My 18-month-old is struggling to go to bed at night: Advice?

Our son is 18-months and is having a REALLY hard time going to bed at night. He takes naps fine, but at bed-time, he WILL NOT sleep unless he is being held or is in bed with us. He will be out cold, snoring with the pacifier falling out of his mouth, and the second we try to transfer him, he is wide awake. Has anyone else dealt with this? How did you get through it? What helped your child get over it?


Going Tru the same thing :pensive::exclamation:

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Its a phase. They all go through it. My daughter will be 2 in a few weeks and it takes her an hour (if I’m lucky) to fall asleep at night. My son went through the same thing. It passes eventually.

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Warm milk before bed look into melitonion it’s a natural supplement there are other natural things as well warm bath with lavenders before bed she hold them till they pass out even if u gotta hold them tight

When you know they aren’t in a soiled diaper, no fever, not teething allow them to cry it out. I don’t do longer than 10 to 15 mins my 18 month old son has never made it past 10 mins and he realizes I’m not coming to the rescue and he goes on to sleep in his own bed.


Has he been co sleeping??

Try the cry it out method or the Ferber method. Worked for us :woman_shrugging:t2:


Put him in a twin bed, lay with him until he’s asleep, then get up. Just put a side rail on the bed or put the twin mattress on the floor.


We would put our son in his bed and his dad would massage his little head until he fell asleep. We would also play calming music

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Same here, sometimes the night light works but some others she in bed with us again. It’s frustrating :pensive:

My son just went thru a 3 week phase of fighting sleep for 3 hours every night. It was at a snap of a finger that he went to bed himself and the last week he’s back to his regular schedule

A few questions,
How long does he nap for? How many naps does he have? And where is he laid down to nap?
Perhaps cut a nap out or reduce the amount of time.
If he naps fine in his bed then he can sleep fine in his bed at night. Just a phase x

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I have 3 children. Make sure you have a scheduled time for morning, naps and bedtime. Feed belly good, give warm non stimulatedbath. Lotion and message little body. Then put in bed sit or stand next to the bed with your hand on them until they fall asleep. Don’t talk them maybe hum. They’ll get use to you being there. Then you’ll be able to gradually cut the time and they’ll just go to sleep.

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My son had trouble going to bed at that age. I stopped giving him any kind of sugary drinks or snacks after dinner. (like yogurt) Then I stuck to a serious routine every night, bath at 630 til 7ish then a half an hour of storytime and relaxing in his room. Then in bed lights out. He would get mad at first but got use to it and embraced it. Its all about consistency.


I did the cry out method with my youngest because she started wanting to sleep only when I held her, she would cry for only about 10-15 minutes and fall asleep, and now after couple of months she goes to sleep soon as I lay her down with a bottle…and she takes a 2-3 hour nap during the day. She’s 18 months. You just have to train them

My guy is 2.5 and still like this and then once I get him into his bed he sleeps for a little bit then wakes up this goes on all night waking up a million times I have tried everything I just want a solid nights sleep lol he hasn’t had naps since he was about a 1.5 so frustrating

A bedtime routine saved us big time. We have dinner, a little outside play time, some indoor play time, read books (no TV on) and then brush teeth. Ever since we started that it’s been amazing, cried a few minutes for the first couple days and no problem now. We also don’t let him nap past 3pm

Watch how late his last nap is.

Self soothing is what worked for my kids when they wouldn’t sleep in their own bed. I was not one for my kids sleeping in bed with me.

Cry it our worked for both of my girls. But whatever works for u. I also have seen people bath the babies in water from boiled lettuce or chamomile tea watet

Both of my sons were the same way. I had to start putting them to sleep in their bed so they wouldn’t need to be moved. It took some effort and patience but after about 1 week they started going to sleep in their bed without much of a fight

Stop the naps and put him to bed in his own bed. He gets up, put him back. Also, get in some intensive play or a walk after dinner so he is ready for bed.

Try to get him to sleep on a pillow and when transferring carry him in the pillow. Once he is in the crib he will adjust and remove pillow.

Stop with the naps. If he’s tired enough he’ll have no problem going to sleep at night.

I went and saw Dr Brian Symon when my son was 2, it got to the point I was struggling to stay awake driving etc cos he didn’t sleep much during the night… going to see dr Brian Symon was the best thing I did. My son is 8 and since he has been sleeping through the night. Apart from once in a blue moon but that’s normal for anyone.

you can try to stay close and then move inches away till your in hallway the you can talk to them if needed. my pediatrician told me .

