My 15-month-old is constantly screaming: Advice?

I need help on how I get my 15 month old to stop screaming no suggestions to put my hands on my child please We’ve tried repetitive like use your indoor voice, shh shh shh, we never yell at him or each other so he’s not trying to match pitch or anything, we’ve tried distracting with toys or activities which is hit or miss–sometimes he screams while playing we’ve tried giving him other noises to make, other things to do with his mouth (food, drink, pacifiers that he doesn’t even use lol, to nurse,) and still nothing has made a difference. I’ve tried taking him outside where it would be acceptable to scream, and he’s quiet the whole time and will start back up once we’re in the house. We’ve been trying for about 3 weeks. He walks around all hours (he’s going through a sleep thing so some nights he’s up until almost 10PM, and then the minute he wakes up at 8AM he starts again,) and just screams. He’s like squealing for fun i think, he wants the output like I really have no idea. I would honestly be okay with it, like kids make noise and he’ll grow out of it idc, but I live in a building with 2 other families, and to me there’s a reasonable level of noise, crying, playing, running around all at reasonable hours…but then there’s THAT. I’ve texted my neighbour to apologize and she was so nice and understanding but it doeent make it okay. I can’t keep doing this to them lol.


Im sure it’s not something you want to hear but it’s just a phase. An annoying one, yes, but it’ll pass. Two of my three were like that around that age. But I can say those two are VERY well spoken now, like talk clearly and like little grown ups. Whereas my youngest who wasn’t a “screamer” doesn’t speak as well. We know what she’s saying but she’s not as conversational as her sisters. Grab an extra bottle of pain reliever (for yourself of course) and let it ride somehow.


I feel like this is just usual behaviour at this age, my daughters 15 months and is exactly the same. I’ve gotten fed up and annoyed when I’ve had headaches which I shouldn’t, but other than that I think it’s a sign of their happiness and excitement so it doesn’t bother me if other people dont like it :sweat_smile:
My child happiness is more important than some grumpy neighbor’s :woman_shrugging:

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A lot if it can be frustration with a lack of communication. He may be trying to communicate, but doesn’t know the right words. I like to play music with actions to help my toddler burn energy and get out some of her craziness. Every morning we do: if you’re happy and you know it, shake your silly’s out, and head shoulders knees and toes

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Honestly, that’s a pretty normal thing for that age group. My oldest was a “screamer”. Happy, upset, angry, hungry, tired, etc. etc., all had varying degrees of “screaming” attached to them. Earned themselves the nickname “Screech” from this phase. Eventually it gets better and he’ll learn to use his inside voice. He’s just barely a toddler. There’s still a lot more developmental miles stones to go through

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It’s age appropriate behavior. How do you react when the screaming starts? If there’s a reaction from you it’s giving him attention- try ignoring the noise He’s way to young to understand “inside” voice

Start with getting his hearing checked, just in case. Otherwise; it’s kinda normal. Stop giving it attention and he’ll stop sooner; they like the reaction, doesn’t matter what it is. They’re actively looking for you to react. That’s what being a toddler is about; it’s part of learning. He’s just learning he can do more with his little voice.


It’s age appropriate behavior. Kiddos finding their voice and how to use it. It’s our job to teach them when’s the right time for being loud and when it’s time to be quiet. It’ll just be a lot of redirection and enforcing boundaries. And you may have to stay away from quiet places for a bit until kiddo starts learning.

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  2. Is it possible there might be a sensory issue. Maybe keep track of what is going on when he screams and see if there is a pattern. The behavior is never the problem-It’s what is causing it. Maybe look into doing a sensory profile

Ignore him and walk away. Don’t ever acknowledge him or give him anything while he’s screaming at you unless he’s injured of course.

He’s like to listen to his own voice and way it echos indoors vs outside

My youngest is 5 and my oldest is 12, they’re still loud af lol

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Get his hearing checked by an ent or audiologist.

He is 15 months !!! you have a whole lot more of that to go… it does get better, every kid is different but you expect alot from a toddler hasn’t been a toddler that long. Please let your kid be a kid and stop apologizing for it. For goodness sake he just turned a year old maybe 3 months ago.


Prayers for Baby Ancestral is now Canceled. Be sure to thank Jesus for baby’s deleverance and miracle healing Amene. Done :heavy_check_mark:

He will stop in his time not yours

Maybe autism …bright lights ? Certain noices?.. outside doesn’t reflect same bright lights… .speech therapy?