My 16-month-old does not eat: Advice?

My son is 16 months old and DOES NOT eat! & he is still very attached to his bottle. He drinks regular milk in his bottle, and that’s all he ever wants. I’ve tried feeding him many many different things to eat; he just doesn’t want food. Not baby food or food I’m eating at the time. I’ve tried taking away the bottle, but that resulted in him literally getting ZERO calories. I have talked to his doctor, and he is not concerned due to his weight being normal for his age. But this mama is worried! I’m worried he’s not getting his proper nutrition. I’ve also tried the toddler nutritional drinks that are specific for picky eaters, but he literally gags drinking it. Anyone who has gone through this that can offer advice is greatly appreciated!


He doesn’t have the poops?
My son went thru a small phase like this, always wanting milk, not food, he ended up with diarrhea a few times.

Mine did that and dr told me 2 oz of milk every 4 to 6 hours and he wold get hungary-he was very fat and I thought just give him his bottle-his iron got so low-he look great-he fills up on milk and wants no food

There are like milk substitutes like protein shakes for kids. Also is he having regular bowel movements? My son stopped eating when he was constipated


Try a regular premiere protein shake. 30g protein, 1g sugar. With his meals. 1st put chocolate syrup in his reg milk so he won’t see a difference. Then when you put the shake in the bottle you can pretend to be putting syrup.

My son went through this when he was having cancer treatments at 18 months old. We did pedisure in his bottle to help with the nutrition gap


Is it possible your son has a texture issue. My son had a tongue tie and they warned me even though it was revised there was a chance he would still have issues with foods.

Try smoothies with fruit and veggies in it my pediatrician told me to start limiting the milk he will get hungry and eat but only give him the bottle after he’s eaten some food not before because he gets full from it

Sounds like a.phase but time to ditch that bottle and dont look back… when hes hungry enough he will eat


Cut down on milk and when hes hungry hell eat

I watered down the baby food and put that into her bottle. She loved it and was eating in no time

I suggest asking for a referral to a nutritionist/dietician and also asking for a referral to speech therapy to make sure there aren’t any tongue ties or other issues

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Mines like this right now. Hardly eats anything. I buy the v8 juices and smoothies to make sure he gets his nutrients. He loves the v8 strawberry and banana smoothie juice.

Have you tried just presenting tons of snacks? Baby cereal Poof’s? Soft fruit? Maybe wet his lips with those pedisure drinks? Smoothies? Let him help prepare the fruit or food? I let my son use a plastic knife to cut his bananas and he loved them after.

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Just keep trying mama , it takes time and his tummy is only as big as his little fist , he’ll try when he is ready. Just keep offering;)

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I’d make an appointment with an occupational therapist. He should be feeding himself foods at this age.

If you want him to eat food and are still concerned after seeing his dr. Take the bottle completely away.

No advice for the no eating but definitely get your baby on some vitamin supplements. Iron and folic acid can be bought in drops so he doesn’t have to have a huge drink and many other vitamins can alsobe bought in drops or try mulgaton or Scott’s emulsion.

No bottle till he eats and he should be drinking from cup

Toddler Foodies - Meal Ideas, Recipes and Support

Does he have enlarged tonsils ?
My son snored when he was a baby, had food and speech issues. Massive milk drinker also. Turned out he had massive tonsils and adenoids.
Could def be something to look at

I would contact infant toddler services in your area and get him assessed. My son had to be taught how to chew and is sensory sensitive with foods. They can give you the tools to get him eating.

Add some organic baby oatmeal to the milk bottle. And try organic baby food packs with oatmeal. My daughter loves the bananas & blueberries. I like earth best brand


Get a consult from a Pediatric GI doc. They deal with cases like this all the time.

Take the bottle away and don’t give it back. He’ll eat when he’s hungry. If I want my daughter to easy actual food I won’t give her a sippy cup


Milk in a cup water in the bottle with food

I literally had/have this same problem. My son just turned 3 and he literally will only eat chicken nuggets and French fries and fruits. He never wanted baby food when he was smaller. Doctor is never concerned because he is healthy, but it bothers me. I really think he doesn’t like textures.

But if you ever figure out anything, share your knowledge!

No more milk in the bottle. Only offer milk in some sort of sippy cup. Or take away the bottle completely. Kids will eat when they are hungry.
Sometimes parenting is hard, and if your toddler doesn’t have any other underlying issues (ie sensory issues, food allergies, etc) give him some tough love


Doesn’t need bottle switch to sippy cup and when he is hungry he will eat

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Take the bottle away. He will get hungry enough to eat.

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My daughter is a little bit older & the same way. She begs me for bobos is what she calls the bottle. She was lactose so her pedi told us to try coconut milk or almond. We add a little bit of cereal and small amount of chocolate almond milk. I dont worry to much they tested her iron at the dr and shes off the charts in everything. She gets food she just begs for bobos.

My daughter was the same way… She had the worst gag reflex it was terrible she didn’t start eating “real food” until almost 3 years old… Like you she would only drink milk… She’s 4 now and eats a lot…

“They” say no child will starve himself. I would start every other bottle in a sippy cup and put food in front of him for every meal even if you throw it away in the beginning. Eventually he’ll try something! Scrambled eggs, a jar of peanut butter, mashed potatoes, anything which might have texture and stick to his hands where he’ll end up putting his hands in his mouth. Persistence is what it’s all àbout.
When my son would get out of bed at night and roam the house I spent five days sitting on the floor in the doorway reading a book and not saying a word! After five days he got bored and crawled in his bed and never did it again! Make sure he’s getting vitamins until it clicks in! Kids are the best and hardest job we ever have! Good luck!

