My 14 month olds sleeping pattern has changed: Advice?

I have a 14-month old (boy) who’s decided this week (so recently)sleeping isn’t his thing. He won’t nap and is usually up a couple of hours in the night — anyone else experiences this?? He was a good napper and fairly good sleeper overnight until very recently — any suggestions?? TIA


Possibly the start of a sleep regression pattern, my daughter did this at that age about every 6 months. Keep your normal schedule, try to have lots of activities and fun during the day, and drink lots of coffee! Should pass in a week hopefully :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Oh gosh they will change so fast. Once you think you have it figured out he will throw a wrench in it

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Its regression it happens. My babes went through it.I wake him up at 6 and hes ready for nap at 9 till 11 then hes ready for bed around 7 730. We have just stuck to this routine and it seems to work for him.

Sleep regression. Try giving a bath before hand it helped calm mine down

Shot of vodka in a glass of milk.