My 19month old is not standing/walking

My daughter is 19 months old. She cannot stand willingly without assistance. And she can walk about 10 steps on occasion but not without help. Her dr recommended her to a specialist, and thinks she will need physical therapy. Do any parents out there have late walkers? If so, did they just do it on their own? Or did they need a specialist?

My son was not a late walker but was late in speech and drs also recommended to see specialists. I then asked for advice and opinions for the matter and in the end we decided to not go see the specialists. However it became a bit too late when in the end I found out he has mild autism.
I think it doesn’t hurt to get the specialists’ view but it might hurt financially (like from where I’m from, specialists are expensive!) Hope all goes well for you. :heart:

Every child grows and progresses at their own rate. Don’t judge your child by any standard. When she is ready and she has a reason to she will walk