My 16-month-old will not sleep through the night...advice?

I have a 16 month old and she will not sleep through the night or in her own bed. What are y’all’s hints and experiences?


Sounds pretty normal to me

We’ve tried everything, a snack, lavender, magnesium warm bath.sleep patches he will be 2 in December!

My daughter was over a year before she started sleeping through the night. It drove me so crazy. My son was sleeping through the night by 6 months :woman_facepalming:t3: my kids were pretty opposite

That’s really normal mine. Did not sleep through the night till 4 years old.

Didn’t know kids ever sleep through the night! :joy: if mine slept through the night I would think something is wrong. I am sooo glad my babies are all grown now. :blush:

My mom swears by giving a warm bath and a warm cup of milk afterwards , then read a story. It works with my kids and granddaughter. Try it.

My kids pediatrician said it might because they arent full, so they will keep waking up


It took my kid til about 3 to sleep through the night and the only thing that made her sleep through the night was sleeping in my bed… where she still sleeps

neither does my five year old most nights :woozy_face:

I mean, I don’t even sleep through the night and I’m 33. She may not be getting a stimulation during the day. And top the tank with a snack right before bedtime. Full and sleepy. Room should be between 67-71 ideally 

My kids both slept with me and they do eventually want their own space. I was too damn old to be getting up and down all night as I had them at 40 & 42😂

Melatonin lotion, bubble bath :bath:

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I never had any issues with my daughter who’s now 14 ,my son is 9 and has not slept since utero

It’s best to sit and ask questions -

Are they scared?
Of what?
Monsters? (Monster spray!)
The dark? (Night light!)

Are they cold?(special blanket that smells like mom/dad!)

Etc etc etc

If you rush everytime they wake up then they will be used to that and won’t go back to sleep on their own. I knew my baby was full, dry and comfortable she would wake up and whine for a few minutes and go back to sleep if they don’t need anything it’s ok to let them cry for a bit. My daughter was sleeping through the night by 5 months old. They are never to old to sleep train.

That’s normal. Its not normal for infants or toddlers to sleep through the night or alone. Both of my kids co-sleept until around 4-5 and they still come in my bed every now and then. You’ll miss it when they don’t want to sleep with you anymore.


Both of my kids will put down a solid 8 hours and have since 6 months old. Now in the teething phase or not feeling well she can be up in the middle of the night and if it happens more than 2 nights in a row it forms a new habit of being up at 3:30 and not going back down until 5 or 6. Try putting them to bed later and cutting a afternoon nap if possible. My youngest is 12 month and she take one 2 hour nap early afternoon and is ready for bed by 8:30. She will sleep until 7 most of the time. I have never coslept with my kids in fear they would never get out of my bed. They both slept in their playpen next to my bed. If she does wake up I try to get her back to sleep by rocking her or she is awake.

My daughter was worst around that age. Her mouth hurt. Teething tabs or ibuprofen helped. But her sleep was bad until her molars were through

Let me know when you find the trick. I’ve got 6 kids an none of them sleep the night through. The oldest two are 22yrs old and the youngest is 16. Someone send help pls bc I don’t remember what sleep is. :pleading_face::yawning_face: I’m serious they wake up come in wake me up to ask questions that could have waited till the next day. Sometimes they turn my light on just to see if I’m really in bed asleep. Or they text me or call me just bc. I mean it send help they’re so needy it’s unreal. ( note as serious as I am that they do all of this. I’m ok and I wouldn’t be able to function without them doing this. So don’t worry about me I’m fine… I think :joy::joy:)

Good luck lol. Mine is 15 and still doesn’t sleep through the night and never has. Hell I haven’t slept a full night since I was 19 (when I got pregnant) and I don’t think moms ever will tbh.

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In Norway they co sleep until the kids are like 15. Just let them in your bed so you can sleep and have some sanity or you can try that super nanny bull crap sit outside the door for five hours listening to them cry? Just do whatever it takes to sleep

One of my girls was 4 when she stopped creeping into our room. She brought her blanket and slept on the floor beside me. Gave me the fright of my life on numerous occasions. It was going to preschool and getting more tired when she stopped.