I have mu 18 month old on a mattress on the floor. I laid down with him in his bed until he fell asleep and then everytime he woke up, I’d go lay in there with him until he drifted back off. Did this for 3 days and now he sleeps thru the night by himself.


During the day when he takes a nap let him nap in his own bed . Maybe even consider a toddler bed . And at night just keep putting him back to sleep when he wakes up and putting him in his bed . Also try to get in a routine that fits with your daily routine.

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My daughter had this problem my sister helped me discover that putting blankets around her to comfort her helped a lot and usually sleeping in one of our shirts kept her asleep the most often now she just cuddles with us til she goes to sleep and then she’s out cold for the night we can roll her move her pick her up there’s even been a couple times she’s stayed asleep from upstairs through getting dressed and diaper changed and carried all the way to the car :woman_shrugging:t2:

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My dr put my youngest 2 on melatonin and then my special needs son also has a sleeping med. Melatonin is all natural and not habit forming. My almost 2yr old and 3yr old get 3ML about 30mins before bedtime

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I work ten hours a day on my feet so bed time is my everything I dont get home till 7:25ish our routine time is 8:20pm bed asleep by 9:00pm I layed with my now 3year old in his bed as I breast fed my now one year old then when he fell asleep I went to mine soon he would get in bed and wait quietly for me to join but I would hold off joining him alittle more each bed time soon he gradually started falling asleep on his own I don’t think parents should automatically jumped to medicine especially if you coslept as I did the entire infancy period since I breast fed

Sounds like hes used to sleeping with you. My baby used to be crib only then got used to sleeping with us and now wont sleep in the crib and cries til she comes back with us lol

Kids need structure and love routine. Set a routine for after dinner bathe her in Jasmine scented bubble bath. When it is time to sleep, tuck her in and read to her or lay with her until she goes to sleep. Do it over and over again. Don’t give in, unless you’re okay with your 21 year old, sleeping with you. The melatonin is a great idea didn’t mean to leave it out

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My son has kinda always been a pain for bed still is sometimes have you tried

Putting a hot water bottle in his bed before you put him in so the cold isant a shock and could wake him up

Put a teddy that smells like you and takes up abit of space so he can feel its there

Is his quilt blankets thick enough so he’s not getting cold and misses your heat and a thick quilt

Cold dark room is his room child freindly warm and inviting comfy and cozy with things he enjoys

Have you tired just sitting with him or laying your head on his pillow while he falls asleep can even have alittle natter me and my son do sometimes it how he’s learnt alot of his animal sounds

Do he go tot sleep with a warm bottle of milk or a warm drink before hand

Do you have a night time routine bath teeth bottle bed for example

With all children is it a game of elimination go down a list of things it could be and find creative ways that could help watch what he does to get comfy in your bed does he lay a certain way or play with a tag have a hand on you, have you tried giving him one of your pillows my son went inot his own bed with one of my pillow with my pillow case not his, is it noisey children find the simplest little noice my son can hear if neighbours are having a shower and we have to wait until they are out otherwise he won’t settle he’s still in bed we just aren’t trying to actively get him to sleep as he’s too distracted

My daughter did this and finally I had to just let her cry it out for a few nights.

You need to learn to put him in crib walk away from him if he cryies to bad

I gave in lol. Now she sleeps in my bed. She’s almost 3 :sob::sob:

Idk but im having the same problem with my 18 month old. She doesnt want to sleep at night. She will ask to go to bed and when i put her to bed she all of a sudden gets so much energy and doeant want to fall asleep. She hasnt been sleeping as well through the night and has been waking up earlier than normal. This isnt helping my sanity with my 3 week old at home

Let him cry or have him lay in bed beside you, it’s the comfort of your warmth and smell. My daughter is 2 and still struggles goin* to bed but once a week I’ll send her over to her grandparents or great uncles and aunties for a sleepover and she goes to bed for them no problem, definitely different when she’s with me and her dad :woman_facepalming::joy:

Stop transferring him and just put him to sleep in his bed. Tuck him in kiss him goodnight say you love him and leave. If this is the first time explain in little baby terms that it’s bed time now and it’s also bed time for mommy and daddy. Say you’re gonna go to bed and then go. It’s ok for them to cry a bit. For the first few times I suggest going back in to make sure everything is fine a few times like baby is in bed and such only if the baby is crying! If he’s sound leave him alone lol. I hope something that one of us said helps