My 14-month-old is having trouble walking: Advice?

Hey mamas, so my daughter is 14 months old and is having a tad bit of trouble walking. She does great when she’s flat-footed, but she tried to walk/run on her tippy toes and falls over. Only I’m concerned is because my little sister was the same way and it caused her some problems as she’s gotten older. So any ideas or tips from personal experience would be great!

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Ask her pediatrician

Buy her some hard bottom or high top shoes

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Stride rite shoes are what most would recommend.


Shoes on feet and talk with the doctor.

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You may have to go to a pediatric orthopedic specialist. My daughter was pigeon toed, so she’d walk on her tippy toes. Anyway- I took her and they took some X-rays, he bones were all fine and developed normal, she was just like a grant Dane puppy (still is at 4) and was literally not realizing how long her legs were and was just clumsy. So she grew out of it by the time she was 2 and completely has walked normal since, so it’s worth a talk to your dr and maybe a referral.

Following. My daughter is 22 months (she’s a preemie so 19 months corrected) she started walking at 14 months but on her tippy toes. Her preemie clinic doctor told me to keep her in hard bottom shoes and that if by her next visit in June she was still doing it we’d need to see therapy both PT and OT.

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Go get her walkers( shoes) they will help my daughter was the same way and it got her walking normal now

It’s the tendon in her heel they have excercises for it.

My baby girl didn’t walk till 22 months. Her pediatrician said she would walk when she was ready. But her older brother walked at 9 most. Her older sister walked at 12mos
So I was really worried, but at 22 most she took off.

Idk if you have one where you live. But there is a shoe store called shoe dept encore that sells walking shoes (hi top white leather lace up shoes with brown hard bottoms)

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When she is laying down gently hold her legs together by her ankles… if you notice her feet cross over that could be why she is falling…my daughter would constantly trip herself because her right foot crossed over her left… never noticed just walking but running or tip toe she would trip…at that age it could be muscle weakness and you can discuss with pediatrician and they can help you decide if it’s something to worry about… my daughter outgrew it

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It’s very common for toddlers to walk on their tippy toes and to be clumsy when they first start walking. I would keep her in tennis (walking) shoes as much as possible.

Id ask her pediatrician why she’s walking on her tip tors to begin with

Completely normal. She has plenty of time to walk. Give her time to learn.

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Hard bottom shoes and time. And physical therapy if needed from her doctors instruction

My little brother walked and ran on his toes and was pigeon-toed. The doctor had my mom buy shoes with weights in the heels and instructed her to put his shoes on backwards. I know there is a better way to deal with the problem because that was about 55-years-ago. Talk with your pediatrician.

No shoes!!! No socks! Let her go barefoot. Shes just learning and is using her tip toes to grab and walk. She will eventually drop her heal down but it takes practice. Shoes put their feet in an unnatural position.

My daughter had crooked feet but she’s three now and her feet seem to straighten out. She had a hard time running and walking when other kids her age did amazing. She had pigeon toe. But her doctor said she will grow out of it and she seemed to have gotten alot better and can run now

She used to trip over her feet up until like 2 and a half years