My 16-month-old has began banging his head on things: Advice?

Just curious if anyone else had experienced something similar or the same here. my 16-month-old son has begun banging his head… couch pillows, the crib, people’s legs… nothing hard yet… I can’t remember my daughter ever going through this stage although there’s an eight-year age difference… maybe I blocked it out either way what did you mamas do to stop the behavior or prevent it from getting worse? Am I missing something? Please help a worried mama.


Ignore it…unless hes having communicate issues

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My son does the same but I ignore him. He is doing it for attention and he will stop before it really hurts him

Honestly my youngest does this occasionally. We either ignore it and he doesn’t do it again or if it was really hard or more then once we tell him “no” sternly and sit him on the couch or his chair. Babying him when he does it only makes him do it more, so I’d try not to do that.

my mom did that when she got hydrocephalus, i’d get him checked for it

I’d talk to your doctor my oldest did this and he is Autistic and that is a sighn of it but not saying that is want it is at 1 doctor thought is was far Attention but it was not just talk to your doctor about it

My son is 15 months and he just headbangs the couch but nothing else… it will go away may just be a faze

My 13 month old does this all the time. He finds it funny. Ignore it. If it hurts they will stop.

Turn on heavy metal music… then everything will make sense…

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My 15 month old has done this since he started crawling :woman_facepalming: He thinks its hilarious but we just ignore him. He stops if it hurts :woman_shrugging:

My 11 month old does this but he does it on hard objects then cries about it. Idk why he does it it worries me sometimes lol.

My 10 month old daughter will hurt herself on purpose (not real bad. Like bumping her head on something.) for attention. My son did not do this. I ignore it when she does this because I am home with her 24/7 so she definitely isn’t lacking in attention lol.

My almost 3 year old still does this on the couch if she is bored. I have noticed that if we keep her busy she doesn’t do it. So it could just be that your child is bored.

Head banging can be a sign of autism. He could just be doing it for attention. My grandson does this a lot as well. He will do it repeatedly on doors, the coffee table, etc. I usually just set him in his play pen for a little bit.

My oldest son did this all the time! It was almost embarrassing because he did it all the time. His doctor told me he was just fine and he would grow out of it. And he did. He’s almost 9 now and is perfectly fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t want to alarm you some say it’s normal but that is one of the signs for autism so I would talk to your Dr

My son did it and I’ve know several others that have also. His pediatrician said it was completely normal and he would grow out of it and he did. He’s in kindergarten now.

It’s a phase. All 5 of mine did it around that age. When they don’t get the reaction they want they stop.

My 11 Month Old Will Bang His Head Into The Wall Or His Crib Ans Laugh And His Dr Said He Is Fine

It can be a sign of autism …

I really think it’s a boy thing. My best friend’s son rams his head into corners, walls, the floor, the table, like anything hard. I was at her house the first time he did it and we were so scared… but then the brat started laughing and did it again! We figured at some point he will realize that it hurts but so far he’s still doing it.

It’s a phase. It’s not abnormal and if you’re concerned you should see his doctor.

Kids do that sometimes when they are teething too

Kids love head bongs! Watch for signs of Autism but it’s normal mostly

I have a nice and s nephew who did this and they were both diagnosed as autistic

My son Is 3 and started this just after he turned 2 :confused: I couldn’t really tell you what to do to try and get it to stop.

My 15 months baby used to lightly tap his head with his hand when he got tired and ready to sleep. He doesn’t do that anymore…

Total phase but feel free to talk to your ped to ensure it’s ok

Mine did too. Our sitter said it was pretty common at that age. He’s a little over 2 years old now and he grew out of it.

We couldn’t get it to stop - just tried throwing pillows or something soft underneath him to lessen the impact. Picking him up made it worse and he’d try to bang his head on ours.

It’s normal but if it gets severe or other signs show up get him checked for possibly being on the autism spectrum. Best wishes

Talk to your dr it is a sign of autism I have kid being evaluated for autism in may

It’s a boy thing… my son did it but my daughter didnt… I wouldnt worry

Another note… my son has asperger’s which is on the spectrum… but never hit his head on anything hard

My twin 16 months old do this when they are mad on our hardwood floors! Ugh

I was told by my PED it was completely normal and to just ignore it. He said one day my son would bang his head too hard, realize it really hurts and then never do it again. Sure enough, he wacked his head harder than he intended and never did it again.

My son did it as young baby but he grew out of it broke his cot bar by banging his head .on it . banged his head on floor. doors. Thankfully didnt last for long xx

My 15mo old has done this when upset or for attention ever since he started crawling. If he is doing something he is not supposed to and is told no he will take both hands and smack his head. I think it’s mostly them discovering what they can handle and not being able to communicate complex emotions like frustration/anger/confusion/general upset-ness lol.
I have noticed he is starting to grow out of it he has been doing it less and less. It used to be multiple times a day. He used to get on all 4s and hit his forehead on the floor when upset but he won’t do it anymore. He will kinda half start to do it and stop. I think he’s realized it doesn’t change anything but make his head hurt.
Anyway I’ve been told it’s a normal phase

My oldest is almost tw0 and does this, usualy has teething causing.lots.of pain.and.0r pressure tired/cranky or jsut trying to get attention from.what.ive read is.dont give any attention or feed

I bet he stops when he knocks himself out🤣

Too vague… is this on purpose or accident? If it’s on purpose then it’s most likely frustration, but if it’s by accident maybe it’s an ocular/eye/vision problem or neurological. Either way, talk to your pediatrician ASAP to address the issue, because I’m sure it’s not pleasant did your little one either.

I know someone who apparently did this as a child. They didn’t stop until they did it on concrete. They are alive, healthy and no damage today. Good luck :+1:

My son did this for about 3 days, saw a kid have a tantrum at the supermarket and bang his head on the floor, so I think he has copied, I just distracted him and didnt make any type of deal about it, and hed stop doing it.

My oldest did this I just ignored it, my youngest did it and she had a sensory processing disorder

It can be a sensory issue. Or having trouble communicating their stress. My 5th child, when she was around 15 months to about 18 months would sit down and lightly hit her head on the floor. She eventually stopped. She’s always been kind of touchy child that hated contact, I think it may have been her way to destress . She’s 3 now and hasn’t done it again and will finally allow me to snuggle her when she is feeling stressed, but I have to wait until she’s ready for me to hug her or she will freak out. She’s fine otherwise, completely normal in all 3 year old areas and I work with her with preschool things and she does well and makes friends easily. Her speech can be amazingly better than most my children were at her age. It should go away, if it doesn’t I would talk to a pediatrician.