My 15 month old has been refusing to nap, what should I do?

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Some toddlers drop naps at that time and switch to like a 12/12 sleep and wake schedule.

Nothing it’s quite normal.
Enjoy it because they sleep through the night after not napping :raised_hands:

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Keep offering naptime and pray he accepts :heart:

I lay down with my 3 year old and we take one together. Sometimes it takes her a while to calm down and go to sleep. We lay down about an hour before I want her to be asleep m, that way it gives her time to calm down and relax enough to fall asleep and having me beside her comforts her.


My daughters never nap! But i figured out that laying them down and having them watch a movie does a lot of good, though they dont sleep, they rest


My son is 2 and half naps probably once a month when he is tired

Return it, it’s defective.


Does he have a regular bedtime? If he does don’t change things. If you make him nap during day he might fight you at bedtime!

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I lay with my 2 year old or i give him alot to do before his nap and before bed he naps at 12ish wakes at around 2 then 8 30 bath time and 9 bed

Sleeps the whole night

Throw him on the treadmill for an hour before bed.


Do you have a nap in the daytime ?? Why force the child. Skip the nap.


Go with that then? My youngest stopped napping at 12 months

Just pop them into the cot at 2pm for quiet time. Don’t make it into a big thing. Just say it’s quiet time and then go into the next room or your room to seemingly have your quiet time. Mine always fell asleep! They can have a soft book or be tucked up with a plushie and a blanket.

That’s normal. Our youngest was at about that age when I stopped naps because she was an absolute MONSTER for a good 3 hours after she got up from there nap. It was a God send in the end. She sleeped much better at night and she was in a much better mood. That’s a win, win in my books.
As to your question. Don’t sweet it if she doesn’t want to nap. Let them be.

Party with them. He may never nap again.

My almost 3 year old still naps :joy::joy: n still sleeps all night. I must be blessed. She is always ready for bed around 830 pm no matter what time she naps!

Depends what sleeping schedule is. My son at 15 months was on two naps. One from like 10:30/11:00-12:00/12:30 and then around 3:30/4:00-5:00 bedtime at around 9. He started refusing naps and I tried to transition to one nap and it was a distaster the first two times but I went back to his two naps just shortened for a little while and then transitioned him to one 2-3 hour nap. He’s almost 18 and months now and naps from 12:30/1:00-3:30/4:00 most days.

just put him in his bed and walk away. my son turned 2 in march and i have done this every day at the exact same time (sans one vacation) since he was 9 months old. after lunch he expects nap time. sometimes he doesn’t sleep he will just play with his stuffed animal or babble to himself till nap time is over but i believe the key is consistency. my 5 year old napped till she went to kindergarten and even then they give the kids “rest time”


I used to create an atmosphere with my kids routine. I put on slow music and give him a cup of camomile tea…a bit of sugar. It really helped him fall asleep on his own.

Make sure baby safe In crib and not hungry with a clean diaper and do it everyday … they learn but you need to be consistent …

I now regret every nap I refused as a child. :joy:


How does a 2 year old refuse? You pick him up and carry him to his bed and lay him down, tell him nighty night and walk away. He may fuss but if he does need a nap, he’ll quiet down eventually. Continue to lay him down and walk away. Do this every time and he’ll stop fighting it. Consistency and routine!


You can also put them in their crib for quiet time with a few quiet toys like books nd stuffed animals so they can relax and unwind.

Try tiring them out early in the day. Take to park, play alot then lunch then :zzz:

my eldest stop having one at 14 months

Probably doesn’t need one. Just ensure they get enough sleep at night proper routine etc etc. Mime stopped nappingat 12 months old.

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And the problem is??

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