have a conversation

Less than innocent??? Meaning???


Did you honestly ask him why? I am just curious what kind of conversation occurred regarding that interaction and discussing of this gift he wants


It would definitely be questionable. He isn’t 5, he’s 13…I would find out as to why. The whole " it’s teaching him to be a good dad" is a lame excuse I feel people use to “justify” a boy with a baby doll. We learn how to parent, by being parented…not by playing with baby dolls…

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My boys play with dolls sometimes, oldest being 10. They play “house” and pretend they are their children and take care of them. I think it’s innocent and completely adorable. Doesn’t mean it’s going to “mAkE tHeM gAy” and if they do grow up to be, oh well. As long as they’re caring, respectful humans I’ve done my job.

I would privately ask him why and what type of doll was he after.

I know in my grade we had an assignment with those training baby dolls for Early a childhood class. Some girls actually asked their parents to buy them one so they didn’t have to share one.

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By 11 most girls I’ve know and I’ve only had 1 daughter thats reached 11 years and I’d never known them to want baby dolls unless they were super into them their whole lives. My advice is like many here and just talk to him. Nothing against baby dolls but if my 11 yr old daughter asked for them I’d be wondering a bit of the same. I just wouldnt want him being made fun of as it is an odd request for any 11 yr old.

Does he think and act like a 13 yr old or does he have some sort of delay? I’ve seen teenagers who thinks like a younger child and play with stuff little kids would. But if not then I feel it’s little odd for a 13 yr old boy asking for baby dolls. But then again not every 13 yr old is the same.

Are there any other issues/concerns? I know if my 11 yr old nephew asked for a doll, there’s no way anyone in our family would get one for him. His younger brother could ask and would probably get one as their rooms/toys are kept separate due to the older one’s issues

Depends on if he in general if he’s a very soft young man. It can b a good think. But if not I’d ask him why.

This is not right. Period

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Talk to him. Ask why he wants them.

Why would you air this to the world smh

What? What does that mean? Get him the dolls.


My 9yo plays with dolls. He has 1 in particular that is important to him. I will never be that mom that says you can’t play with a certain toy because of your gender.

If your 13yo daughter asked for a doll would you feel it’s anything other than “innocent”? If your answer is no then you have no reason to question your son. My guess is he was deprived of dolls growing up & he feels he missed out.


What do you mean by "less than innocent interactions?:

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Speak to him about it. Saying it could be less than innocent is a terrible label to put on anyone especially your own child
Has he showed any signs that make you concerned about this or could it be his sexuality?


definitely a "different " request for his age. never seen or heard of 13 your old boy play with baby dolls … ask him about it and look for his reaction


The age is what makes it weird

I mean if you’re worried about him being gay, there’s nothing wrong with it. If you’re thinking it’s something pedophilic, get him in counseling. Is there a chance he’s developmentally delayed/autistic? Some girls are fine and play with dolls up to that age, too, though. Maybe he’s always wanted dolls and was afraid to ask. :woman_shrugging: Ask him about it and go from there. You know his personality better than anyone else.

For his age thats slightly questionable.

Is there a reason why you would say less than innocent? Do you see red flags?


I would have the sex talk with him and show him the anatomy of a girl

Indoctrination somewhere? Lots of that going around.

Simple solution pick something else or you get zilch 13 yo wanting dolls fucking poof

Ok so here’s a left field thought.
What if he’s gay or “feminine” now
That he’s 13 he feels He can ask to have a female/mother role. Maybe because his own personal questions aren’t met he might think well if I feel good being a mommy maybe I can be a mommy too.
Maybe he’s tried other ways to “ease” the conversation and felt Like he failed
Maybe find some of your daughters dolls and leave them out. His actions will tell
You soon enough.
Hugs hugs .

I don’t want you to disregard any red Flags. Your gut flag for
A reason.

So ask him ?? Lol. How are random strangers on the internet gonna know your son better than you? We don’t. Ask him.

Get him the dolls, see how he plays with them before assuming the worst. Unless he’s given you reason to think something awful…

I think the age is more strange than gender. Not many girls that age are even playing with dolls. Your concerns are valid.

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Why not, will send the signal to Him that men can be good caretakers too.

he’s screwing with you, my own son did the brony thing at that age.

Less than an innocent? Are you worried he’s interested in baby dolls for a not so good reason? Like the obvious?

I think it’s a little odd considering most kids his age aren’t really interested in toys let alone baby dolls which are more so for toddlers and younger kids. For sure dig a little deeper on that. Could be innocent.


Um… Why would you think it’s less than innocent? Have you caught him being less than innocent with other children? I’m very concerned that you’d think that about your son…


Hit your local thrift store! Pay a buck for one or a few…then you’ll know if they’ll be played with worth buying or tossed in a donate pile :heart:

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my daughters friend at 12 asked for different types of dolls. the father said not my son (among other not so nice gay slurs) but his mother bought him some. yes, at 20 yrs old he is still gay with a husband. he has no contact with his homophobic father. but this young man took those dolls and learned how to make doll clothes. him and his husband make them year round and they all get donated to children at homeless shelters and at our Connecticut Children’s Hospital. they are much appreciated. he is much appreciated and loved as an individual.


Maybe they are to donate or give to someone less fortunate??? Ask him

Maybe he is trying to tell you that he might be gay. Trying talking to him and ask him how he feels about other boys

You’ve gotta elaborate on less than innocent.

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Maybe have a discussion with him and find out on why he would them? Just because of his age, don’t mean he shouldn’t be allowed to have what he wants for his birthday cos you have worries. Speak to him, maybe he’s wanted them for a while and hasn’t been ablee to express to you due to your reaction.

Just let him. There is no problem with that in my opinion. My son used to watch barbie and play with dolls too. Let him be himself. It’s ok

Way more background information needed to give a response.

Signs of maybe transgender?