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At this age, I’d seek a second opinion. He may be lip or tongue tied. He also may require eating therapy.

A. Its time for a sippy cup.
B. Only give water until after meals. I promise you, he will not starve himself to death. Hes just getting filled up on milk all the time and isnt hungry for food.

Get rid of the bottles!

I’m having same problem but my baby is breastfeed. Also she is 16 months. She used to eat SO good and ate anything. Im at a loss

I would keep trying new things and add vitamin drops to his bottle to help.

speech and or occupational therapy evaluation :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:
ABC Pediatric Therapy

My 3 year old still doesn’t like to eat food most meats he won’t even touch except for my pork chops and sausage he gets a multivitamin in the morning and some kid friendly protein shakes just give him that extra boost also I keep fruit on hand one thing he will eat and boiled eggs ready I offer the best I can he’s super picky and hates curtain food textures

Nuk cup it has a soft tip also. Doctors says as long as theycare drinking not to be worried my 2 year old used to eat everything I offered him. Now are cheerios, roman noodles, and tater tots🙄

Trash the bottle and atip giving it back. Water to drink atleast till after a meal the a small amount of milk. He doesn’t need all that milk it in itself is very unhealthy. He won’t starve. They will eat when hungry. Just offer a large array of healthy items. Lots of different textures and flavors normal food not babe mush, a gunmy vitamin, healthy smoothies.

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I would suggest taking his bottle away he should be on a sippy cup by now. when I’m hungry and I drink a glass of milk and makes me full to where I don’t want to eat food also so maybe you’re giving him too much milk throughout the day.


My pediatrician told me no child will starve himself. If they are hungry they will eat. Same with sippy cup. Ours hates hard top sippy cups but loves soft top. I know it’s not ideal but if it’s a hard top you offer and he has a fit than switch to soft top. Secondly you are the parent if you say no than it’s no. That simple. Don’t give in let him scream he will only do it for so long. Walk away from him. My son screams he gets left in a safe place to scream while I continue. When he stops I ask are you hungry or thirsty than offer him something. If he still refuses tell him ok that’s your choice. Eventually he will eat and when he does get excited tell him he is being a good boy and you are proud of him. Before long he will eat no problem


Don’t be abrupt about it. Start giving less in the bottle and then offer food. Take him in the kitchen with you while you prepare food to gain interest.
Keep trying, please don’t force feed!
He will eat when he is hungry…
My 12yo was like this when she was younger, it felt like she didn’t eat for a year. Now she will taste anything once and loves to cook.
Good luck!

WIC told us to only give milk during meal times for a while and it’s worked

Try one of those bottles which you can put baby food in,maybe will suck it down

It’ll pass. My daughter was like that up until recently, she’ll be 3 in July…now she eats anything and everything all the time. She never went under weight :woman_shrugging: it used to be so cheap lol not anymore.

It’s time for a sippy cup at this point, start with a soft tip one. Only offer milk at bedtime and give him water throughout the day. Put food in front of him, he will not starve himself, he will get hungry and eat.

I wouldn’t give him cows milk. My son is 17 months and his paediatrician said at 1 he should go on toddler formula otherwise he will become iron deficient. If he has the formula it has all of the nutrients and iron in it that they need. He said toddler formula until 2 and by then they should be eating enough meat. Good luck


Contact speech therapist. Believe it or not they can help.

Most kids dont like to eat. Mine is 19 months and still breastfeeding she’s also on formula during the day. Im trying to limit on the breastfeeding so that she starves then she eats. Try all things you can think of. I’ve just realized that mine loves porrage n pizza. She have one in the morning then the other one during the day. Point is don’t give any liquids, until the baby eats

Wean him off bottles and milk, start small so it not overwhelming for either of you. Take out one bottle and replace it with a soft tip sippy cup and less milk than normal, offer food 30mins or so later. Get him helping to prepare the snack/meal. Good luck.

Make smoothies with frozen fruit & spinach in milk toddlers love it & healthy in cup with straw :cup_with_straw: good luck hope he start eat better soon :blue_heart:

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The kid will not let him starve himself. He won’t. He’s just a stubborn one. Keep trying momma. He will not starve himself. He will eat when he gets hungry enough. Kids will hold out on anything sometimes to get what they want. It’s a child

My son is 14 months old. He won’t eat anything other then snack foods.

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Take the bottle away offer cups of water and I am sure he will soon eat.

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No more bottles…he should be using a sippy cup or other form of toddler cup. Have a plate of finger foods on the table. Dont give the milk whenever he asks for it either. Maybe cut the milk to only 3 times a day, and not much in the cup too. Have a variety of different flavors and textures of foods. All healthy of course. Meats, veggies, fruits, noodles, cheeses etc. Have them on one of those divider plates so the food doesnt touch eachother too…lower the amount of milk, give more water. Try smoothies and make sure theres those toddler gummy vitamins on hand too. That way u know hes getting the vitamins needed. Milk will fill him up, so try to not give so much. Just a little…leave the food accessible to him all the time. Remind t
Him, show him…say mmmm…lol. they wont starve. Say no and stick to it. Your the parent. Have him help with getting the food on the plate. Get him involved and maybe that will help peak the interest more.