My 14-month-old keeps wetting herself at during naps: Advice?

I’m a first-time mom to a beautiful 14-month-old daughter, but I keep having an issue with her peeing herself when she naps or goes to sleep. We have tried going up a size in pampers, we were using pamper Swaddlers, and now we switched to pampers cruisers since she is running around everywhere. But going up a size and switching to cruisers has not changed the peeing problem! She still does take a bottle before bed of 6oz of milk and one more during the night. Usually, after a couple of hours of sleep, she already pees herself. Since she is too young to stop liquids before bed, I’m wondering if any other mommas had this issue and what I can do to stop it. We also prefer not to change her at night unless she pees herself because she cries and hates getting changed in her sleep since about nine months old, and this problem had just started a couple of weeks ago! Any tips or tricks are appreciated!!